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Ameen Aqeel

Ameen Aqeel


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Cape Town
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Los Angeles
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New York
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Listes récentes de Ameen
Ameen Aqeel
15 lieux mis à jour Septembre 1, 2019
15 lieux y compris The Rabbit Punch, Αγρίνιο - Γωνιά του Μπάμπη, Raeti, Lefkes
Ameen Aqeel
23 lieux mis à jour Août 31, 2019
23 lieux y compris Fauna & Flora, Taqueria Pistola y Corazon, Frutaria, Monkey Mash
Ameen Aqeel
26 lieux mis à jour Août 15, 2019
26 lieux y compris Ancoradouro, Restaurante Pasquinha, Casa do Chá, Restaurante Atlético
Ameen Aqeel
3 lieux mis à jour Août 10, 2018
3 lieux y compris The Larder at Maple Drive, The Oaks Gourmet, Gjusta
Ameen Aqeel
25 lieux mis à jour Juin 12, 2020
25 lieux y compris The Ivy, BARDOT Brasserie, Gracias Madre, Petit Trois
Ameen Aqeel
24 lieux mis à jour Septembre 1, 2021
24 lieux y compris Pianeta Terra, Mediamatic, Los Feliz, Vleesch Noch Visch
    Conseils récents de Ameen
    "I enjoy their savory items (zaatar croissants & olives sourdough) more than the sweets (pineapple tart is delicious) but quality is very inconsistent and there’s a chance your order gets mixed up."
    Ameen AqeelAmeen Aqeel · Juillet 31
    · Djeddah, Arabie saoudite
    "Enjoyed the Shrimp shawarma, Beyti Lamb, Kabboulah, and the Om Ali. Tried a lot of the rest and most are definitely worth a try but some of the dishes in the “commons” need some minor improvements."
    Ameen AqeelAmeen Aqeel · Octobre 16, 2020
    · Djeddah, Arabie saoudite
    "Interesting ideas with a lot of good menu items but some not quite there yet (soft-opening). The great thing is that they’re constantly improving & attentive to feedback. Very friendly service."
    Ameen AqeelAmeen Aqeel · Juillet 31, 2020
    · Djeddah, Arabie saoudite
    "Consistency is the only thing that stops BACO from being the best, it's sometimes good but a lot of times great. Ask about off-menu items (like the salmon rice or sando)."
    Ameen AqeelAmeen Aqeel · Février 7, 2020
    · Djeddah, Arabie saoudite
    "Promising start during the soft-opening, tried the shakshuka (with butternut) as well as the ricotta pancakes which were like clouds, the fluffiest thing I had in Jeddah."
    Ameen AqeelAmeen Aqeel · Décembre 7, 2019
    Petit déjeuner
    · Jeddah, Arabie saoudite
    "Great views but the servers were clueless about anything on the menu, except one supervisor that kept filling in for everyone. The lamb was great (tasty, meaty, and a perfect crisp on the outside)."
    Ameen AqeelAmeen Aqeel · Juillet 17, 2019
    · Arabie saoudite