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    • Jackie W.
      Jackie Westside: "If you don't have a bag, skip the lockers by tucking your hat in your shirt and phones or other accessories in your closed off pockets! The cycles also have small storage spaces at their heads. :)"
    • Song L.
      Song Li: "With row 6-7 on the rear, you will see more and actually your cycle is faster... But row 1 is definitely more scary, so try both!!! This is my favorite ride in the park!!!"
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    • Song L.
      Song Li: "This is the best Pirates ride in the whole world, with special effects done by Industrial Lights & Magic from LucasFilm! You can't miss it!! Btw can you feel Walt's vision?"
    • Martin L.
      Martin Lewison: "This is a world class dark ride. High capacity, amazing effects, unique ride system. Too bad you have to share the boat with ill-mannered theme park novices."
  • 9.0

    Din Tai Fung

    Restaurant spécialisé dans les quenelles 245 Madang Rd | 马当路245号 Shanghai, 上海市

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    • Greg Y.
      Greg Yeadon: "I was itching to get my first bite of Shanghai soup dumplings and Din Tai Fung doesn't disappoint. Favorites: traditional pork soup dumplings and steamed pork buns. 👍🐷"
    • Winston L.
      Winston Ling: "Best dumplings in China. The quality of the dumplings depends on how thin is the pasta. Here is the thinnest possible you can find!"

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