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Jonathan Larusso

Jonathan Larusso


Hey guys!!! I am Jonathan Larusso the creative director of Hot Magazine you can now follow me on Foursquare & Twitter. We will be brining you reviews, event passes and other local specials. So start following us now!

Miami, FL
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Jonathan Larusso
2 lieux mis à jour Novembre 22, 2011
When your on the go late and hungry.... What to do?
Jonathan Larusso
1 lieux mis à jour Novembre 19, 2011
When you need to find a place to have lunch let us help make that decision.
Jonathan Larusso
1 lieux mis à jour Novembre 22, 2011
We will let you know who its worth doing business with and who is not, We are looking for those small businesses that pride themselves in customer service and professionalism!
Jonathan Larusso
20 lieux mis à jour Juillet 2, 2012
Hot Magazine posted an ad on craigslist we received over 250 replies, lets check out what they say when we send them out to some of these locations.
Jonathan Larusso
33 lieux mis à jour Juin 24, 2014
Hot Magazine and the new team of 10 secret shoppers are going to be going around town in search of the best food and the best events out there!
Jonathan Larusso
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    "I always have a great time @ Tavern I recommend that you pass by if you are in the area you can catch me there on Thursdays!"
    Jonathan LarussoJonathan Larusso · Janvier 20, 2012
    · South Miami, États-Unis
    "Experienced horrible service, although it is a very relaxed place to go to and hang out with some friends if you ever go Danessa Is a great server make sure to ask for her."
    Jonathan LarussoJonathan Larusso · Novembre 27, 2011
    · Doral, États-Unis
    "Hope no one has to ever come here dont drink & Drive or text and drive!!! Be safe!"
    Jonathan LarussoJonathan Larusso · Novembre 26, 2011
    Palais de justice
    · Miami, États-Unis
    "Its always a good time for a cruise, They specialize in quince cruises. Always have a great time with them and they are very professional and on time highly recommend!!!"
    Jonathan LarussoJonathan Larusso · Novembre 22, 2011
    Agence de voyages
    · Comté de Miami-Dade, États-Unis
    "Did you know 7 Elven has fresh sandwiches and donuts? What is great it has the time it was made and the time it expires so its guaranteed fresh its a great place to get some grub before work."
    Jonathan LarussoJonathan Larusso · Novembre 22, 2011
    · Miami, États-Unis
    "Recommend 100% They have amazing food and great customer service and is a household name in our community."
    Jonathan LarussoJonathan Larusso · Novembre 21, 2011
    · Miami, États-Unis