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Ava Naves

Ava Naves

Principal at The Online Strategy House. Digital marketer since 1998. SEO & Analytics Instructor at UBC. Other essentials: tea, coffee, Irving Penn.

Vancouver, Canada · Superuser icon?Super-utilisateur Niveau 2
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Ava Naves
1 lieux mis à jour Avril 14, 2014
1 lieu y compris Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria
Ava Naves
1 lieux mis à jour Avril 10, 2014
1 lieu y compris American Apparel Flea Market
Ava Naves
1 lieux mis à jour Mars 24, 2014
1 lieu y compris Casa Nova Café
Ava Naves
1 lieux mis à jour Mars 10, 2014
1 lieu y compris Bean Around The World
Ava Naves
14 lieux mis à jour
14 lieux y compris Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar / Cibo Trattoria, YEW seafood + bar, Urban Tea Merchant, Thomas Haas Patisserie
Ava Naves
11 lieux mis à jour
11 lieux y compris Rasa Flow Yoga, Buddha-Full, Gusto di Quattro, Apple Pacific Centre
    Conseils récents de Ava
    "Mark has been with Jack Lonsdale for years. He's always made sure that I'm safe and looked after when I go there by myself."
    Ava NavesAva Naves · Mai 21, 2016
    · North Vancouver, Canada
    "The Kundalini classes are wonderful, as are Flow classes with Mak. Great space. So glad this studio is in my neighbourhood."
    Ava NavesAva Naves · Mars 23, 2015
    Salle de yoga
    · North Vancouver, Canada
    "The turkey bacon sandwich is outstanding!"
    Ava NavesAva Naves · Août 18, 2014
    · Vancouver, Canada
    "Their spinach and arugula salad with pecans is delicious. Ask for a side order of prawns and for the dressing to be served on the side, and you have a healthful meal!"
    Ava NavesAva Naves · Avril 14, 2014
    · North Vancouver, Canada
    "Oh, my goodness. Their whisky sour is amazing! Their apple pie is enough for three people. And when Casa Rosa is playing, you'll truly feel like you're in Paris in the 30s!"
    Ava NavesAva Naves · Mars 31, 2014
    · Vancouver, Canada