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النرجس, Riyad
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  • شوق
    شوقFévrier 12, 2017
    Proud to see such project run by young, respectful, & manner-full Saudis. I loved Uncle Saleh's room which had a lovely traditional theme, looking forward to trying the pyramid and the upcoming rooms.
  • Hafsah E.
    Hafsah EkSeptembre 9, 2016
    Liked the traditional theme. A nice change from all the Sherlock Holmes rooms around here. The victory song evokes nostalgia. Definitely looking forward to their new rooms.
    A voté pour il y a Sep 14
  • Shahah🦋
    Shahah🦋Décembre 24, 2016
    ويتك التواصل معكم داخل الغرفة بالكام ووطريقته تحلون ألغاز عشان تطلعون من الغرفة ب٦٠دقيقة،ألغازهم حلوه ومشروع سعودي جميل وتغييرر جميل عن أوجه الترفيه بالرياض✋🏻شكراً لكم وبالتوفيق✋🏻
  • Shoug Alhogail
    Shoug AlhogailSeptembre 14, 2016
    The coolest place in Riyadh!!! 60 minutes of non-stop thinking and brainstorming!! Highlyyyy recommended visiting! Great for family and friends😍
  • Sara R.
    Sara RSeptembre 16, 2016
    It was such a great experience 😎when time starts running & you'll feel the pressure and your adrenaline spicks 😍 must try !!
  • Suzan
    SuzanDécembre 30, 2016
    Amazing experience, you have to try it at least one. Very friendly staff too. I enjoyed every second. Seriously a must try.
  • Lavender L.
    Lavender LoveJuin 5, 2017
    We played the Pyramid which was very challenging and stimulating to the imagination. I raise my hat to the wonderful young owners of Ahaji and wish them the best of luck. Can't wait to come back again
  • Abdulmajeed
    AbdulmajeedMars 19, 2017
    افضل ترفيه حقيقي في مدينة الرياض وبدون منازع استمتعت بكل دقيقة قضيتها داخل المحل، احاجي عبارة عن مجموعة من الغرف كل غرفة تمثل لغز طريقة اللعبة هو انك تحاول تحل اللغز عشان تطلع من الغرفة خلال ٦٠ دقيقة
  • Maha A.
    Maha AlBabtainAoût 24, 2016
    One of the few entertainment places in riyadh.😍 amazing experience lovely staff.highly recommended👍🏼
  • Hatoon T.
    Hatoon TDécembre 30, 2016
    Literally the one of the best experiences. Must try for those in Riyadh. Highly recommend!
  • Aljohara A.
    Aljohara AAoût 23, 2016
    لعبه جميله استمتعنا جداً والستاف اكثر من رائع 👍🏻 خلصنا وباقي دقيقتين
  • Sara A.
    Sara AlblaihiAoût 23, 2016
    Very fun and highly entertaining 👏🏼 the props and the puzzle were great👍🏻
  • Sarah H.
    Sarah HOctobre 22, 2016
    I have to say I was a bit hesitated to try it, but I'm glad I did, I loved the experience, absolutely fun 10/10 😍
  • Haifa
    HaifaDécembre 16, 2016
    Best experience in Riyadh! The atmosphere in general was lovely and the staff were so nice.
  • Dana A.
    Dana AhmedOctobre 15, 2017
    Omg!!! For me this was the best game in Riyadh 💙 I love how they took care of the details, and everything was perfectly set. I can't wait for the new puzzle!!!!!
  • Sarah A.
    It was a very fun experience! friendly accommodating staff & engaging escape game with lots of fun twists!😍 We tried the Pyramids escape room but we’ll definitely come back to try the other rooms!❤️
    A voté pour il y a Jul 28
  • Muneera ✨.
    Muneera ✨Novembre 10, 2016
    It's was an amazing game and it's worth to come back for the next maze 😍😍👍🏼
  • Turki
    TurkiNovembre 14, 2016
    تجربة رائعة جداً والمكان جميل للعائلة ، يعيبه ان الاسعار مرتفعه قليلاً . صورة لكنز العم صالح 😜
  • Rema A.
    I tried the Egyptian escape game and I loved it!😍 It was a very wonderful experience. Definitely a place to come back to. The staff were friendly and patient, and games required mental effort
    A voté pour il y a Jul 28
  • Hana F.
    Hana F.Novembre 11, 2016
    One of the best experiences I've had in Riyadh. it exceeded our expectation positively!
  • reem A.
    reem AlahmedJuillet 7, 2017
    It was a very exciting + challenging + fun experience, I would diffently recommend people to go there 💕
  • Khaled A.
    Khaled AlanaziFévrier 24, 2017
    Great place to have fun , friendly staff , average difficulty.
  • Rahaf
    RahafAoût 11, 2016
    Very entertaining. It wasn't easy but still enjoyable.
  • Alanoud H.
    Alanoud H.Juillet 19, 2017
    Best experience ever 😍😍 , friendly staff and we enjoyed every single minute ❤️❤️it was our first time but hopefully not the last
  • Najd A.
    Najd AhmedFévrier 21, 2017
    I really enjoyed being here, will definitely come again to try another room.
  • Sara M.
    Sara M. 92Septembre 16, 2016
    The experience was great 👍🏼💜 Good Job guys👏🏼 can't wait for the other rooms to be completed 😩
  • Sadeem
    SadeemNovembre 24, 2016
    Great game 👌🏼👌🏼 will be Looking forward for the new games .... best of luck
  • RAY A.
    RAY AAlAFévrier 4, 2017
    So amazing I loved it
  • Shahah🦋
    Shahah🦋Décembre 24, 2016
    فكرته جميلة جداً،يعطونكم مفتاح تحاولون تفتحونه قبل تدخلون من باب تشغيل الذهن شويّ ولمن تعرفون كيف تنفتح المفاتيح تدخلون الغرفة،وقبل تكونين حاجزة طبعاً الغرفة اللي تختارينها..
  • Sadeem
    SadeemMars 3, 2017
    We played alharam it was fun 👍🏼
  • A✨
    A✨Mars 7, 2017
    Amaaaaazing gaaaame!! So much fun! And many thanks to the organizers
  • Ruba S.
    Ruba SaadJuin 25
    I highly recommend it for groups It was really fun. Good to see places like this in Riyadh 💛,excellent game keep up
    A voté pour il y a Jul 28
  • Alaa N.
    Alaa NJanvier 2, 2017
    It was an amazing experience 💗💗
  • Rayed
    RayedMars 16
    One of the places where you would enjoy visiting in Riyadh. Kids enjoyed it.
    A voté pour il y a Jul 28
  • Sarah h.
    Sarah hattanNovembre 9, 2016
    مررره جميلة اللعبة و ممتعه خصوصًا انه شيء مو معتاد و مكرر كثير بالرياض 🙏🏻💙 و متحمسين عالأحجية الثانيه 😍
  • Danyah A.
    Danyah AlshJuillet 2, 2017
    Such a great experience!
  • Mashail A.
    What an amazing experience! جربنا غرفة العم صالح والتجربة فاقت توقعاتنا👍🏽 جدا ممتع! فيها إبداع في الفكرة والموظفين جدا مرحبين وخدمة ممتازة ويستحق التقييم الكويس👏🏽
  • Alanoud W.
    Alanoud WaleedAoût 25, 2016
    مكان جميل وممتع، وتعاملهم جداً لطيف، انصح فيه وبقوة👌🏼😍
  • Nouf A.
    Nouf AlJabriAoût 28, 2016
    Must try! تجربة رائعة و رهيبة😍💙💙
  • Nouf A.
    Nouf AlnahidhJanvier 31, 2017
    المكان ممتع جداً لعبت العم صالح وهذي المره لعبت الهرم 👌🏻 يستحق الزياره
  • شوق
    شوقNovembre 10, 2017
    You have to try the pyramid as it totally succeeds uncle Saleh's room! They're so creative.
  • J 💎
    J 💎Août 11, 2016
    Its fun i highly recommend it
  • Mohammed A.
    Mohammed Al ShalanNovembre 19, 2016
    شي بطل جداً وممتع، تجربة فريدة
  • Anoud
    AnoudAoût 1, 2017
    One of the best experience highly recommend 😍😍!!
  • Alaa 4.
    Alaa 44Septembre 7, 2016
    مكان بطل بكل ماتعنيه الكلمة ، متعة تستحق التجربة ... بإنتظار بقية الغرف بكل شوق وحمااااااس
  • Ghaida B.
    Ghaida BANovembre 23, 2016
    مكان أفضل من رائع وأنصح كل احد يخوض التجربه معهم💙👍🏻
  • Amal Alhowail
    Amal AlhowailAvril 8, 2017
    يستحق التجربه اكيد و بنفس الوقت فيه مجال كبير ان اللعبه تتطور اكثر وأكثر
  • Asma
    AsmaSeptembre 14
    Amazing experience💗, and professional staff. I’m coming back for sure to try the other rooms. We have triedكنز العم صالح
  • Sarah A.
    Sarah AlrabiahSeptembre 13, 2017
    One of the most awesome experiences i have ever had, its amazing.
  • Noura A.
    Noura AJanvier 8, 2017
    المكان جميييل وحلو وتغيير عن الاشياء اللي بالرياض، تستحق التجربه!
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