Tsutaya Books

(代官山 蔦屋書店)
Librairie, Magasin de vidéos et Magasin de musique
Daikanyama, 渋谷区
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  • Eisuke RAFA S.
    Eisuke RAFA SatoDécembre 24, 2015
    Ici, nous pouvons achter tous les livres nous cherchons.
  • Christophe F.
    Sûrement le meilleur Tsutaya de Tokyo ! Choix incroyable en plus dans le quartier branché de Daikanyama sympa pour y flâner
  • Makiko O.
    Makiko OonoJuillet 15
  • nongoro
    nongoroJuin 23
  • BeomWook H.
    지적자본론이라는 으로 인해 방문한 곳. 음반이나 DVD등을 과 함께 파는 곳들은 많으나, 도심 가운데 녹지와 여유공간, 그리고 편안한 의자를 많이 배치하여 상품매장의 이미지보다 시간을 보내는 공간으로 유도하는 것은 새로운 시도로 보입니다. 평안하고 좋네요.
  • Allyson D.
    Massive (multiple buildings) and in a lovely and charming neighborhood. We found lovely English-language children’s books about Japan here.
  • Sean K.
    Sean KimFévrier 13
    한국에도 이런 서점이 있으면 좋겠다 한잔 마시면서 음악도 들을 수 있는 힐링장소.
  • Brook S.
    Brook ShelleyJanvier 15
    Amazing bookstore. Must-visit
  • omae
    omaeJanvier 3
    great place to hang out with magazines and photobooks. less so if you're looking for a specific title, especially any publication w/o hipster cachet.
  • Jon P.
    Jon PressmanJanvier 1
    Fantastic selection of design books and magazines. Worth a trip just for this store but there are lots of other great designer stores nearby too.
  • nina
    ninaNovembre 28, 2017
    Hours seem to disappear at my favorite outpost of Tsutaya Books.
  • Yuri R.
    Yuri RamocanNovembre 27, 2017
    The book and music selection is very high quality and of wide variety. The vibe is very low-key and refined. Lots of great reads and also good food.
  • Artemy L.
    Artemy LebedevOctobre 27, 2017
    Офигеннейший книжный.
  • Nat M.
    Nat McCullyOctobre 25, 2017
    Really great example of how tsutaya is branching out and differentiating on the holistic shopping experience
  • Xiao Y.
    Xiao YuOctobre 14, 2017
    A roomful of fountain pens? That’s culture
  • Lino D.
    Lino Di MaioAoût 22, 2017
    The perfect bookshop, a lot of english books too. There's Also a Starbucks.
  • 福 美.
    福 美Août 17, 2017
  • Samia A.
    Samia AhmedJuillet 2, 2017
    Spent hours here! Easily done. I'm not a fan of Starbucks but the outside area was very zen.
  • Eric E.
    Eric EspirituJuillet 1, 2017
    Expect to lose hours going around the 3 buildings. Music, movies, books, magazines.
  • Jon H.
    Jon H.Mai 31, 2017
    Perfect stop for jet lag shipping - open until 2am. Perhaps the worlds best selection of magazines.
  • Jiashu W.
    Jiashu WangMai 20, 2017
    This place is amazing. Book store is an understatement.
  • alejandro m.
    awesome collection of books and good place to read, work, or relax with a coffee. dont take a picture though, they dont like that.
  • watanabe m.
    watanabe miekoAvril 30, 2017
  • Mu Y.
    Mu YapAvril 17, 2017
    love this bookstore. though there's very limited books I can read but still enjoy the vice and space here (there's a small section of books in Eng for every category)
  • Mu Y.
    Mu YapAvril 17, 2017
    love this bookstore. though there's very limited books I can read but still enjoy the vice and space here (there's a small section of books in Eng for every category.)
  • Steve M.
    Steve MoncadaAvril 16, 2017
    Favorite place on Earth? This is the Smithsonian of bookstores, a national treasure, an exquisite collection masterfully presented. Highlight in a trip full of highlights.
  • Sherry J.
    Sherry JuMars 15, 2017
    Indeed one of the most beautiful bookstores I've ever seen. Opens till late and amazing selection of books. A small cafe inside as well.
  • Ian G.
    Ian GeeFévrier 21, 2017
    Fancy book store with a lot of unique publications.
  • K k.
    K kkkkkkkkFévrier 5, 2017
    한번 들어가면 쉽게 못나와요 사고싶은 이 많은곳, 일본어가 가능하다면 유용한 들이 정말 많음
  • 한솔 윤.
    한솔 윤Février 1, 2017
  • 久保田 一至 N.
    久保田 一至 NINETEEN19Janvier 15, 2017
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
  • Fabio R.
    Fabio ResendeDécembre 21, 2016
    Set apart a few hours to just browse the three buildings filled with interesting stuff. If you're tired, go to the lounge / restaurant on the second floor and order yourself a drink
  • Agatha Y.
    Agatha YuNovembre 30, 2016
    Buy some local Japanese magazine to find local coffee and food spots!
  • Damné Jesús
    Damné JesúsNovembre 28, 2016
    Hermosa librería con 3 edificios de 2 niveles. Libros especializados de arte, fotografía arquitectura y automovilismo. También encontrarás música y películas.
  • Matt C.
    Matt ChanNovembre 21, 2016
    Wonderful bookstore. Come on a quiet weekend morning to relax with a coffee and browse their collection. The bookstore can get busy during the evening hours.
  • Ryan B.
    Ryan BrightOctobre 8, 2016
    Huge bookstore that could consume hours of your time if you want. There was entire row dedicated to dessert recipe books.
  • Erick K.
    Erick KjellevoldOctobre 7, 2016
    Amazing bookstore in three different buildings next to each other. There's something for everyone here. Great concept.
  • Yukiya T.
    Yukiya TakeuchiSeptembre 30, 2016
  • Christina L.
    Christina LunaSeptembre 30, 2016
    Great video about this place here: https://monocle.com/film/culture/novel-ideas-tsutaya
  • Foxxy B.
    Foxxy BSeptembre 9, 2016
    Food, drink, mags, books, linens, pens, paper, ceramics... all of the highest Japanese quality and aesthetic. I'm in love.
  • Kristina B.
    Kristina BosakAoût 22, 2016
    You can easily spend all day there! Amazing spot!
  • Kristina B.
    Kristina BosakAoût 22, 2016
    Such a nice cosy place! Can just spend the whole day being here!
  • Gianluigi L.
    Gianluigi LisiAoût 16, 2016
    High quality shopping
  • michael t.
    michael tJuillet 30, 2016
    Head up to Anjin. Have a cup of coffee, a glass of champagne, or a cocktail and browse the vintage magazines and bric a brac.
  • HayToMi
    HayToMiJuillet 3, 2016
  • Chris
    ChrisJuin 2, 2016
    Unbelievable book and magazine offering, highly recommend
  • Najwa H.
    Najwa HijaziMai 29, 2016
    A nice english architectural books collection...second floor's lounge timed to 90min in crowded times...first floor's starbucks opens till 2am
  • Surface Magazine
    Surface MagazineMai 17, 2016
    Channeling a library in the woods, Tsutaya, part of a trio of interlocking buildings with latticed front, is a shrine to the analog age. En savoir plus
  • Wendy S.
    Wendy Shang TianMai 5, 2016
  • Regina B.
    Regina BautistaMai 1, 2016
    Omg. It's magical.
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