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AMC Loews 84th Street 6

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Upper West Side, New York
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  • Cherry C.
    Cherry CokeJuin 18, 2016
    The seats. This is the only theater I've been to where I don't cry a bit over $16+ tickets -- each seat is large and cushioned recliner. Sitting through the intro commercials has never been so nice.
  • Mike S.
    Mike SingletonJuillet 27, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    If you want to know what all movie theaters will be like in the future, come here. Reserve seating, crazy comfy recliners, and strong AC. The only hard part is staying awake.
  • Time Out New York
    Time Out New YorkFévrier 18, 2016
    Be really, really, ridiculously lazy this winter and watch a movie in possibly the best movie theater in the city. With leather reclining chairs and warm buttery popcorn, you won't want to go home. En savoir plus
  • Maneesh N.
    Maneesh NJuillet 4, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Best movie theater in the city. Amazing. Row H is a little too far back, so I'd sit a little closer (maybe F). Moveable armrests make the recliners into love seats for a perfect date night spot
  • Cooper S.
    Cooper SmithJanvier 21, 2014
    Soda machines from the future. 4K projection. Reclining, so-comfortable-you-risk-falling-asleep chairs. And best of all, pre-reserved seating (row E was the perfect distance from the screen)
  • Will B.
    Will BestJuillet 27, 2013
    Pro: Nice and friendly staff! Will go out their way to accommodate. Con: Employees misinformed on screen location so I had to exchange my ticket outside on a long line. Cute couple on the line so ok!
  • angela g.
    angela gaylorFévrier 14, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    This is maybe the best movie theater in NYC. Reserved reclining loungers with tons of space. Although the recliners are clean, I always wear pants and long sleeves just in case:)
  • Sean M.
    Sean McKenzieDécembre 30, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Went from worst-to-best by adding reclining seats, stadium seating and a soda machine with over 100 flavors. Employees seem to take a lot of pride in the upgrade, which is always a good thing.
  • Duke P.
    Duke PerkinsAoût 23, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Reserved seating, gay urinals, and good movies! Best theater in the city! Fandango those tickets & passbook scan at the door. LOVE THIS PLACE!
  • Joanna F.
    Joanna FlammOctobre 25, 2015
    Primo movie theater experience: reserved seats, full leather recliners, enough room in front of your seat so that you don't have to get up for someone else to get past you.
  • JH Madison L.
    JH Madison LeeNovembre 1, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    In addition to leather recliners, this theater now has assigned seating. If you get your tickets in advance, you don't need to arrive early/wait to get good seats!
  • BuzzFeed
    BuzzFeedAoût 19, 2016
    Tickets here are a little more expensive — $20 for adults, as opposed to $15 most other places in the city — but it’s worth it for the huge comfy chair and footrest. En savoir plus
  • Sam S.
    Sam SNovembre 28, 2015
    My favorite theater in Manhattan. The recliner seats are great. I just wish the movie selection was better. They often show the same movies for weeks.
  • Tash C.
    Tash ConcepcionNovembre 11, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    This theater has reserved seating and super comfortable, super roomy leather reclining chairs! Hands down one of the best movie theaters in Manhattan.
  • Darryl N.
    Darryl Nicholson-SansaniAoût 17, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Love the electric reclining seats. Great for a date. Make sure you go online to get ticket for popular movies before going or you might out of luck.
  • Sunny N.
    Sunny N.Juillet 21, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Best theatre in the city! Never crowded, reclining relaxing seats and great employees! Plus cherry coke! Get Movie Pass and you are all set!
  • Luke A.
    Luke AtmeeNovembre 30, 2013
    Best movie theatre ever. Reclining seats that go all the way back, and that are super comfy. Be sure to make ur reservation ahead of time via Fandango!
  • Paul S.
    Paul SantoraAoût 13, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Their new seats are great! Plus they improved the sanitary inspection grade from C to A!
  • DC G.
    DC GriffJanvier 2, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Please keep this theater clean, folks. Don't abuse the chairs and respect the new features. I'd like to enjoy my neighborhood theater for many years.
  • Neiki U.
    Neiki UllahNovembre 27, 2014
    Entire theater is recliners you reserve and even the first row is a good distance from the screen. Come for movies before 11:55 and only pay $8.50.
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissFévrier 11, 2015
    This is the first class lounge of movie theaters. Reserved seating you can buy online, and lie flat lazy boys perfect for a date.
  • kevin b.
    kevin balfeJuin 22, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    New recliner seating, tons of legroom and Sony 4k projection.....went from the worst theatre in NYC to the best!
  • Will S.
    Will SchollAoût 7, 2015
    This theater is incredible. Don't treat it like IMAX where further is better, though. Row D was perfect. Press hard on the soda machine buttons.
  • Catherine D.
    Catherine DevineAoût 11, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Love the fully reclining leather chairs and the reserved seating. More comfortable than my apartment! Drink machine is great as well.
  • Mark U.
    Mark UrquhartAoût 6, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Renovated theaters are a great improvement. Reclining leather chairs, assigned seating, and new concessions make for a great experience.
  • Zhann J.
    Zhann JochinkeNovembre 9, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Awesome update to this cinema... love the recliners and new level of service. Loews 84 is now my new favorite cinema in NYC!
  • Conrad G.
    Conrad Greiner-BechertMai 26
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The reclining seats make this the best AMC in the city for dates hands down. My girlfriend had the nachos with cheese. Not disappointed.
  • 21, 2015
    Better to purchase tickets in advance for a weekend movie night, especially for popular movies. Otherwise have to sit in the front or will fail to catch a movie!
  • Tamara R.
    Tamara RAoût 3, 2013
    This has got to be the nicest movie theater I have EVER been to in my life. Amazing reclining seats. So worth it!
  • Caroline K.
    Caroline KJuin 19, 2015
    They have seats like a couch and they move to the place comfortable they are like beds! You can sneak food in easy too!
  • Alexandra T.
    Alexandra TritzAoût 19, 2016
    Best theater ever ! Seats are comfy, staff is friendly, will go back for sure !
  • Megan E.
    Megan EngardJuin 30, 2013
    Best theatre I've been to. Fully reclining seats, high tech soda machines. I'll never be content in a normal theatre again.
  • Bob W.
    Bob WassermannJuin 16, 2016
    Duuuuuude, the seats in this cinema are the bomb. Leather, very comfortable and controllable (you can almost lay horizontal)
  • Sevade H.
    Sevade HueyFévrier 22, 2015
    The movie theater has lounge chairs & they are very comfortable. You can also buy your tickets in advance. :-)
  • Rashmi J.
    Rashmi JoishiAoût 31, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Super comfy recliner seats, Saturday and Sunday matinee shows for < $10, unlimited refills once you buy a cold drink
  • courtney s.
    courtney schielaNovembre 25, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Amazing movie theater!!! Reminiscent of LA theaters. You get to pre-select your leather recliner seats
  • Michael F.
    Michael Fox-RabinovitzAoût 30, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    My favorite theater in the city, ability to reserve a specific seat, and awesome lazy boy recliners can't be beat
  • Mitchell L.
    Mitchell LivingstonSeptembre 25, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    As expensive as any other theater in Manhattan, but reserved seating and reclining leather chairs makes this theater a solid choice.
  • Jared W.
    Jared WickDécembre 16, 2014
    The seats are huge, plush recliners so you can sit close and lay back. The best way to watch a movie.
  • Camille
    CamilleNovembre 11, 2014
    The recliner seats are so awesome!! Perfect for a date, but I think it would be awkward on your own...
  • Liz D.
    Liz DellFévrier 22, 2013
    So, full disclosure, it IS indeed not the finest theater on the UWS, but it's never packed and often has flicks that aren't playing in other theaters anymore
  • Alan H.
    Alan HaburchakJuin 20, 2013
    Most amazingly comfortable theater seats ever! Leather and fully reclining. Why isn't every theater like this?
  • Bettie
    BettieJuillet 11, 2013
    Matinee is now $7.50. Wouldn't be surprised if the recent renovation had anything to do with the price increase, though the reclining seats are pretty nice.
  • Andrew F.
    Andrew FafoutakisAoût 25, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    The seats are amazing. Also can reserve your seats. I love anything in rows C-F.
  • Nicholas D.
    Nicholas DiazJanvier 21, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Most comfortable seats in Manhattan and always empty during the weekdays, love it!
  • abycats
    abycatsMai 5, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Seating is super comfortable but the prices are now the highest in Manhattan (which isn't inexpensive to start with.
  • Devyn M.
    Devyn MillsAvril 15, 2014
    I will never see a movie at any other theater. The recliners make for such an enjoyable experience no matter the movie!
  • Marlo C.
    Marlo ColquhounJuillet 4, 2013
    I so love the reclining seats. So much I fell asleep..gotta buy the DVD of the movie I was watching to see what I missed!
  • Es H.
    Es HNovembre 17, 2013
    Very posh and relaxing to see a movie on a leather reclining chair! Super comfortable!
  • Peeshepig
    PeeshepigSeptembre 22, 2013
    Best movie theatre seats in town!! But make sure you don't get stuck sitting next to an ignorant fat fuck who talks through the whole movie.
  • Jay R.
    Jay RollinsJuin 2, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Great new seating! If you've not been here in a whole, check it out. Recliners make it feel like a giant living room.
  • Meghan L.
    Meghan LapidesSeptembre 7, 2015
    The seats here. That is all you need to know. You can't go anywhere else ever again.
  • Andrea J.
    Andrea J.Août 18, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Most relaxing and cleanest theater in the city. Reclining chairs! Lincoln Square close second.
  • Andie S.
    Andie SimonMars 1, 2014
    This theater used to be a dump... Now with reserved seating and firstclass seats , EVERYTHING IS AWESOME at AMC
  • Tim D.
    Tim DewaldJuin 9, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Comfy seats FTW. Hit up George Keeley's for a preshow drink since seats are reserved.
  • William D.
    Very clean and enjoyable movie theater. Great place to go to see a movie.
  • Joaquim N.
    Joaquim NetoOctobre 12, 2014
    Tudo de bom esse cinema!! Poltronas reclináveis e você pode levar os óculos pra casa de lembrança se quiser, rsrs
  • Mike M.
    Mike McBryanJanvier 26, 2015
    Will only see movies in Manhattan at this theater now. Lay-Z-Boys for every seat with automatic reclining features. A+.
  • Truss C.
    Truss CeySeptembre 21, 2015
    Love to come here with the red couches. You can actually enjoy the movie comfortably.
  • michelle.
    michelle.Septembre 22, 2011
    Purchase your tickets @ & get free movie tix. Value is at least 12$.. depends. I got 2 ( 1 adult, 1 child) tix for The Lion King 3D for $9.50... cancel whatever after. Try it :p
  • Asher K.
    Asher KrellFévrier 9, 2015
    Good theater but expensive as all theaters in NYC are. I suggest buying tickets in advance.
  • Michael G.
    Michael GuzmanMars 10, 2016
    Excellent movie theater good seats and the imax is very good
  • Angela L.
    Angela LaskodiJanvier 18, 2014
    The new seats are awesome, but easy to lose your cell phone through cracks.
  • Jean
    JeanFévrier 3, 2014
    Reserved seating & reclining chairs are the nicest surprise!
  • Cooper S.
    Cooper SmithMai 30, 2014
    I'll save you from the same emotional breakdown I had at the soda fountain of the future :: Cherry Coke is hidden behind a tap on regular Coke
  • Todd H.
    Todd HamiltonFévrier 23, 2015
    Reservations and reclining seats; my favorite theater in the City.
  • Andrew L.
    Andrew LeungDécembre 31, 2015
    all theaters have reclining seats and they are all reserved too!
  • Adam S.
    Adam SigelNovembre 9, 2014
    The comfiest chairs I've ever seen a movie in. And I swear the guy in front of me looked just like Dan Cortese. A
  • Ignatius J M.
    Ignatius J MooseMars 15, 2014
    Reserved seating. Reclining chairs. Pleasant and courteous staff. What are you waiting for?
  • Jastine K.
    Jastine KhoMars 7, 2016
    Best movie theater in Manhattan.. Mainly because of the reclining seats :)
  • Trae F.
    Trae FOctobre 8
    Love the recliners but the place as a whole is kinda worn and dingy.
  • Anissa T.
    Anissa TAoût 9, 2014
    Seats are great.... Nice option if u don't want to go to 42nd st
  • Jessie C.
    Jessie CatanaSeptembre 19, 2015
    Those seats, man...incredible. Possibly my favorite theatre in the city
  • Pete W.
    Pete WebbDécembre 25, 2014
    Remodeled interior with reserved seating - Great neighborhood theater
  • Feras S.
    Feras ShAoût 14, 2014
    Awesome sofa seats. No Dine-in service in this theater.
  • Jared W.
    Jared WickDécembre 16, 2014
    Get tickets in advance and pick your seats via the fandango app.
  • Liesbeth H.
    Liesbeth HaspeslaghOctobre 2, 2013
    These seats are awesome. I wish we had movie theaters like this in Belgium!
  • Jeffrey B.
    Jeffrey BaxtMai 8, 2014
    Best movie theatre I've ever been to. Worth the trip.
  • Victor C.
    Victor ChenMars 20, 2016
    Omg didn't know these seats existed until now... I don't think I can watch a movie anywhere else now.
  • Hans C.
    Hans ChoOctobre 13, 2015
    This is the best movie theater in the city. Recliners FTW
  • Rebecca G.
    Rebecca GantcherFévrier 20, 2015
    Enormous recliners with more leg room than any first class plane. Still no movie worth these prices
  • Marina Y.
    Marina YoshimotoAoût 1, 2015
    Sala grande e poltronas confortáveis! Muito bom !!
  • Matthew C.
    Matthew CaldecuttJanvier 9, 2016
    It's worth it to sit in a recliner and watch a movie on the big screen.
  • Adrian H.
    Adrian HannahDécembre 30, 2015
    reserved seating and reclining chairs are a definite plus
  • Isaac S.
    Isaac ShabotDécembre 12, 2014
    Seats fully recline. Best movie theater in NYC
  • Edmee C.
    Edmee Cherdieu d'ASeptembre 29, 2013
    Get there early. Amazing seats with reserved seating.
  • Uwvie O.
    Uwvie ObodoAoût 19, 2015
    Reclining seats and the whole premium vibe make this the best theater in NYC
  • Elizabeth J.
    Elizabeth JaneDécembre 2, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Reserved seating. Oversized comfy chairs. Best theater in NYC.
  • Michael M.
    Michael MJanvier 16, 2015
    Great place to take off your shoes and lean back on the recliner!
  • KC H.
    KC HudsonFévrier 20, 2012
    No coffee from outside allowed, even though all the other AMC Loews allow it. I wish I'd known to hide mine!
  • Yee L.
    Yee LauNovembre 24, 2015
    Allow u to pick your own seats and very spacious
  • Sara .
    Sara 🌈⚔🍾Décembre 1, 2016
    You can reserve your super comfortable seats! So fancy!
  • ImSo_Brooklyn
    ImSo_BrooklynAoût 18, 2015
    Comfortable seats, good for dates.. Great theater!
  • Jessica Z.
    Jessica ZhangAoût 11, 2014
    Lazy boy recliners. .. heaven... and no more long wait or struggle for seating during blockbuster releases :-)
  • Patrick B.
    Patrick BaskinOctobre 5, 2014
    Amazing reclining lounge seats, $9 for movies before noon
  • WillMcD
    WillMcDJanvier 11, 2015
    Reserved seating with reclining chairs make for the perfect movie experience
  • Kris C.
    Kris ConcepcionNovembre 16, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Recliners? Reserved seating? I never want to watch a movie at a different theater again!
  • Nelson T.
    Nelson TorresAoût 18, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Over 20 years of coming to this Theater, the new and improved seats are awesome
  • Chris G.
    Chris GabrielFévrier 3, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Best theater seating in the city! Recliners with leg rests! 💺📺
  • Adarsha R.
    Adarsha RautSeptembre 24, 2014
    The most comfortable chairs ever.. I want to bring one home , every time I go there!!!
  • Erica G.
    Erica GlennAoût 7, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Best seats ever! Worth the $15 admission!
  • Jared W.
    Jared WickDécembre 16, 2014
    Cheaper, matinée pricing before noon. Almost worth the cost.
  • Rami A.
    Rami AlKhowaiterAoût 13, 2014
    Very comfortable seats
  • Justin O.
    Justin OrgelJanvier 21, 2014
    Reclining seats make you so comfy you almost forget the bed bugs
  • Howcast
    HowcastJuillet 21, 2011
    Movie prices breaking your wallet? Check out how you can win a free ticket to your next movie! En savoir plus
  • Francisco R.
    Francisco RojasFévrier 13, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The rewards program is totally worth it for $12 a year.
  • Sandy C.
    Sandy CampbellNovembre 25, 2013
    Check out these new seats. This theater is awesome!
  • Elamin C.
    Elamin CabrioSeptembre 21, 2012
    On my way , to the AMC Loews on 84thst , to meet up with some friends from work , to catch the new movie "Resident Evil:Retribution"
  • Greg W.
    Greg Wong 🎯Octobre 7, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Favorite row: D. Anything past E is a bit far back.
  • Eri V.
    Eri VJuin 4, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Recently started popping their popcorn without salt or oil resulting in very dry, flavorless popcorn. Very disappointing unless you're a weirdo who wants 'healthy' popcorn at a movie theatre - gross.
  • Ernesto M.
    The best place ever to take your date for a movie!
  • Ryan
    RyanSeptembre 12, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    So much better since the renovation - reclining leather seats
  • Ibrahim Z.
    Ibrahim ZeghzeghiSeptembre 5, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Best theater in Manhattan! Love those seats :)
  • Javier "2Soul" P.
    Javier "2Soul" PerezJuillet 6, 2013
    This theatre got a series upgrade. Love the reclining chair!!!
  • Ryan Scott T.
    Ryan Scott TandyJuin 27, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    I can't watch movies anywhere else. The chairs here are too good!
  • Marina
    MarinaAvril 7, 2015
    Очень комфортные кресла! Приятный зал ! Хорошая акустика.
  • Alex F.
    Alex FishJuillet 13, 2015
    Amazing reclining seats and coke freestyle!
  • Danny H.
    Danny HernandezDécembre 29, 2013
    Recling leather comfy seats! How could you go wrong!
  • Richard K.
    Richard KichenamaJuin 19, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The reclining seats are motorized awesomeness, but they need to label the bathrooms
  • Rachael R.
    Rachael RJanvier 2, 2015
    The most comfortable movie chairs I have ever seen. I didn't want the movie to end because I didn't wAnt to leave the chair.
  • Natalie V.
    Natalie VegelJuillet 13, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Love this theater! It has reclining seats
  • Arjumand B.
    Arjumand BonhommeDécembre 29, 2014
    When I went, this place had "assigned" seats like an airplane or a concert hall. How are you gonna check seat numbers in the dark? Couldn't get 2 seats together so we had to go elsewhere. Lame.
  • Donia
    DoniaAvril 10, 2016
    Assigned Reclining Seats. That's all you need to know
  • Caty C.
    Caty CatsNovembre 25, 2014
    The most comfortable movie theater in the area.
  • Nitzan B.
    Nitzan BAvril 2, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Reclining seats. All you need to know.
  • Chris E.
    Chris EvansJuin 23, 2015
    Frozen coke plus lean back leather chairs = bliss. Just don't accidentally fall asleep.
  • Julie
    JulieSeptembre 6, 2013
    Recliner seats are the best!
  • Lauren G.
    Lauren GoodwinJuin 21, 2015
    You can reserve seats in advance!
  • evann p.
    evann penn brownNovembre 26, 2014
    Love it whenever I go to a movie I try to go here
  • Julie A.
    Julie AvraJuillet 15
    So luxurious to see a movie here
  • Emma C.
    Emma ChownsAoût 1, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    I hear the popcorn's not fresh but they have a new healthy snack pack for $7. Personally I like a white cherry Icee. En savoir plus
  • Anna R.
    Anna RMai 28, 2015
    Recliner seats! And assigned seats make it better
  • angela g.
    angela gaylorJanvier 6, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    perfection in a theater. they just hit it out of the ballpark.
  • Sasha H.
    Sasha HarrisJanvier 7, 2011
    Always seems to be an infant crying behind here. Get a babysitter people! Saw IV is no place for a 6-month-old
  • Viktor K.
    Viktor KostikMars 16, 2016
    You will love the seats!
  • Sal C.
    Sal CMai 28, 2013
    New leather recliner seats. Get comfortable!
  • Anne S.
    Anne SaulovichJanvier 19, 2014
    New recliners & reserved seats. YES!
  • Emma R.
    Emma RiccardiAoût 29, 2013
    Recliner seats are awesome!! Revolutionizing the movie experience
  • Rodrigo A.
    Rodrigo ArtaviaOctobre 26, 2014
    Comfortable seats, not crowded
  • Brian A.
    Brian AddisonJuillet 24, 2015
    Excellent reserved seating
  • Mimi W.
    Mimi WNovembre 9, 2013
    A movie theatre worth going to!
  • Alexa S.
    Alexa SternJuillet 30
    Realllyyyyy loud... more so than other theaters.
  • Truss C.
    Truss CeySeptembre 21, 2015
    The best movie theater in NYC
  • Casey H.
    Casey HuserFévrier 3, 2016
    The seats are amazing.
  • Arlie B.
    Arlie BlancoAoût 9, 2014
    "Into the storm" with the bea💕
  • Sara K.
    Sara KJuin 9, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    The only place to watch any movie!
  • Rajiv G.
    Rajiv GhandiJuin 27, 2014
    You will never watch movies anywhere else!
  • Emily B.
    Emily BrimmerMars 8, 2015
    Best seats in the city. Worth the extra dollar
  • Gerald R.
    Gerald RiveraAoût 13, 2014
    beauitful movie theatres in Manhattan NY
  • Simon N.
    Simon NanwaniOctobre 5, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Guess what ! You get to prebook your seats !
  • Rami A.
    Rami AlKhowaiterAoût 12, 2014
    Extremely comfortable seats.
  • Emilie B.
    Emilie BandyJanvier 24, 2015
    I will never go to another movie theatre in the city again. The reclining seats here put everywhere else to shame!!
  • Santo M.
    Santo MercedAoût 8, 2014
    Watch a movie in a nice clean theater
  • Catherine W.
    Catherine WangOctobre 13, 2015
    Fancy leather reclining chairs
  • Sarah E.
    Sarah ElizabethJuin 13, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    AMC Loews has no policy on bringing in outside food or drink...nuff said! En savoir plus
  • Clinton C.
    Clinton CalderJuillet 20, 2013
    Love the new recliners!
  • Andrew P.
    Andrew PearlmanJuillet 11, 2013
    Recliner chairs. You're welcome.
  • Ren W.
    Ren WJuillet 27, 2015
    Awesome seats.
  • Puu K.
    Puu KampolratanaAoût 9, 2015
    The seats are so comfy.
  • Thomas F.
    Thomas FiscoeJuillet 26, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Pro Tip: Don't bring your god damn infant to the movies.
  • James H.
    James HollandJuillet 7
    Great recliners
  • VelvetCrate
    VelvetCrateJuin 8, 2015
    reclining seats!👏👏
  • Kelsey S.
    Kelsey SmithJuin 22, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Great reclining chairs!
  • Shawn C.
    Shawn ChengSeptembre 2, 2013
    Assigned seating and giant chairs!
  • Alyssa K.
    Alyssa KeeneSeptembre 20, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    OH. MY. GOD. Go to this theater. NOW
  • Kimberly S.
    Kimberly SelwayAvril 18, 2014
    This might be the nicest theater in the city, reserved seats and all- but it's the worst managed with the rudest staff.
  • Arman
    ArmanJanvier 7, 2015
    Inclining leather seats????? Omg!!!
  • Christina S.
    Christina SongAoût 20, 2013
    Plush reclining seats. How posh.
  • Saba m.
    Saba marryJuin 18
  • Clarice M.
    Clarice MeadowsAvril 20, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Best seats ever.
  • Laura G.
    Laura GreigAoût 21, 2014
    Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing.
  • Mike H.
    Mike HopkinsJanvier 25, 2015
    Comfy seats!
  • Sam C.
    Sam CallahanAoût 9, 2014
    TMNT and Guardians of the Galaxy!!!
  • Alex R.
    classic theater
  • jasmine s.
    jasmine sNovembre 9, 2010
    Nice theatre BUT they don't make fresh popcorn ):
  • Natalie K.
    Natalie KangAoût 7, 2014
    comfy seats. the movie 'Lucy' sucks.
  • Emily L.
    Emily LSeptembre 13, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    reclining seats.
  • Jonathan P.
    Jonathan ProsperJuillet 10, 2013
    Love seats!
  • Juana M.
    Juana MasonJanvier 6, 2016
    The seats!
  • Smash B.
    Smash BurnToneMars 17, 2015
  • Elamin C.
    Elamin CabrioSeptembre 21, 2012
    This should be a lot of laughs..
  • s b.
    s bNovembre 23, 2013
    worst theater i've been to. overbooked the seats and didn't even offer a refund.
  • Jim M.
    Jim MorrisseyDécembre 3, 2010
    The staff here gave me crabs.
  • Jeremy B.
    Jeremy BurtonAvril 17, 2011
    Popcorn is stale
  • Michael
    MichaelAoût 18, 2010
    difficult to find parking.... take the train...
  • Fabian G.
    Fabian GraterolesMai 29, 2011
    It's true. The popcorn is stale.
  • Marielle D.
    Marielle DavisAvril 5, 2010
    Hot and lots of teenagers.
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