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Chelsea, New York
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  • Tiago S.
    "Tres leches donut!!"(4 conseils)
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  • Marie L.
    Marie L.Septembre 17, 2011
    Des doughnuts énormes mais légers comme tout ;) Beignets de luxe! S'il faut craquer pour des beignets, c'est incontestablement pour ceux-là!
  • Tiago S.
    Tiago SardeliDécembre 26, 2014
    Tres leches donut!!
  • Earn N.
    Earn NichaDécembre 30, 2016
    Tres leches!
  • Pnyessa R.
    Pnyessa RoseMai 29, 2013
    Tres Leche & Creme Brûlée!
  • Brian B.
    Brian BilboAoût 29, 2014
    tres leches
  • Abigail A.
    Abigail ArgersingerDécembre 4, 2014
    Tres Leches.
  • Ray L.
    Ray LamNovembre 6, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
  • Candace M.
    Candace McCafferyNovembre 5, 2011
    Tres Leches...perfect!
  • Sonia C.
    Sonia CorinaSeptembre 20, 2011
    Tres leches 4 life
  • T V.
    T VoMars 16, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Creme brûlée!!!
  • ZenFoodster
    ZenFoodsterOctobre 20, 2014
    Gourmet's stop for donuts made w/ fresh fruit & nuts! My faves:cashew & orange blossom filled (R), PB & blackberry jam filled (front), & Concord grape (not shown). Apple cinnamon (L) tres leches (bk)
    A voté pour il y a Jan 17
  • Joe M.
    Joe MontesFévrier 19, 2016
    Doughnut Plant claims to have the world’s first square filled donut so I had to get one. The vanilla bean filled with blackberry jam donut was light and airy and the filling was very fresh.
    A voté pour il y a Jan 17
  • Dave S.
    Dave SawyerAvril 12, 2016
    The peanut butter & jelly doughnuts are basically like the best slice of morning toast ever. Tres leches are great if a cake donut is more your style. Also, the Kenyan pour over is delicious too.
    A voté pour il y a Jan 17
  • Rewan P.
    Rewan PartiDécembre 14, 2015
    You can never go wrong with the creme brûlée donut! Also try their vanilla and orange blossom donut! They also have seasonal specials!
    A voté pour il y a Jan 17
  • NYC Pride
    NYC PrideMars 3, 2013
    Our pick for "Best Doughnuts." With yeast and cake doughnuts on the menu, you'll be hard-pressed to pick a favorite. Try the Tres Leches, Toasted Sesame or Peanut Butter Glaze with Blackberry Jelly. En savoir plus
    A voté pour il y a Jan 17
  • Danley H.
    Danley HuFévrier 11, 2017
    The coffee is decent but not amazing. However the donuts were YUM. I love coconut and the coconut cream donut is amazing and not overly sweet. The chocolate hazelnut was also good. Bathroom code: 1486
    A voté pour il y a Jan 17
  • Risa
    RisaJuillet 30, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The tres leches doughnut is technically a cake-style doughnut, but it has a sweet custardy filling that makes it super moist. Prefer a yeast doughnut? Then don't miss out on the PB&J flavor!
    A voté pour il y a Jan 17
  • Emiel S.
    Emiel SondagNovembre 9, 2015
    What's good here? What isn't! We took a selection with us to eat on the High Line. The Creme Brûlée is a must. As well as the Vanilla Bean. Not too sweet, but definitely worth your efforts.
  • Serious Eats
    Serious EatsMars 7, 2013
    These doughnuts may be pricier than most, but they're worth it. Go for the carrot cake, or the crème brûlée, or the tres leches...oh, who are we kidding, they're all pretty awesome.
  • Mariama R.
    Mariama RentoyAoût 16, 2014
    Their best seller is the creme brulee and it really is in a league of its own. The other donuts taste good too so try all flavors. The donuts are balanced, and not too sweet. 😉
  • Kelli T.
    Kelli TolockaDécembre 7, 2014
    One of our new spots to visit while in New York. Haven't had a donut I didn't like. You won't go wrong without whatever you choose. Don't miss out on the bathroom!
  • Andrew A.
    Andrew AframAoût 13, 2014
    They rarely have the salted peanut donuts or chocolate chip cookie donuts, but if they have them, get them! 🍩
  • Heba-I-am
    Heba-I-amSeptembre 18, 2017
    Expensive! But so worth it! One of the best donuts i've had. Let me get this out of the way though the creme brulee isn't that great. It's good but not wow. I could write poetry about the others thoug
  • Serious Eats
    Serious EatsMars 5, 2013
    The chocolate chip tastes just like its namesake. The soft cake doughnut is studded with pecans and chocolate chips, then coated in a chocolate glaze and rolled in cookie dust.
  • Heba-I-am
    Heba-I-amSeptembre 18, 2017
    My fave is the blood orange doughflower! Sweet&tangy&it looks pretty. The pb&blackberry jam square was delicious&has a crunch to it.The chocolate pecan is yummy it's sweet&salty & texture is on point
  • ZenFoodster
    ZenFoodsterOctobre 26, 2014
    Scrumptious concord grape filled (front) & PB & Concord grape jelly filled doughseed (L) donuts- made w/ fresh Concord grapes frm Union Sq Mkt! ;9 Loved these over overly sweet carrot cake (R) donut.
  • InFOODxication
    InFOODxicationOctobre 14, 2013
    Hmmm I just can't suggest just one...go with friends and get a few...that's what I did and got to try 4 in one sitting, yum! Pistachio, chocolate, coconut, creme brûlée.....
  • Alp O.
    Alp OzcelikJuin 1, 2014
    I could eat all the donuts here. Their creme brûlée is amazing! Also love their Brooklyn blackout chocolate donut and the triple chocolate cake donut. Great passion fruit donut as well!
  • Greg K.
    Greg KnaussAvril 9, 2012
    Pumpkin Doughnuts in both cake and yeast form. A finish of caramelized pumpkin seeds, nutty and crunchy, iced over in a spiced glaze. The cake one has cozy pumpkin flavor with of cloves and cinnamon.
  • Jessica C.
    Jessica ChengFévrier 15, 2015
    The doughseeds are the perfect size for a quick and filling snack to satisfy your midday sweet tooth craving. Rose and passion fruit dough seeds!
  • Libster C.
    Libster CJuin 10, 2014
    This location has more seating and better ambiance than the Grand St location. Yes donuts are expensive but so worth it. They have season flavors so take advantage of the while they have it.
  • Ariane R.
    Ariane RinehartSeptembre 21, 2016
    Delicious doughnuts in interesting flavors. Right now they have a "Pecha Berry" flavored "Pokéseed" doughnut. *Poison is healed! It's very delicious*
  • Lee F.
    Lee FulmerJanvier 3, 2017
    Ate them too fast to take pictures for this review... whoops! The coconut square was amazing (I actually don't like coconut so I was surprised). But my favorite was definitely the chocolate!
  • KristiaMarie P.
    Go with a big group of people and share a bunch of donuts! They are all super rich but tasty. If I have to tackle one on my own I could only survive the plain vanilla yeast donut LOL
  • Martin K.
    Martin KSeptembre 13, 2014
    The best doughnut store in all of NYC. Gets very busy. Do us all a favor and decide what you're gonna get while waiting in line. And check out the bathroom, you'll know why ;-)
  • Mya W.
    Mya WashingtonJuin 30, 2015
    Tres Leche doughnut is to die for😍😍😍 and Iced Chai Tea is amazing! Overall a beautiful place with delicious food👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • Jerome I.
    Jerome IbanezNovembre 3, 2015
    Place is stucked beside a hotel so its a bit easy to miss. Everything is delicious especially the creme brulee and pb&j, both of which seems to be almost always sold out!
  • Karl U.
    Karl UfertJuillet 25, 2011
    Fab place, fab doughnuts & awesomely-cute servers (!), just a stone's throw away, but I can't go often. Yummy carbs+cute=disaster! Now, how to have the cute w/o having the delish carbs too often? :-P
  • Susumu
    SusumuJanvier 15, 2015
    One of the best doughnut shops in NY. Accepts LevelUp payment. You get sometimes great LevelUp deals like $5 credit so you can get a doughnut for free.
  • Camila M.
    Camila MattosoJanvier 4, 2015
    Oh my God, the Vanilla bean with jelly doughnut is like being in a paradise for a while. Incredible! Lovely staff!
  • Nicole R.
    Nicole ReganFévrier 7, 2016
    Their cake doughnuts are what makes them amazing, they fill the inside with icing. Not overwhelming, just makes it moist and deliciously. Love the coffee cake one.
  • TK ..
    TK .Septembre 2, 2014
    These doughnuts are the Platonic Ideal of doughnuts. After you eat one of these you will never be able to go back to other so-called donut-like substances. It's just not fair how darn good these are!
  • Serious Eats
    Serious EatsSeptembre 8, 2011
    Best Oatmeal Doughnut: Toasted oatmeal and tiny flecks of cashews, plus sunflower seeds, cranberries, and apricot mix—it's a glorious sight. En savoir plus
  • Tiffany L.
    Tiffany LangstonFévrier 1, 2015
    Oh so good. Cash or Level Up only, and they tend to run out of the best flavors as the day goes on, so go early for the best selection
  • shana
    shanaMai 12, 2011
    Near Hotel Chelsea. They take credit cards. Opens daily from 8-8. I loved Tres Leches & Coconut Cream. Vanilla bean glaze tastes like regular sugar glazed donuts. Each donut is roughly $2.50-$2.75.
  • Pascal R.
    Pascal RekoertJuin 19, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the blueberry cake, coco cream or carrot cake! Yes they are pricy but it's soooo worth it. I have not touched another donut since. Also VISIT THEIR BATHROOM!! Disco disco disco ball...
  • Joori
    JooriJanvier 12, 2016
    One downer is that they don't make fresh donuts on site. They get there donuts deliveries from somewhere else and sugar coat it with many different flavors. I just want a fresh plain donut...
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupFévrier 22, 2011
    Splurge on doughnuts that are a million times better than Dunkin’. You have to try the Tres Leches, the Crème Brulee and the Blackout Doughnuts. Cash only.
  • Ashley H.
    Ashley HornJanvier 18, 2016
    If you like filled doughnuts, go for the creme brûlée. If an 'old fashioned' is more your type, pick tres leches. But carrot cake is the all around best!
  • Roque S.
    I had a good experience. I had the Tres Leches and the Cocconut squared donut. They are in fact very very good. Coffee was good too.
  • Randall
    RandallDécembre 16, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    The Gingerbread Doughnut is good, but not a must try. If you have a favorite, order that instead and hope the next seasonal doughnut variety will be amazing.
  • G D.
    G DaniellAoût 10, 2015
    Creme brûlée doughnuts are the mvp here 👌🏽,but in general the doughnuts here are the mvp doughnuts of NYC,doughnut seed type of doughnuts are a must try
  • Nikki S.
    Nikki SiegsOctobre 1, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    ALWAYS get the creme brûlée! Then something else to try. The oatmeal one is fantastic! And I'm pumped to try the new coffee cake one
  • Daniel B.
    Daniel BarnettNovembre 8, 2014
    Great place for a doughnut and a coff... well, forget the coffee. 4 of us got one, iced, hot, they were really bad. Stick with the excellent doughnuts.
  • Harumi U.
    Harumi UAoût 23, 2014
    All I can say is I introduced this place to my friend from Midwest. He had one bite, went back in line and bought additional dozen as souvenir. It's that fabulous
  • Haneen Q.
    Haneen QAoût 15, 2014
    A new level if Doughnuts, they will basically drive you nuts. The Creme burle and coffee cake doughnut are orgasmic
  • Compass
    CompassJuillet 23, 2013
    Stock up on sweet and gooey doughnuts in quirky yet delicious flavors like peanut butter and banana cream or vanilla bean and blackberry jam.
  • SJ8544123 L.
    SJ8544123 LAvril 13, 2015
    Their creme brulee donut is really good♡ I spend about $35 for dozen donuts- splurge for sure but pretty worth it!!!
  • jeannie
    jeannieOctobre 15, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Try the Dough Seed Orange Blossom Cashew - Lovely 2-bite dough seed filled with creme scented with orange blossom. I could do without cashews.
  • helio s.
    helio salemaDécembre 1, 2013
    The green tea donut is very good. The place is great and the service is very casual and friendly.
  • Shane Anne S.
    Where the first creme brûlée donut was invented! Also got the cashew orange donut and pride donut for pride weekend !
  • Swanie
    SwanieDécembre 3, 2015
    Love the peanut and BlackBerry jam donut. Also love the carrot cake donut. Went there at 9p.m and the donuts were still so fresh.
  • Josh A.
    Josh AFévrier 9, 2016
    Wow amazing. Excellent selection and unique flavors. Passion fruit was awesome. The chai was also delicious. Must go back!
  • Honghui Y.
    Honghui YuMars 14, 2016
    Their seasonal flavors have never disappointed, but if those don't strike your fancy, the creme brulee doughseed is always reliably delicious
  • Alexandre F.
    Alexandre FormagioOctobre 6, 2015
    Just the BEST doughnuts in New York (or maybe in United States). Try tres leches and blueberry. These flavors are awesome!
  • Annie N.
    Annie NguyenDécembre 9, 2013
    Get the peanut butter jelly donut or the vanilla bean and jam one!!! Both are delish!!!!
  • Lucas P.
    Lucas PinzonJanvier 7, 2016
    Las mejores De NYC sin duda! La de creme bulle ganadora entre todas. Sin embargo tres leches y Black out hay que comerlas también, impresionantes!!
  • Faaiz O.
    Faaiz OosmanJuin 5, 2014
    You cannot go wrong with any donut on the menu. The banana pecan yeast and dulce de leche cake are my favorites.
  • albertosherrero
    albertosherreroDécembre 3, 2015
    La decoración del local es muy original. Los donuts están de muerte. El de crema de cacahuete con plátano debe tener unas 17.650 calorías pero hay que probarlo.
  • Kay T.
    Kay TeoMars 19, 2015
    Small and expensive doughnuts but so worth it. Delicious flavor combinations, perfect yeasty dough.
  • Frank S.
    Frank SMars 10, 2011
    Great Doughnuts but Very "Expensive" $2.75 each or 3 Times as much most other Donuts! At $33 for a dozen You Gotta be Rich to afford them! Some might say a affordable Luxury.!
  • Keith L.
    Keith LeaDécembre 3, 2016
    I like to get one cake doughnut and one yeast. You don't have to eat all of it!
  • Morgan W.
    Morgan WOctobre 24, 2016
    They carry dough donuts, cake donuts, and jelly-filled "doughseeds". I highly recommend the cashew and orange blossom doughseed!
  • Mohammad A.
    Mohammad Al HussainSeptembre 8, 2013
    Let me save you some time and energy. You won't find a better donut place. Come here and get your bag of treats!
  • First We Feast
    First We FeastAoût 3, 2014
    One of Doughnut Plant’s most sought-after flavors is a take on the classic tres leches cake. En savoir plus
  • Lesleann
    LesleannJanvier 29, 2012
    "The best of the bunch? This Oatmeal Cake Doughnut. Toasted oatmeal and tiny flecks of cashews, plus sunflower seeds, cranberries, and apricot mix.." - Serious Eats
  • Asli S.
    Asli SinarSeptembre 14, 2016
    Favorite donut shop in the city. Some faves: blackout cake, coconut cream filled, pb + banana. Paired with iced coffee (black) = 💯
  • Christina B.
    Christina BFévrier 25, 2015
    Great, fresh donuts! Tres Leches, Black Out, and Rose (round, not filled) all were tasty.. Skip the PB&J filled.
  • Lou C.
    Lou CarulliDécembre 8, 2014
    WOW...This place is def not for the calorie counter... Yes it is a bit pricey but these are not the mass produced crap you get at Dunkin Donuts. These are small batch hand made sugary heaven cakes.
  • Linda C.
    Linda ChowJuillet 2, 2015
    The tres leches cake doughnut is by far my favorite, but it sells out fast! Get a couple to share ... or keep it for yourself!
  • Oliver K.
    Oliver KlieweAoût 10, 2013
    The Oatmeal donut is a must-try! (only on Wed, Sat, or Sun though) And they have pretty solid cold brew coffee too.
  • Christen C.
    Christen ClinkscalesFévrier 9, 2015
    The carrot cake doughnut is my go-to. Coffee cake is also a good option. Expensive doughnuts but well worth it!
  • Nick F.
    Nick FuscoDécembre 1, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    They gave me a complimentary carrot cake doughnut just to see if I liked it. The staff is very friendly and the doughnuts are amazing.
  • Bigmac E.
    Bigmac EaterOctobre 30, 2016
    Peanut Butter & Banana Cream doughnut was amazing, well worth the walk.
  • Nash A.
    Nash AlsJuin 21, 2017
    Everyone is talking about the doughnut 🍩 , but seriously one of the best cup of coffees You'll ever have ☕️ 👌
  • Kara J.
    Kara JacquelineNovembre 2, 2014
    The hot chocolate is rich and delicious, a great pairing to any of their doughnuts.
  • Michaela T.
    Michaela TDécembre 4, 2012
    Oh my yum. PB&J, and creme brûlée. Just do it. Also, visit the sparkly bathroom... But only if you're a paying customer:)
  • Victoria B.
    Victoria BrownAoût 1, 2014
    The Tres Leches and Carrot cake cake donuts are my faves! Totally worth the $3 you will spend on each one
  • Ángelo V.
    Excelentes las donas y la decoración del lugar. Nada mejor que una rellena de jalea y un café.
  • Amy W.
    Amy WJuin 22, 2012
    The coconut one is amazing, also try the orange blossom it's new and yummy!
  • Heather W.
    Heather WinterDécembre 18, 2013
    Adored the Coconut Cream doughnut...soft, moist and filled with a decadent and light coconut cream filling...divine!
  • Gothamist
    GothamistAoût 1, 2014
    Though we love their doughy masterpieces all almost equally, the Tres Leches doughnut is a King among Kings. En savoir plus
  • Rachel W.
    Rachel WangOctobre 11, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Tres leches is a must anytime I come here. Wild blueberry, carrot cake, and pb&j are also yummy
  • Liana F.
    Liana FongOctobre 27, 2016
    Pricy, fancy, big, super sweet donuts. Flavor options are not the traditional glazed or powdered sugar. Carrot cake donut tasted like carrot cake. PB banana cream was good but really sweet
  • Chad H.
    Chad HornerJuin 19, 2016
    these are the best doughnuts you can get in New York. the wild blueberry cake doughnut is my favorite
  • caroline s.
    caroline sistareNovembre 29, 2015
    The seasonal cranberry doughnut is SO GOOD! I do wish you got more filling than in just the last bite of a doughseed
  • Bryan F.
    Bryan FerraezAoût 13, 2015
    All the doughnuts are amazing! What makes this place is the decor and the people.
  • MaryAnn H.
    MaryAnn HalfordJanvier 28, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Have now tried carrot cake, peanut butter and jelly, and blueberry. Blueberry rocks the best. Next time will try coconut creme
  • Jillian
    JillianJanvier 3, 2015
    Come hungry, leave happy. PB&J + creme brûlée were standouts.
  • Luke W.
    Luke WangMars 24, 2015
    Nice slightly chewy yeast risen doughnuts. Had the vanilla bean one. It was simple but deliciously flavored.
  • Cheen T.
    Cheen The CuriousJuillet 15, 2017
    Creme brûlée was unique but I wouldn't track all the way here just to sample it. Interesting matching decor though
  • Ben K.
    Can't go wrong with any of the peanut butter glazed donuts. Especially blackberry jelly and banana cream filled.
  • Soyun J.
    Soyun JeeJanvier 23, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Get here early if you want the creme brulee. Always the first to go. Pistachio is also super yummy.
  • Alex F.
    Alex FishMai 29, 2016
    Doughnuts are on another level. Cinnamon bun is secretly awesome
  • Lauren P.
    Lauren PotterAvril 24, 2017
    The coconut cream donut was the best donut I have ever had! The creme brûlée was also extremely yummy.
  • Foodiespr
    FoodiesprAoût 4, 2015
    Square doughnuts are delicious! Try the vanilla bean and Jam
  • Varun S.
    Varun ShettyAoût 12, 2014
    The classic vanilla bean doughnut is tough to beat. Tres leches is pretty good too, if they have it.
  • Patrick R.
    Patrick RoldanAoût 30, 2011
    I know people go here for the doughnuts, but they have a delicious blueberry lemonade on the drink menu to help you eat the amazing doughnuts.
  • Cristina G.
    Cristina GrandaAvril 14, 2014
    I like that their doughnuts aren't super heavy or greasy; you can pack away two big doughnuts without feeling like you ate a grease ball
  • Jacob F.
    Jacob FordOctobre 15, 2015
    You've never seen a doughnut accompanied by its own industrial design aesthetic.
  • Tariq A.
    Tariq AhmadJuillet 26, 2016
    Phenomenal doughnuts. Coconut cream filled square and creme brulee doughnuts are a must.
  • Michael S.
    Michael SiskSeptembre 27, 2014
    The donuts are amazing. Creme brûlée. Tres leches. Cinnamon sugar. Try their blackberry lemonade too!
  • minnie m.
    minnie mAvril 22, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Best doughnuts in Manhattan. Not too bready. Faves are the tres leches and the matcha.
  • Karin R.
    Karin RNovembre 28, 2011
    Try the Roasted Chestnut Yeast Doughnut - As close as I'm ever gonna get to the Chelsea Hotel Poet Scene! #sugary #nutty #light #autumnal #wintery
  • Theresa R.
    Theresa RoldanMars 4, 2016
    Sooo many delicious options! The hazelnut dooughnut was top notch
  • robin
    robinAoût 15, 2011
    The creme brulee is dangerously amazing - the jelly donut has the perfect proportion of jelly and doughnut in every bite!
  • Vinny Z.
    Vinny ZMai 18, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 100 fois
    The mayor says the chocolate chip cookie donut is simply amazing. But they usually do not serve it until 10 ish.
  • Kim B.
    Kim B.Décembre 18, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Holy moly, creme brulee doughnut has a delicious, crusty layer of burnt caramel on the outside, mmmm...
  • Kristen S.
    Kristen S.Juin 7, 2016
    Everything's good here (including the coffee), but it is IMPERATIVE you try the coconut cream.
  • Jennifer S.
    Jennifer SAoût 2, 2014
    The homemade blueberry ice cream is delicious. So smooth and full of blueberry flavor.
  • Ryan B.
    Ryan BrightSeptembre 3, 2015
    Tres Leches, Creme Brûlée, and vanilla bean with strawberry jam are all great options.
  • Christina C.
    Christina ChinJuin 9, 2015
    Creme brulee, bk blackout, coffee cake are all standouts. It's hard to go wrong here. Need to come back for tres leches
  • Ayaka N.
    Ayaka NonakaAvril 10, 2013
    Vanilla bean yeast doughnut is a classic with just the right balance between fluffiness and chewiness.
  • Netsirk
    NetsirkDécembre 7, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Variety of flavors and seasonal doughnuts. Pricey but worth it with a good cup of joe.
  • Masayuki Y.
    Masayuki YoshikawaDécembre 18, 2012
    Try the Peanut Butter And Banana Cream Filled Doughnut - The cream inside of it is soooo good!
  • Alberto S.
    Alberto SimonOctobre 18, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    What can be said? I didn't like doughnuts before doughnut plant. The filled ones are my favorite type.
  • Syndicate Media Group
    Syndicate Media GroupJanvier 18, 2012
    NYC [Eat] This local shop is known for signature "Blackout" and "Tres Leches" doughnuts, but really any flavor will hit the spot.
  • Steven D.
    Steven DJuin 17, 2016
    I'm glad I live over 1,000 miles from Donut Plant or I would eat here every meal.
  • Coble G.
    Coble GirlsMai 28, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Tres leches, blackout and coffee cake 😋😋 are my favorites.
  • Ari R.
    Ari RossenAvril 17, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Dunkin and Krispy Kreme don't hold a candle to this place. Worth the splurge every so often. And great chai and coffee, too!
  • Thomas H.
    Thomas HoladayAvril 13, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Alternate-day Fasters: Pair the strawberry-glazed yeast donut with coffee splashed with half and half, then clear your email inbox during the glow.
  • Ian S.
    Ian SpalterOctobre 6, 2011
    A flavor for every emotional malady. Crème brûlée if you are having a bad day. Vegans should check out the cashew milk.
  • Nadia I.
    Nadia IssaBellaSeptembre 2, 2015
    Best donuts in the city! Try the creme brûlée!
  • Ofra O.
    Ofra OfritaNovembre 18, 2015
    Bp&j square is my fave. But their current special chestnut one is also really good.
  • Kevin W.
    Kevin WilderMars 13, 2015
    First time here, i got the shamrock donut st party's weekend. It was good. Little pricey but overall worth it.
  • Martin B.
    Martin BlaisMars 8, 2017
    Try the Vegan Donuts - New York is the best when it comes to vegan options! (via @Foodspotting)
  • Sara K.
    Sara KafkaMars 19, 2015
    Peanut butter jelly doughnut is my jam. Often walk here after the bars in Chelsea in summer time for a late nite treat
  • Sean G.
    Sean GeoghanOctobre 14, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The Coffee Doughnut has a crumbly crust and a not-too-sweet filling. Perfectly executed.
  • Søren L.
    Søren LouvAvril 25, 2017
    I thought I didn't like doughnuts - this place is unreal! Creme Brulee beats any cake-like thing I've ever tried.
  • Colin L.
    Colin LeeJuin 19, 2016
    Went with the 2nd most popular flavor - tres leches - and was very impressed with it.
  • Deep G.
    Deep GujralJanvier 25, 2013
    The tres leches donut here is absolutely amazing. Come here when the donuts are fresh!
  • Evan[Bu]
    Evan[Bu]Décembre 13, 2011
    The Creme Brûlée doughnut may be the smallest doughnut on the menu, but it's the one that gives you the most bliss.
  • Alex C.
    Alex CancelAvril 19, 2013
    The carrot cake donut was amazing! Seriously one od the best donuts ive had to date!
  • Kaivalya
    KaivalyaMai 24, 2013
    Pistachio Cake is out of this world! In fact every single one I have tried is amazing.
  • Jessica B.
    Jessica BJuin 8, 2013
    The Carrot Cake Doughnut is so delicious and melts in your mouth.. sinfully good.
  • Karan T.
    Karan TamhaneMars 7, 2016
    Tres leches donut was pretty good. Strawberry yeast was very good too. Didn't like the creme brulee too much.
  • zia o.
    zia osmanJuillet 17, 2015
    Coconut cream donut mm cream brûlée dough seed was interesting tasted a bit burned though
  • Erin M.
    Erin MurphyOctobre 2, 2014
    My favorites are the peanut butter banana and peanut butter & strawberry jam. OBSESSED.
  • Sahadeva H.
    Sahadeva HammariFévrier 4, 2014
    Pro Tip: Get a cup of chai - it's their secret weapon - and dip in any cake doughnut.
  • Kevin R.
    Kevin RickertJanvier 10, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    I often dream about those cake donuts. Especially Tres Leche and Carrot. So good.
  • Jessica Z.
    Jessica ZimmermanJanvier 2, 2013
    The peanut butter and black jam doughnut is yummy! Also try the tres leches!
  • Juan R.
    Juan RuizDécembre 24, 2014
    definitely the best donuts in the city and without weird gmos/artificial chemicals like dunkin donuts or krispy kreme
  • esther
    estherAoût 14, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Blueberry yeast and tres leches--not totally exotic flavors but definitely worth trying.
  • James S.
    James SocolOctobre 10, 2013
    Get the seasonal doughnuts, like the Apple Cinnamon or the Pumpkin.
  • Mischa
    MischaSeptembre 22, 2014
    Arrive early, this guys run out of carrot cake (which is awesome) really fast.
  • Plwm B.
    Plwm BwmAvril 4, 2013
    The Creme Brulee donut is probably the best. Peanut butter and Jelly donut was not as nice as I'd hoped.
  • Anthony G.
    Anthony GreenOctobre 4, 2015
    Carrot/coffee cake are my favorite. The seasonal donuts are also great.
  • Chelle .
    Chelle 🗽Septembre 14, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    They switched their coffee purveyors from Intelligentsia of Chi-town to NYC's own, Kobrick Coffee Co. Quality of the brew isn't compromised, however...
  • Blue Man C.
    Blue Man City ManOctobre 13, 2015
    The donuts are divine! They are the best
  • Joe O.
    Joe OrtizNovembre 1, 2012
    Great selection of doughnuts (had a pumpkin glaze) but it is quite pricey so choose wisely.
  • Akansha S.
    Akansha SharmaSeptembre 22, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Yeast, carrot cake, tres leches and the pistachio donuts are the BEST!
  • Trey J.
    Trey JarmondAvril 27, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The coconut creme and carrot cake are amazing. The latte is very smooth
  • Zahrah E.
    Zahrah EktefaeiMai 13, 2012
    I'm in LOVE with the carrot cake, although the coconut cream is a very close 2nd place winner
  • Mario P.
    Mario PanighettiSeptembre 24, 2014
    Try the mole doughnut! Try it a hundred times.
  • Mixtape Comedy Show
    Mixtape Comedy ShowAoût 4, 2011
    Make sure you stop into this shop for some of the best donuts in NYC. Tres Leches and PB & J are top notch!
  • Jen K.
    Jen KungFévrier 16, 2013
    WOW I'm not even a donut fan usually, but the tres leches and passion fruit yeast donuts made me fall in love
  • K@N
    K@NAoût 5, 2017
    Americano perfect. I coul not find any bad or normal commend. Every taste was amazing...
  • Nicky K.
    Nicky K.Août 19, 2014
    Peanut butter and banana doughnut. I'm scared to order anything else because it is SO good.
  • Sarah
    SarahNovembre 13, 2014
    These are a splurge but well worth it if you try the seasonal donuts. They rotate monthly so there's always a reason to stop in.
  • Chad D.
    Chad DavisNovembre 13, 2011
    Everyone loves the Tres Leches, but to me the Oatmeal is an order of magnitude better. Crazy good!
  • Club Monaco
    Club MonacoMai 16, 2011
    Dangerously close to our office, Doughnut Plant is one-stop satisfaction. Our easy favorite is the crème brûlée!
  • Alexandra G.
    Alexandra GreenawaltFévrier 14, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Blackout and creme brulee for decadence. Crystalized ginger, vanillia bean, and triple chocolate also amazing but more subtle
  • SLcyD Y.
    SLcyD YıldırimAoût 5, 2017
    Kesinlikle denenmesi gereken bir lezzet seçimi iyi yapın. . Ama americano hiç bir supriz yer bırakmıyor. Ben bayildim
  • Maggie M.
    Maggie MannixMars 14, 2015
    Had the Creme brûlée and coconut cream donuts. Both were fantastic!!
  • Social News Network
    Social News NetworkAoût 14, 2013
    Doughnuts with real ingredients. Must try the Vanilla Bean with Jam.
  • Chris O.
    Chris OlsonJuillet 15, 2011
    Um...we went here every morning of our 5 day vacation. Damn good. The coconut cream was so good I nearly wept.
  • Lindsay T.
    Lindsay ToussaintJuin 9, 2015
    Oh man. Everything is tasty. Macha doughnut is fantastic and not heavy.
  • Fati H.
    Fati HussainJuin 23, 2015
    I'm not a fan of the cake donuts, but love the orange blossom donut
  • Faaiz O.
    Faaiz OosmanAoût 16, 2014
    If you don't come to Doughnut Plant when visiting NYC, then you didn't do NYC! Amazing
  • Malin A.
    Malin Ali BeyAoût 13, 2016
    What's good here donuts of course also a good cup of Joe.
  • Anissa
    AnissaNovembre 2, 2015
    So many choices, you can't go wrong! Try a seasonal donut or my personal favorite - creme brûlée
  • Kingsley Y.
    Kingsley YoungerMars 10, 2015
    The Coconut Cream donut and the Carrot Cake donut as featured on the Unique Sweets TV show look and taste really good!
  • Nicky V.
    Nicky Van Der LindenJanvier 20, 2015
    Tres leches donut is the best, filled with delicious cream ❤️
  • Tiffany P.
    Tiffany PetersonAvril 18, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Get there early (especially for new seasonal items) these doughnuts sell out quick!
  • Victor C.
    Victor ChenNovembre 22, 2015
    I'll recommend getting any of the yeast donuts, they're nice and soft!
  • Beth G.
    Beth GeorgesAoût 16, 2014
    The creme brûlée dough seeds are to die for. Service is fast and the chai is good.
  • ZenFoodster
    ZenFoodsterOctobre 26, 2014
    A lot of faves here & a new one - Blueberry cake!
  • Sara .
    Sara 🌈⚔🍾Septembre 6, 2014
    What isn't good? I would marry the blackberry donut with the vanilla glaze.
  • Danielle V.
    Danielle VJuin 24, 2015
    Mexican cake donuts were delicious! And the chocolate donut was v soft 🍩
  • Ramy A.
    Ramy AshourJuin 9, 2014
    A cool creative place from the dounts to the decor...totaly unique.
  • Christina C.
    Christina C.Septembre 24, 2013
    coconut cream was light & fluffy. not overly sweet. creme brulee is tiny & is a bit denser & sweeter.
  • Gauri M.
    Gauri ManglikJanvier 11, 2012
    Uh, these donuts are amazing. And eggless, yay! Kudos to @priyanka for the recommendation (4 of 4 petals via Fondu) En savoir plus
  • Melissa R.
    Melissa RuizSeptembre 28, 2014
    first donut I tried was the creme brûlée and omg was it amazing!
  • MrsCorkster
    MrsCorksterFévrier 1, 2015
    My son loves the dulce de leche donut, I like the coffee!
    BROADSAvril 30, 2013
    You can't go wrong with the PB&J doughnut!
  • Marky M.
    Marky MarksJanvier 28, 2017
    I dont get all the hooplah. its just a fancy doughnut. at triple the price of normal doughnuts. the hipsters can have them!
  • Veronica S.
    Veronica SanchezJanvier 19, 2016
    Donuts of different varieties; and the hot chocolate is good here too!
  • Brian D.
    Brian DeVitoJanvier 21, 2013
    Tres Leches (cake) and Hazelnut (yeast) are the way to go!
  • Faaiz O.
    Faaiz OosmanMai 22, 2014
    The most amazing doughnut you'll ever have! Worth a trip
  • VelvetCrate
    VelvetCrateSeptembre 25, 2014
    The Raspberry doughnut is a winner.
  • Patrick B.
    Patrick BaskinMai 12, 2015
    Amazing selection and unique flavors, carrot cake donut is 👌🏼
  • Cybill E.
    Cybill EchegoyenOctobre 8, 2016
    Coconut cream doughnut is to KILL FOR! 😍😜🍩
  • ℳansour α.
    Pure art. Everything seem to be tasty, you may never have the "favorite" one.
  • Ardit B.
    Ardit BejkoJanvier 28, 2017
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Come for the donuts, but make sure to check out their restroom. So unexpected!
  • Richard H.
    Richard HewittJanvier 4, 2016
    Good little place to chill out for 10 mins for a drink and a doughnut!
  • Amber
    AmberMars 17, 2016
    The coconut cream doughnut may be the best doughnut I've ever had.
  • Mike F.
    Mike FriedlichJuin 13, 2016
    Black and White donut and Brooklyn Blackout donut are amazing! Best donuts in NYC!
  • Chika K.
    Chika KomatsuSeptembre 4, 2014
    Go outside the normal a average doughnut and go for the pineapple rosemary flavor one!
  • Jumana I.
    Jumana IOctobre 28, 2013
    Amazing doughnuts and friendly staff
  • Tiina R.
    Tiina RajasaloAoût 9, 2013
    Go for the creme brulee. Super tasty!
  • Corinne L.
    Corinne LabialMai 4, 2014
    tres leches, mango doughseed, and strawberry jam were amazing!
  • Gansevoort Hotel Group
    Gansevoort Hotel GroupOctobre 27, 2011
    Pomegranate, creme brule, peanut butter and jelly...GET ANYTHING! You will be happy!
  • Liam K.
    Liam K.Septembre 15, 2015
    Friendly staff, face stuffingly good donuts, home of the squonut!
  • Gayla Y.
    Gayla YaffaDécembre 1, 2014
    Seasonal doughnut flavors are delicious as are their regular flavors.
  • Kelly
    KellyJuillet 22, 2016
    Ridiculously good. Creme brûlée are impossible to dislike. Love the jams.
  • Andreas K.
    Andreas KanakisAvril 3, 2015
    Trying the square doughnut makes you feel totally in NYC.
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauJuillet 27, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Doughnut - One of the best
  • Christopher F.
    Christopher FredaFévrier 22, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the PB & J doughnut! Best Doughnuts in NYC, bar none!
  • Bob E.
    Bob EricksonAvril 29, 2013
    Try the crème brûlée doughnuts. Sinfully creamy and delicious!
  • Nick F.
    Nick FuscoDécembre 22, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Peanut butter and jelly donut. You will not be disappointed.
  • Miss P.
    Miss PiggyAoût 8, 2016
    Tres Leches - need I say more?!
  • A.D. R.
    A.D. RevelsFévrier 7, 2015
    Absolutely worth the price. The passion fruit are amazing!
  • Chicco M.
    Chicco MontanelliSeptembre 15, 2014
    Great bagels, wide range. Perfect for breakfast
  • Clinton N.
    Clinton N.Août 30, 2016
    Come for the rad donuts, stay for the mirror-encrusted bathroom with a disco ball
  • Rina
    RinaMai 3, 2013
    Pricey but come early so they can mess up your order.. in a good way :) Half asleep employees mean extra doughnuts.
  • Fernando D.
    Fernando DoradoJanvier 3, 2016
    Their Tres Leches and PB&J doughnuts are amazing! 🙌🏼👌🏼
  • jansen c.
    jansen cJuillet 2, 2016
    The shop makes you feel like eating donut :)
  • Réjane P.
    Réjane PMars 29, 2012
    Not usually a huge donut fan, but wow. Try the vanilla bean glazed...simple but divine.
  • Jimmy Z.
    Jimmy ZhuOctobre 16, 2011
    Tres leches is diabetic's nightmare, oatmeal is deliciously hearty. Check the disco bathroom.
  • Brigette R.
    Brigette R.Juin 8, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Get the tres leches & creme brulee...SO good. They also take credit cards now.
  • John A.
    John AntosNovembre 1, 2014
    Yummy donuts.. Pumpkin! Choice of coffee from different local roasters.
  • Nekit
    NekitNovembre 8, 2016
    Пончики просто нереальные, особенно вкусные с черникой!
  • Julian M.
    Julian ModestoMars 24, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
  • Liz B.
    Liz BiroAoût 7, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    My first trip here I received terrible service but it's been steadily improving since! Sweet girl today gave me a free doughnut for running out of coffee!
  • Sandra F.
    Sandra FoytMai 16, 2013
    Try the Rose Doughseed - Pretty as it is tasty, who can resist a Rose Doughnut?
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceFévrier 3, 2012
    Village Voice is excited to have Doughnut Plant at the 2012 ChoiceEats food fest! Full list of restaurants here:
  • Samson F.
    Samson FJuillet 24, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Make sure to get a free loyalty card. Visit 12x and receive a free donut or coffee
  • Uta M.
    Uta MarcyMars 31, 2012
    the cinnamon sugar doughnuts are the best! coffee is soooooo strong.
  • Jane C.
    Jane CryptoJanvier 17
    If your in a hurry and need something quick to eat, this is your spot!
  • Muskan
    MuskanJuillet 6, 2015
    Try their monthly specials for some insane but delicious doughnuts
  • Globetrottergirls D.
    Globetrottergirls DaniMai 15, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Peanut butter & banana cream square. So good!
  • Chrissy H.
    Chrissy HaDécembre 24, 2014
    Blackberry jam + vanilla bean square donut. The intelligentsia was a bit off this time.
  • John P.
    John PerezFévrier 14, 2015
    Donuts were excellent. Disapppointed they stopped serving coffee 1 hour b4 closing.
  • Rose
    RoseMai 1, 2015
    Tres leche is my fave!! Well worth the $$
  • Beth H.
    Beth HubbuchSeptembre 21, 2011
    Visit early in the day for the freshest donuts. Our visit at 8pm was a bad move.
  • Lauren C.
    Lauren CDécembre 5, 2013
    A really hip, fresh donut store! Get the coconut lime donut! En savoir plus
  • Charles K.
    Charles KnolesOctobre 29, 2013
    The doughnuts are amazing but the most important thing to do here is visit the disco-ball restroom.
  • Randall
    RandallAvril 24, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    The crème brûlée doughnut is highly overrated. It would taste good as a sample at Costco. It's that small. They charge $3.50 for something good, but not amazing.
  • Greg K.
    Greg KnaussAvril 6, 2012
    A Tres Leches donut and a cup of their chai is heaven on earth.
  • Yen H.
    Yen HNguyenAoût 12, 2015
    Best donut in nyc!!!! Must try: creme brulee donut 😊
  • Howcast
    HowcastOctobre 14, 2011
    Can't get enough doughnuts? Neither can we! Watch this video to find out how to make doughnuts right at home!
  • Michael M.
    Michael MuseAoût 18, 2014
    Coconut creme is my favorite one
  • IC C.
    IC ChienMars 31, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    The yeast doughnut is a must, cake doughnuts are okay
  • Harry L.
    Harry LeffJuillet 29, 2016
    Great service and tasty doughnuts.
  • Harlan E.
    Harlan ErskineMai 11, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    If they have Crème Brûlée Doughnut the always get it and what ever else looks good.
  • jeannie
    jeannieOctobre 15, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Try the Pumpkin Cake Doughnut - It's autumn. It's time for pumpkin and this is a must have autumn treat!
  • Meng H.
    Meng HeOctobre 25, 2017
    Try the creme brulee and coconut cream doughnuts!
    A voté pour il y a 22 Dec 2017
  • Roger R.
    Roger RJuin 25, 2016
    Creme brûlée and the tees leches are amazing!
  • Kathryn I.
    Kathryn IMars 20, 2016
    Skip the cinnamon roll and stick with Tres Leches doughnut.
  • Gabrielle A.
    Gabrielle AlexandraJuin 12, 2014
    Coconut cream filled doughnut never disappoints. ❤️👍
  • Chelle .
    Chelle 🗽Novembre 18, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The roasted chestnut (seasonal) cake or donut is lightly sweet and earthy...a MUST have Fall treat
  • Amy C. T.
    Amy C. TroianoMai 14, 2011
    The coconut and creme brûlée are always amazing but mango just blew me away!
  • Tejash S.
    Tejash ShahOctobre 8, 2016
    Crime brûlée , coconut cream, apple cinnamon. Three most delicious!!
  • Vivienne G.
    Vivienne GucwaAoût 10, 2014
    Tres Leches. Get it. You won't regret it.
  • Erik B.
    Erik BuehlerOctobre 1, 2016
    Can't go wrong with any donut or any drink here.
  • Erin
    ErinJuillet 2, 2013
    Lavender Flower and also the Orange Blossom w/cashew. Yum!
  • Caroline C.
    Caroline Cruz MoMars 26, 2013
    Yes it is worth it! Tres leches is so delightful!
  • The Foodster File
    The Foodster FileAoût 21, 2012
    Square Doughnuts rock but my fav is the Tres Leche
  • Vivian K.
    Vivian KongOctobre 14, 2015
    Always go back for the peanut butter and jam filled one.
  • Rebecca F.
    Rebecca FullerJuin 8, 2012
    Office you didn't order at LEAST one tres leches doughnut, just kick yourself now.
  • Brad L.
    Brad Lauster (@bradlau)Juillet 17, 2015
    Arrive off-hours! Every time I stop in before work, everything I want is out of stock. Today, none of the flavors advertised on their sign outside the shop were available. Ridiculous.
  • Ethan C.
    Ethan CNovembre 30, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Crème brûlée doughnut is out of this world!!
  • Paolo B.
    Paolo BJuin 21, 2012
    Rose Doughseed always - and the Rose Petal yeast they only make for special occasions!!!
  • VelvetCrate
    VelvetCrateMai 21, 2017
    Strawberry Cake from Toby's
  • esther
    estherAvril 11, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Get the wild blueberry & coconut cream. Creme brulee is whatever
  • Danilo R.
    Danilo RuizJuillet 14, 2017
    Tres Leches doughnut EVERY TIME!
  • Tariq A.
    Tariq AhmadAvril 30, 2017
    Coconut Cream filled square is the best doughnut on the manu.
  • Jason
    JasonFévrier 8, 2015
    Get the coconut cream filled doughnut and start your diet tomorrow
  • Anthony C.
    Anthony ChoulouteMai 11, 2015
    The tres leches cake doughnut is delicious.
  • Olisa A.
    Olisa AdgerAoût 31, 2012
    Love this place. My faves are creme brûlée and pb&j
  • Lisa M.
    Lisa MichelleAvril 22, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Absolutely the best donuts and the nicest cashiers work here.
  • Sean W.
    Sean WalshJuin 30, 2017
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Everything, I've never been disappointed here!
  • Anna T.
    Anna TMai 24, 2016
    Ask about the history of the place!😊
  • Chris M.
    Chris MahdikMars 20, 2011
    Triple chocolate cake donut is amazing! Chocolately but not too heavy.
  • Angie Y.
    Angie Y.Mars 22, 2017
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The Brooklyn Blackout cake donut is a chocolate lover's dream. It's just so moist!
  • Moe D.
    Moe DexlerJanvier 5, 2016
    Home of the square filled doughnut. So very good.
  • Jastine K.
    Jastine KhoFévrier 11, 2015
    It sucks that it is so close to my gym!! Can't resist getting a tres leches doughnut after working out
  • Derek T. K.
    Derek T. KuOctobre 29, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Pumpkin donut and pumpkin chai
  • Ahmed A.
    Ahmed AbuzinadahDécembre 30, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Carrot cake is a must ❤️
  • Sarah F. P.
    Sarah F. ParsonsNovembre 7, 2013
    Sadly for me i love the Creme Brulee filled Yeasty donut... too much!
  • M. Orçun Ş.
    M. Orçun ŞahinJuin 19, 2016
    Awesome doughnuts, ate 4 of them. Can eat like 10 more
  • Dan K.
    Dan KolodnyAoût 16, 2011
    Chocolate cake donut is the best. Iced chai ain't bad either.
  • Roque C.
    Roque CozzetteJanvier 19, 2012
    The chai and the blackout donut are really good.
  • Gourmet C.
    Gourmet CherryNovembre 1, 2011
    Despite early tips - this spot is not "cash only " so charge it to the "game" or the Amex!
  • Summer
    SummerAvril 23, 2014
    had the carrot cake doughnut, delish.
  • Yon L.
    Yon LamMars 24, 2011
    Get the Oatmeal Cake doughnut! Perfect amount of sweetness, texture, and yum factor!
  • Marina Y.
    Marina YoshimotoNovembre 8, 2015
    Donut muito bom! Vale a pena!
  • Todd S.
    Todd SimmonsAoût 9, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    As If the doughnuts weren't sufficient on their own, the DP also serves Intelligentsia Coffee. Solid.
  • Brkgny
    BrkgnyOctobre 17, 2014
    Donutlarim boyutu buyuk lezzeti harika bir cok cesit var ben havuclu olani oneririm
  • Abbey K.
    Abbey KeckFévrier 28, 2016
    First choice: creme brûlée, second choice: tres leches.
  • Aisea L.
    Aisea LaungaueDécembre 31, 2011
    If you're confused, just try the regular glazed. Delicious.
  • Alexandra T.
    Alexandra TritzAoût 18, 2016
    Try the creme brûlée doughnut : it is amazing !
  • Susan I.
    Susan IJuin 18, 2013
    Creme brûlée and pb&j filled by far best doughnuts I've ever had
  • Chelle .
    Chelle 🗽Novembre 18, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Intelligentsia coffee served. Superb coffee for a superb donut
  • Dee D.
    Dee DeeJuillet 12, 2015
    Very unique doughnuts but all so good
  • Nick A.
    Nick AllisonJuillet 15, 2016
    The coconut-lime yeast doughnut is perfect summer doughtnut
  • Jane K.
    Jane KimMai 20, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    i haven't tried anything but the creme brulee, nor do i feel the reason to
  • Silas M.
    Silas MorriseyAoût 11, 2015
    Doughnut Plant is the Michelin fine-dining doughnut experience 🍩☕️
  • Mike N.
    Mike NickersonFévrier 7, 2016
    Peanut butter banana cream doughnut is pure heaven.
  • Bernadette P.
    Bernadette PleasantJuillet 16, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Peanut Butter & Jelly Is my favorite doughnut here.
  • Aida M.
    Aida ManduleyAoût 18, 2013
    This is CONVENIENTLY close to the Megabus drop off point. Grab a donut after a long trip to NYC!
  • Brenda
    BrendaAoût 1, 2013
    The tres leche donut is the bomb!
  • Tabatha C.
    Tabatha CraytonJuillet 31, 2013
    First time here. I tried tres lechwe and it was awesome.
  • G
    GJuin 26, 2016
    Dough donuts are much better in my opinion. I found doughnut plant less fresh and more expensive.
  • Leigh F.
    Leigh FerreiraFévrier 16, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    chocolate chip cookie doughnut & chai. soooo good.
    A voté pour il y a Jan 17
  • bedhan b.
    bedhan ballFévrier 2, 2012
    Like the Tres Leche, Blackout and their seasonal doughnuts.
  • David B.
    David BerkowitzAoût 15, 2011
    The tres leches doughnut is a fiesta in your mouth.
  • Arleezy
    ArleezyOctobre 20, 2014
    Best doughnuts ever! Worth all the extra calories😋
  • Jennifer P.
    Jennifer ParkJuin 13, 2014
    Definitely get the PB&J. Amazing.
  • Chip M.
    Chip MaxwellAvril 26, 2012
    Ignore the menu board and look at the display case for today's selections.
  • Wahyu I.
    Wahyu IstiMars 26, 2015
    i like donuts. its very delicious
  • Audrey S.
    Audrey SantosJuin 27, 2012
    good but nothing to fancy about. Expected to be fresher and at least warm. Ordered tres Leches (from the rave) and the guy ended up giving me a chocolate donut. Totally dry. Unfriendly service.
  • Veyote D.
    Veyote DaeganSeptembre 16, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Café con leche is out of this world.
  • Marta
    MartaMai 17, 2013
    Los mejores donuts del mundo!
  • Cam
    CamNovembre 22, 2015
    fine fine fine, they're better than DOUGH, happy now? lol
  • Faaiz O.
    Faaiz OosmanAoût 18, 2014
    I had these donuts two days after I bought them and they were as moist as ever.
  • hazal t.
    hazal temizkanJuillet 31, 2013
    Tres leches! It's sooo good! delicious, thanks god
  • Victoria W.
    Victoria WoosterAvril 24, 2017
    Best doughnuts of NYC
    LA TONYA WADEMai 19, 2015
    The blackout doughnut & the vanilla bean blackberry doughnut.
  • Ruggero M.
    Ruggero MassettiNovembre 8, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Try the Carrot Cake Doughnut - Second best!!!
  • Kittinun S.
    Kittinun SriprasertyingNovembre 29, 2014
    Cream brulee doughnut is a must!
  • Lauri ✌🏻️ B.
    Lauri ✌🏻️ BorénOctobre 17, 2016
    Great donuts. Espresso coffees below average: burnt milk and served way too hot.
  • Francis U.
    Francis UdlerMars 9, 2014
    Creme brûlée and carrot cake donuts enough said
  • Dakota
    DakotaOctobre 3, 2012
    Pistachio (Yeast) is a must.
  • Chetta
    ChettaJuillet 14, 2014
    2nd best. Doesn't come anywhere near Dough in Bedstuy. Not fresh. They don't fry in house! For the price I expect the same quality as Dough, but it's not Ben close. Staff was rude too!
  • Ariana W.
    Ariana WeeksMai 9, 2015
    The weekend special, oatmeal donut cake is sooo good👍👍👏👏👏
    MTTNYCAoût 26, 2011
    Theee most DELICIOUS doughnuts, EVER!!!!! licking my fingers, mmmm mmmm good! :)
  • Humberto M.
    Humberto MartinezOctobre 23, 2012
    Tres Leches doughnut: a decadence almost worth the calories.
  • Gabriela G.
    Gabriela GrossmannAoût 1, 2015
    Liked them but they are not as good as Dough
  • Elisabeth B.
    Elisabeth BrubakerFévrier 15, 2016
    Whatever you do, get the wild blueberry!
  • Rudxandra A.
    Rudxandra AguiarAvril 4, 2014
    Don't come to this place if ur empty/hungry...everything here is delicious!
  • Sadik A.
    Peanutbutter and banana cream doughnut amazing!
  • Zach W.
    Zach WestAoût 24, 2014
    If you get a doughnut without a coffee you are wasting your time
  • DivaMuffin
    DivaMuffinJuin 27, 2012
    Best doughnuts ever...get the Vanilla Bean or Mango doughnut!!!
  • M T.
    M TSeptembre 28, 2011
    Get the cake style much better than the regular ones even though they are smaller.
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew CJuin 13, 2016
    Amazing donuts and good coffee!
  • Robert B.
    Robert B.Octobre 4, 2011
    Can't decide between green tea or triple chocolate doughnuts? Then have both.
  • Tasha
    TashaMai 19, 2011
    The tres leche doughnut is divine perfection!
  • Leslie T.
    Leslie TAoût 6, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Matcha yeast doughnut or the blackout cake.
  • Chika K.
    Chika KomatsuIl y a 6 jours
    coffee and coconut doughnuts go well together
  • Ron M.
    Ron MosheNovembre 1, 2015
    Cool design very good doughnuts.
  • Priscilla S.
    Priscilla SohanDécembre 26, 2011
    Creamed brulee donut makes you feel closer to heaven.
  • taylor m.
    taylor mclemoreMars 20, 2012
    Try the Donuts - Amazing carrot cake donut
  • Bern R.
    Bern RAoût 24, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Doughnuts and coffee so good you'll need a smack in the face to recover.
  • Lauren H.
    Lauren HewingsMars 1, 2015
    Definitely try the Creme brûlée doughnut
  • Nancerella
    NancerellaNovembre 2, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Such a clean after taste
  • Stephen P.
    Stephen PurcellIl y a 1 semaine
    The pour over coffee was fantastic
  • Landon L.
    Landon LarsenJuin 7, 2016
    Peanut butter blackberry jam donut 😍
  • Julyane L.
    Julyane LimaJanvier 30, 2016
    Não saia daqui sem provar o donut tres leches, por favor!
  • Rebecca W.
    Rebecca WAoût 16, 2014
    Yum this place just makes everything taste great
  • Piper S.
    Piper SherenJuillet 6, 2013
    Lavender pop up flavor is unbelievably good.
  • Jeremy P.
    Jeremy PharoJuillet 6, 2015
    triple chocolate cake and pb & jam yeast 😋
  • Cheryl H.
    Cheryl HuangMai 14, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    I love the coconut cream doughnut here!!!
  • Nathan S.
    Nathan SukonikMars 13, 2013
    CHELSEA HOTEL 220 West 23rd Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues New York, NY 10011 (View Map)
  • Jason S.
    Jason SotoJuillet 7, 2015
    Best cake doughnuts in the city.
  • Maria D.
    Maria DeAguiarNovembre 13, 2012
    Creme brûlée doughnut is to die for
  • Spencer S.
    Spencer SchoebenAoût 9, 2014
    best donuts in NYC
  • Alex M.
    Alex MillerMars 24, 2014
    Stop stop stop: Peanut Butter & Jelly Donut.
  • Reagan B.
    Reagan BarbosaMai 27, 2017
    Coconut cream doughnut was amazing.
  • Reuben H.
    Reuben HussmannJanvier 24, 2012
    Stick with the chewy, light yet satisfying yeast donut over her fairly dry cake brother.
  • David X.
    David XuFévrier 10, 2016
    tres leches, great coffee. smooooooth tunes
  • Phoenix 💥💥💥
    Phoenix 💥💥💥Décembre 10, 2014
    Go for the creme brûlée doughnut
  • Paul D.
    Paul DunayJuillet 19, 2011
    OMG you must get the Creme Brûlée donut!
    LETTUCEDINEDécembre 7, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    #1 doughnut shop in NYC, definitely
  • ✨#IamRomdelacrème✨
    ✨#IamRomdelacrème✨Juillet 17, 2011
    Tres Leches and Crème Brûlèe are DELICIOUS! YUM!
  • Greg K.
    Greg KnaussAvril 10, 2012
    Pick up a chai with your tres leches and you won't regret it!
  • TastyMontreal
    TastyMontrealAoût 14, 2013
    Try the Vanilla Bean And Blackberry Jam Donut
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauMars 29, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Vanilla Bean And Blackberry Jam Doughnut
  • Michelle G.
    Michelle GiovannaAoût 10, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Get the creme brûlée donut. Make sure you eat them within a few hrs they don't use preservatives
  • Katie D.
    Katie DiehlFévrier 15, 2015
    Tres leches doughnut was delicious
  • George W.
    George WilksonMai 10, 2013
    They should make their items order-able from a smart phone by adding them to the app "appay biz" for free! That way, I can order ahead using "appay"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ryan
    RyanJanvier 16, 2014
    The black out is my ultimate chocolate fantasy.
  • will p.
    will payAvril 18, 2014
    Get the square donuts.
  • Jennifer
    JenniferAvril 9, 2014
    Pb&J... Amazing!
  • Алексей
    АлексейMai 8, 2015
    Все очень вкусно
  • Yoni Z.
    Yoni ZloczewskiAoût 24, 2015
    Tres Leches Cake as Donut - Thank You
  • Caitlin D.
    Caitlin DickerboomMars 6, 2015
    Love the styling
  • Darren R.
    Darren RichardsMars 4, 2015
    Amazing donuts and cappuccinos!
  • Nabeel
    NabeelMai 20, 2011
    Grab one of the doughnut pillows on the wall to cushion your seat
  • Julia K.
    Julia KarlJanvier 31, 2013
    I thoroughly enjoyed my malted milk doughseed!
  • Marisa E.
    Marisa ErinAoût 9, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    PB&J Doughnut, Coconut Cream Doughnut
  • Dan S.
    Dan ScanlonAoût 9, 2014
    Tres Leches or Carrot Cake FTW.
  • Laking T.
    Laking TysonJanvier 13, 2016
    The valrhona doughnuts are awesome sauce!!!
  • L B.
    L BAoût 5, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Amazing doughnuts! So delicious
  • Anne C.
    Anne CacSeptembre 19, 2013
    Best chocolate Valrhona doughnuts ever!!
  • Rahul S.
    Rahul SabhnaniOctobre 28, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The coconut cream is fantastic
  • Michael C.
    Michael ClarkeOctobre 19, 2014
    Coffee cake donut was soooooo good!
  • Jeremy K.
    Jeremy KrantzFévrier 3, 2016
    Best donut in town. Period.
  • Carl Lu Y.
    Carl Lu YinJuillet 31, 2016
    Try the Black out and Creme Brûlée!
  • J C.
    J CYNovembre 4, 2011
    It's expensive but live a little try everything
  • Rebecca M.
    Rebecca MazzaJanvier 21, 2017
    The peanut butter donut has too much going on
  • Amy B.
    Amy BAvril 5, 2015
    One is enough! Expect a wait but worth it.
  • Leah L.
    Leah LingDécembre 31, 2012
    So hipster! Cranberry donut was delicious
  • Brandon
    BrandonMars 14, 2015
    Peanut butter and blackberry jam is SO money.
  • Matthew A.
    Matthew AxelrodJuin 29, 2013
    cinnamon sugar is an honest doughnut
  • Ryan Z.
    Ryan Zhang 🤪Mars 7, 2017
    That creme brulee is like nothing I've ever had. Blessed
  • Lilah
    LilahJanvier 7, 2014
    Confused by all these amazing vanilla bean donut was stale and tasted like plastic
  • Rose M.
    Rose MayoJuillet 9, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    The carrot cake is incredible!!
  • Marc N.
    Marc NashJanvier 13, 2012
    Make sure you dip your doughnut in their awesome coffee!
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauJanvier 6, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Gingerbread Cake Doughnut
  • Jenny A.
    Jenny AnnAoût 14, 2014
    The blackout donut is amazing.
  • Katie B.
    Katie BuckwaldJuillet 21, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Cake doughnuts are the best.
  • Veronica D.
    Veronica DelimatMai 12, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    When the mango flavor finally comes back, be here.
  • Solo F.
    Solo FigueroaMai 10, 2012
    The Hazelnut is awesome!
  • Yoni Z.
    Yoni ZloczewskiAoût 24, 2015
    The bannana peanut butter cream donut is genius
  • Megan K.
    Megan KosmoskiOctobre 2, 2011
    Blackout is perfect if you are craving chocolate!
  • Shirley L.
    Shirley LauJuin 26, 2016
    Lavender flower cake smells great!
  • Carly H.
    Carly HeitlingerFévrier 11, 2015
    Interesting flavors– something for everyone!
  • Taga B.
    Taga BoholSeptembre 14, 2015
    you need your receipt to ise barhroom!
  • Tom H.
    Tom HattaFévrier 3, 2017
    They're famous for their yeast donut, which doesn't have a hole
  • Qiana C.
    Qiana CarboneSeptembre 8, 2015
    Tres Leche donut and Coconut Lime donut
  • Andy P.
    Andy PatrickFévrier 18, 2016
    Peanut butter banana cream is super good
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauJanvier 6, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Hazelnut Cake Doughnut
  • Joanna P.
    Joanna PerryMars 10, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Only a fool would walk by this place without getting a doughnut!
  • Reb T.
    Reb TaskFévrier 23, 2013
    Passion fruit is so good!!
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauJanvier 6, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Orange Cake Doughnut
  • Carissa G.
    Carissa GJuillet 8, 2013
    Get the creme brûlée donuts!
  • Jin K.
    Jin KFévrier 6, 2013
    Try dough seeds!! Rose one is awesome!!!
  • Courtney C.
    Courtney C.Avril 23, 2011
    Very disappointed to learn that this is not actually a plant that grows donuts. Coconut cream and creme brulee varieties took the edge off the emotional pain.
  • Jessica T.
    Jessica ToliuszisJanvier 26, 2016
    Make sure you check out the bathroom!
  • swettie11
    swettie11Juin 23, 2016
    I love donuts:-) This place is awesome
  • Ryan B.
    Ryan BrenizerMai 29, 2013
    Try the Salted Peanut Doughnut
  • Ben J.
    Ben JaySeptembre 27, 2012
    Creme Brulee Donut. Do it.
  • @JaumePrimero
    @JaumePrimeroAoût 30, 2011
    the tres leches doughnut: heaven.
  • Meg B.
    Meg BowesJuin 25, 2011
    The lavender donut is really good
  • Tony R.
    Tony RAvril 1, 2013
    Coconut cream was delicious!
  • Maria P.
    Maria PerezMai 2, 2016
  • Mazil
    MazilNovembre 11, 2014
    Jam-filled doughnuts are so good!
  • Rewan P.
    Rewan PartiAoût 27, 2014
    Creme brûlée donut! Word.
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauMars 29, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Salted Peanut Doughnut
  • Paolo B.
    Paolo BottaroDécembre 11, 2014
    Banana's !!!
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauJanvier 6, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Blueberry Cake Doughnut
  • Marian E.
    Marian ElbertOctobre 8, 2012
    Try the tres leches or raspberry doughnut.
  • Chris M.
    Chris MillerOctobre 27, 2015
    Coconut cream donut rocks!!
  • Albert W.
    Albert WengerMars 17, 2016
    Go for a cream filling!
  • Laura C.
    Laura ChinMai 12, 2012
    Carrot cake donut and a Creme brûlée
  • Sean G.
    Sean GallagherOctobre 26, 2011
    Coconut doughnut and tres leches! <3
  • Martín G.
    Martín GonzálezSeptembre 22, 2014
    Yum. The orange-ish one is great!!
  • SLcyD Y.
    SLcyD YıldırimAoût 5, 2017
    Kahvesine bayıldım. .doyamadım kanamadim
  • Alex R.
    Alex RichardsAvril 6, 2016
  • Eduardo F.
    Eduardo ForbesMars 29, 2013
    Try the Chocolate Blackout Cake
  • Clinton L.
    Clinton LauDécembre 26, 2017
    Tres leches is dope
  • Natalie L.
    Natalie LinAoût 20, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Valrhona Chocolate Doughnut
  • Alston G.
    Alston GreenAoût 18, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
  • Gina G.
    Gina GirtonJuillet 29, 2011
    Doughnut was amazing but that's some STRONG coffee..
  • Laura S.
    Laura ShumJuin 28, 2015
    These doughnuts are so amazing omg
  • Mandeep B.
    Mandeep BansalJuillet 27, 2013
    Lavender donut is AWEsome !!
  • Helen W.
    Helen WengJuin 6, 2016
    Go with your heart. Get two.
  • Basak H.
    Basak HaznedarogluFévrier 3, 2016
    Green tea donut. Period.
  • TastyMontreal
    TastyMontrealAoût 14, 2013
    Try the Crème Brûlée Filled Doughseeds
  • Jaclyn S.
    Jaclyn StephensJanvier 23, 2016
    Tres Leche!!!! Can't go wrong!
  • Andrew B.
    Andrew BarbaOctobre 28, 2011
    Get the peanut butter and jam doughnut!
  • LC
    LCFévrier 7, 2012
    Try the Passion Fruit Yeast Doughnut
  • abby
    abbyFévrier 5, 2013
    creme brulee and tres leches.
  • Vinny Z.
    Vinny ZNovembre 3, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 100 fois
    Best Doughnuts in the country.Signed,The Mayor.
  • Bianca L.
    Bianca LeeDécembre 30, 2016
    The chai is so sweet.
  • J P.
    J PAvril 1, 2017
    Creme brûlée is amazing
  • Being Fatty
    Being FattyDécembre 27, 2014
    Best doughnuts in NYC
  • iza p.
    iza pFévrier 20, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Right now they only accept cash, but the doughnuts are still awesome!
  • Val T.
    Val TDécembre 7, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    If I HAD to choose just two... Blackout and Matcha.
  • Lauren S.
    Lauren SperberOctobre 4, 2012
    Make a point of checking out the bathroom.
  • Jamillah Anne D.
    Blackout doughnut never fails!!
  • Simio P.
    Simio PerezFévrier 6, 2015
    Donas locas, lo que no entendi eran los tipos de masa.
  • Alex R.
    Alex RichardsAvril 6, 2016
    Get the Tres Leche!
  • Aaron S.
    Aaron SolomonOctobre 17, 2013
    At 9pm there are less than half a dozen choices left and no coffee.
  • Frank D.
    Frank DenbowAoût 11, 2012
    Creme brule or tres leches!
  • Amanda
    AmandaNovembre 3, 2013
    Donuts are fried in peanut oil......why
  • D
    DAvril 22, 2014
    Overrated, best doughnuts in the city are at Dough Loco.
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauAvril 7, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Wild Blueberry Donut
  • Mia A.
    Mia AndersonAoût 10, 2013
    It's all about The Vanilla Bean!
  • Maria de Jesus C.
    Carrot cake donut is divine!
  • Suzanne T.
    THE best doughnuts hands down!
  • Bram H.
    Bram HubbellAoût 14, 2017
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    I prefer the yeast doughnuts!
  • Kirsten P.
    Kirsten PowerMars 21, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the blackberry filled or blueberry!
  • Cezar L.
    Cezar LenciOctobre 11, 2014
    Best. Doughnuts. Ever.
  • Chema V.
    Chema VMai 4, 2013
    Los mejores donuts de NY
  • Betty C.
    Betty CJanvier 12, 2012
    Bestest doughnuts I ever had and I keep going...
  • Cynthia L.
    Cynthia LinAoût 10, 2015
    That creme brûlée doughseed!
  • Sophie C.
    Sophie ChoiAvril 9, 2013
    Coconut cream and while blueberry
  • Lindsay L.
    Lindsay LyonsDécembre 21, 2014
    Coconut cream is the best!
  • Sally H.
    Sally HeusserMars 20, 2011
    Great doughnuts and good coffee!
  • Jonathan L.
    Jonathan LevyAoût 11, 2013
    I miss you sweet PB&JAM doughnut !
  • Roniel T.
    Roniel TesslerNovembre 21, 2014
    Best donuts in the city
  • Myer
    MyerAoût 19, 2015
    It's all great!
  • Paola B.
    Paola BoniniSeptembre 27, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    In the Chelsea Hotel building: lovely & yummy.
  • Amy J.
    Amy JFévrier 10, 2013
    Would be nice if the staff smiled once and a while!
  • Michael G.
    Michael GulczynskiDécembre 29, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Marzipan for the holidays.
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauAvril 28, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Carrot Cake Doughnut
  • Kristin D.
    Kristin DaltonMars 20, 2015
    Creme brûlée donut!
  • Geoffrey F.
    Geoffrey FranklinFévrier 22, 2012
    Hari Bol! Best donut in town.
  • Mike C.
    Mike ChauAvril 7, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Try the Cashew Milk
  • Richard P.
    Richard PriceOctobre 12, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Get the mocha. Best in the city.
  • Laurie F.
    Laurie FLoDécembre 23, 2015
    Peanut butter banana cream doughnut...nuff said
  • Randal R.
    Randal RiesMars 19, 2016
    Pecan prelaine
  • Gideon O.
    Gideon OlshanskyFévrier 21, 2016
    The doughnut I had was stale and not very tasty
  • Rory P.
    Rory ParnessMars 2, 2016
    Creme brulee donut. eom
  • Allison Y.
    Allison YuNovembre 16, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Best doughnuts in NYC!!
  • Sheena L.
    Sheena LaShayDécembre 18, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Best chai in the city.
  • Storm H.
    Storm HollowayJuin 18, 2011
    PB & J is baller and carrot cake doesn't disappoint.
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