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Upper East Side, New York
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  • Sekou P.
    Sekou PyleOctobre 5, 2015
    Tres Lechés
  • Ethan C.
    Ethan CAoût 10, 2014
    Consistent coffee with friendly baristas. Still prefer the Joe Pro shop on 21st but love the long communal table and the beautiful pendant lights. One of the best coffee spot in the UES area.
  • Noah W.
    Noah WeissSeptembre 13, 2014
    Hard to believe espresso this good can be found on the UES. Cappuccino, cortados, iced lattes, even the chai lattes -- can't go wrong. Joe is my favorite coffee in NYC.
  • Sasha J.
    Sasha JonesAoût 10
    Iced cold brew is so good! I wish they had wifi because it would be a good place to get some work done. Cute picnic table-like seating with stools and a couple of window seats!
  • Yolanda P.
    Yolanda ParlogMars 9, 2016
    The cappuccino is sooooo good! Since we came back home to the Netherlands we've been trying to find coffee that tastes similar to Joe Coffee cappuccino of whatever, but we can't find it ANYWHERE!! 😢
  • Chris S.
    Chris SteeleDécembre 26, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Looking for a "traditional cappuccino" here, with a 5 - 6oz pour of milk? You'll find it on the menu masquerading as a "Cortado."
  • ZenFoodster
    ZenFoodsterAoût 30
    Love the iced green tea w/ simple syrup! When not all gone, decent banana bread, donuts, scones & even vegan cookies.
  • Todd S.
    Todd SlaterSeptembre 25, 2014
    For those in need of a break from the utterly commercial (or Starbucks), this baby blue bad boy is tops. Come to Joe's and taste/see for yourself.
  • Phoenix E.
    Phoenix EMai 21, 2013
    Starbucks in fascist, go to joes instead. The barista even has a degree in women's studies. And they only take cash of course. A must for any one with a superiority complex .
  • Mahi M.
    Mahi MuhammadDécembre 22, 2016
    A nice cozy little spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy coffee and gossip with friends.
  • David S.
    David SalterDécembre 30, 2011
    They opened a week ago, and were just getting their baby blue custom-built espresso machine installed when I stopped in just now. The built-in pour-over bar goes in next week.
  • Hillary N.
    Hillary NFévrier 10, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 50 fois
    Great coffee and yummy-looking pastries, nice staff. Looks small, but is a surprisingly comfortable place to sit. Also, friendly patrons.
  • Roxana G.
    Roxana GeorgescuJanvier 14, 2015
    I like the scones and the yogurt with cream on top; they also serve great cappuccinos brewed with the coffee of the day.
  • Serious Eats
    Serious EatsAvril 21, 2013
    Joe's good coffee is a given, but the Manhattan mini-chain specializes in friendly and helpful service.
  • Justin M.
    Justin MoyMars 10, 2015
    Good latte with decent seating (don't sit next to the bathroom though, unless you want a headache from the hand dryer)
  • Venci K.
    Venci KarlicAoût 1, 2013
    Leave some time between espresso sips, enjoy it, its great quality. You can always shoot it after you've had a nice taste ;)
  • Amanda W.
    Amanda WilliamsMars 28, 2015
    Great espresso based coffee and my fav iced mocha in the summer months. Not too sweet and good strength of coffee.
  • Mike C.
    Mike CorsoJanvier 29, 2012
    Try the Espresso Machiatto - Nice. My friend walked us into Starbucks but I asked for something less familiar so we did an about face to this fine java joint.
  • Elizabeth L.
    Elizabeth LukasiewiczOctobre 5, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Get a latte or espresso drink their coffee is watered down. If you grab a pastry make sure it's before 2 they get stale. And remind the hipster barista what you ordered because she will be distracted
  • Amber
    AmberJanvier 17
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Great coffee! Love their almond milk and vegan banana chocolate chip muffins. Large communal table to work at.
  • Guest of a Guest
    Let's just say, these people take coffee as seriously as only a true hipster could, they even have a school for those looking to release themselves from the chains of caffeine ignorance. En savoir plus
  • Lisa V.
    Lisa VignaDécembre 6, 2012
    Love the leaves they design on the cafe lattes. Almost too pretty to drink!
  • Yanique
    YaniqueAoût 28, 2014
    One of my favorite coffee spots! Staff will go out of their way to please even the fussiest customer!
  • Stephanie M.
    Stephanie MMai 14, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Cold brew iced latte...wowweeee! Chocolate-y and smooth, a must-try. On weekends the wait can be horrendous though :/
  • Haneen ح.
    One of the best coffee shops, as their coffee beans are Arabica💘
  • Sasha J.
    Delicious coffee and good atmosphere! They could use WiFi because it would be a great place to work.
  • Premshree P.
    Premshree PillaiMars 25, 2012
    Your best bet for good coffee in UES. Also, probably one of their prettiest locations, pretty spacious, top-notch baristas.
  • Emily C.
    Emily CurrinMai 5, 2013
    Their black iced tea is so perfect, strong without getting that over brewed plastic taste, favorite in NYC.
  • Lisa L.
    Lisa LJuillet 26, 2014
    The cold brew iced coffee is delish!!!! They also offer a buy 10 get one free card!
  • Fausto C.
    Fausto CiciliotMai 25, 2016
    The take great pride in thier work...with great results!
  • 7th.List
    7th.ListDécembre 27, 2011
    The shop boasts a built-in pour-over bar with single-origin coffees and pastries by Ovenly, Dough and Bien Cuit. En savoir plus
  • Steve
    SteveJuillet 14, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    The staff is always composed and friendly! Not to mention the coffee is fantastic!
  • Nefertiti
    NefertitiFévrier 22, 2015
    Good location for a casual first date. Tasty drinks, delicious pastries, courteous staff.
  • Milena A.
    Milena AdamianJanvier 15, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Really great treat for UES, great coffee, pastry has to be "optimized" in quality, but good.
  • ZenFoodster
    ZenFoodsterSeptembre 23
    Love their Jasmine Green tea w/ some simple syrup & the Underwest Vanilla Lavender donut!
  • Ed C.
    Ed CormanyJuillet 16, 2014
    salted chocolate chip cookie 👍👍
  • Kitty Z.
    Kitty ZAvril 23, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Best lattes on the UES! Not to mention the crazy good apricot and thyme scone!
  • Elizabeth B.
    Elizabeth BezverkhaJanvier 11, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Love the olive oil pumpkin bread and whole wheat banana bread! Delicious
  • Joshua S.
    Joshua SchwimmerMai 12, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    The cold-brewed iced coffee is amazing. Naturally sweet, no sugar needed.
  • Andy A.
    Andy AdamsMars 4, 2012
    Do not show up at opening on sun am! A bit slow and quite unorganized! Friendly and helpful, but not quick!
  • Jenny K.
    Jenny KFévrier 24, 2015
    The hot cocoa is top notch and they serve the slow drip pour over coffee that's all the rage.
  • Lior Y.
    Lior YanayJuin 8, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Took them a long time in general, but they also forgot my drink. It's understandable, though... they had 4 customers, which is A LOT. They should learn from their fellas in Grand Central.
  • Lily
    LilyNovembre 8, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The scones are great and the coffee is delicious.
  • Lily
    LilyJanvier 26, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Good coffee; good location; great salted chocolate chip cookies
  • Lydia V.
    Lydia VanWormerNovembre 9, 2016
    Awesome vegan chocolate chip cookies!! Topped with a little sprinkle of sea salt for that perfect salty sweetness.
  • Kathryn P.
    Kathryn PhillipsAvril 4, 2015
    Fantastic coffee, really good chai, nice atmosphere
  • Rebecca W.
    Rebecca WAoût 15, 2014
    Fantastic coffee. Love how everything is fresh and organic
  • Ilya S.
    Ilya SemenovDécembre 26, 2013
    Great place! Try seasonal cider - it's awesome!!
  • Alessandro B.
    Decent if you're used to SF coffee shops. Not the best coffee, but a breath of fresh air in stuffy upper east side. No wifi is a good move. Decor is not bad.
  • Richard D.
    Excellent coffee!! The whole package: product, people, music...
  • Dan S.
    Dan SteilenAvril 23
    Best coffee, pastries, and coffee shop on the UES
  • Victoria L.
    Victoria LeedsFévrier 26, 2013
    Best croissant-crisp and not greasy like a real French croissant :)
  • Nathan G.
    Nathan GammieAvril 30, 2015
    Good seating and tasty coffee. Rare spot for the UES.
  • Dennis N.
    Dennis NichogaNovembre 6, 2015
    Iced mocha is very tasty and service is amazing!
  • Ana H.
    Ana HRFévrier 29, 2012
    I was going to make fun of this place for being so chi chi boho but wow this hot cider is great.
  • Nefertiti
    NefertitiFévrier 22, 2015
    Exquisite products, super friendly staff, really nice perks. ❤️
  • Sarp E.
    Sarp ErdilekFévrier 8, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Best coffee in the city, if you leave out Stumptown :)
  • Aarthi D.
    Aarthi D.Octobre 19, 2014
    No WiFi but they have square. Can get loud and crowded. Chai is a touch too sweet for me, and the pastries tend to be picked over.
  • Curt H.
    Curt HaaseJanvier 28, 2012
    The salted peanut butter cookie is worth every calorie!!!
  • Mark P.
    Mark PritchardMai 7, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Great coffee, could be a little hotter though
  • Amanda W.
    Amanda WilliamsMars 28, 2015
    This chain produces consistently great coffee at every store I've been to.
  • Nicole
    NicoleJuillet 15, 2012
    Just ate the Oat Currant Apricot Cooke!!! Seriously, I would have this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Milena A.
    Milena AdamianFévrier 4, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Arguable the best macchiato I ever had...FYI i lived in Milan, I know how good one tastes
  • Adam S.
    Adam SmithSeptembre 21, 2016
    Great coffee and friendly staff.
  • Steve
    SteveMars 19, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Please do yourself a favor and try the Columbia coffee - its amazing!
  • Sekou P.
    Sekou PyleOctobre 5, 2015
    Try the Tres Lechés doughnut... You're welcome.
  • Megan B.
    Megan BenayMars 21, 2012
    Boo no wifi! It looked really nice and like a PERFECT place to set up shop to study but was told the owner wants to dissuade people from sitting for too long because other customers would leave. Boo
  • Calvyn d.
    Calvyn du ToitSeptembre 20, 2015
    Beautiful Latte Art and excellent coffee.
  • Joanna K.
    Joanna KimSeptembre 30, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    The Guatemalan microlot is sublime but ending soon. Act fast!
  • Narain
    NarainAvril 17, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Strong, Australian style espresso based coffee.
  • Brittany S.
    Brittany SübersJuillet 4, 2016
    Still one of my favorite spots for a solid cappuccino.
  • Sigridh M.
    Sigridh M.Septembre 30, 2012
    Try a cup of the Guatemalan coffee. Cash only.
  • Gabriel E.
    Gabriel EvansMai 4, 2016
    Sign up for a punch cards is you come here often
  • Matthew T.
    Matthew TwohigAvril 27, 2012
    Great baristas who clearly announce the beverages as they come up!
  • David H.
    David HahnJuillet 27, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Consistently pleased with the brews here.
  • Jonathan T.
    Jonathan TroutmanAvril 6, 2014
    Not a place to go head-down in your laptop. Minimal seating, none of which is comfortable.
  • Julie G.
    Julie GavellJuillet 26, 2013
    Definitely one of the best coffee places in the city.
  • Maya's Fitness C.
    Maya's Fitness CEOJanvier 31, 2013
    Get an Espresso before your Work out :))
  • Raheleh
    RahelehDécembre 17, 2016
    Lovely place, nice cappuccino
  • Joo R.
    Joo RoMai 25, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Best lattes in UES
  • Elizabeth B.
    Elizabeth BezverkhaJuillet 28, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Favorite coffee spot on upper east side !
  • Giorgio C.
    Giorgio CamozziAvril 8, 2015
    Very kind people in there! Coffee is mediocre-good...
  • Andrew C.
    Andrew CarterDécembre 20, 2015
    Latte with an extra shot is legit!
  • George S.
    George SiakasJuillet 2
    Espresso is so great !
  • Jay M.
    Jay MandelJanvier 13
    The drip coffee is addictive.
  • Sebastian S.
    Sebastian San JuanAoût 9, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    One of the best lattes in the UES
  • Chris S.
    Chris SawyerFévrier 25, 2015
    Great only.
  • Varun G.
    Varun GujjanuduAvril 14, 2013
    Best coffee I've had so far in the states...
  • Eddie Q.
    Eddie QuilesDécembre 21, 2012
    Whole wheat banana bread.
  • Aneesh N.
    Aneesh NandamJanvier 27, 2015
    Espresso, cold brew latte
  • Kirsten L.
    Kirsten LeeNovembre 9, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Joe accept credit cards now!
  • Jackie P.
    Jackie ParkJuin 12, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    best iced vanilla latte
  • Lauren N.
    Lauren NathanielFévrier 22, 2016
    Design on the coffee are awesome!
  • Paull Y.
    Paull YoungMai 25, 2014
    Cute place, good espresso.
  • IrmaZandl T.
    Cool neighborhood coffee hangout.
  • Jessica H.
    Jessica HabibFévrier 17, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    One of the best lattes I've ever had!
  • Illona A.
    Illona AgapovaMai 23, 2015
    Latte and pumpkin whoope pie
  • stephanie
    stephanieJuin 5, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    tell them to cold-brew decaf again!
  • Lev T.
    Lev TrubkovichJuillet 23, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Cold brew Ice Coffee is my morning cure.
  • Sam W.
    Sam WinnickMai 6, 2015
    Iced latte is on point
  • Charles G.
    Charles GuerreroJuin 30, 2016
    Small space, but good coffee.
  • Kirsten L.
    Kirsten LeeSeptembre 15, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Delicious iced chai latte
  • Gary F.
    Gary FurstSeptembre 27, 2014
    Best cup of Joe in NYC
  • Gary F.
    Gary FurstAoût 8, 2014
    As good as an#thing in Italy
  • Akshat D.
    Akshat DaniJanvier 15
    Banana nut bread and cappuccino
  • Vivian V.
    Vivian VoAvril 12, 2015
    Cold brew latte 👌🏼
  • J P.
    J PJuillet 25, 2016
    Late is so smooth
  • Evy
    EvyJuin 29, 2012
    new fav coffee spot :)
  • David M.
    David MilbergDécembre 2, 2015
    Great place for coffee and chill
  • Brian
    BrianOctobre 31, 2015
    Always good latte
  • Alana C.
    Alana CadizAvril 24, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Iced latte 😍
  • Dmitry S.
    Dmitry SkotnikovNovembre 24, 2015
    A very good coffee!
  • Connie C.
    Connie ChiuNovembre 4, 2016
    Latte latte latte latte everywhere.
  • Ellen K.
    Ellen KeaneMai 18, 2013
    Ben is the best barista.
  • Roxana G.
    Roxana GeorgescuFévrier 2, 2015
    Wonderful Latte
  • Amanda G.
    Amanda GaetaJanvier 19, 2014
    Legit cortado.
  • Sergio G.
    Great cappuccino
  • Boberto P.
    Boberto PatricioMars 3, 2012
    A coffee haven in the UES
  • S.
    S.Août 20, 2014
    Love their coffee!!
  • Alice N.
    Alice NgJanvier 17, 2016
    Charming, cozy decor. Ordered a cappuccino and the coffee was burnt. Big disappointment.
  • K C.
    K CharlesNovembre 16, 2014
    Mocha Coffee
  • Jonathan M.
    Jonathan MohrerFévrier 26, 2012
    Attention managers. Move the outlets before someone trips and gets hurt.
  • Caro C.
    Caro ChonFévrier 4, 2016
    Go espresso based
  • Chris B.
    Chris BruceJuin 7, 2013
    Good coffee, no wifi :(
  • Myer
    MyerJuin 21, 2015
  • Jen K.
    Jen KNovembre 1, 2012
    Cotton eyed joe on playlist.
  • Gleydson M.
    Gleydson MonteiroDécembre 20, 2015
    foda so tem que ter wi fi
  • Vaughan R.
    Vaughan RouesnelAvril 11, 2015
    Espresso is average.
  • Joshua S.
    Joshua SchwimmerDécembre 27, 2011
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Avoid the Starbucks three blocks north and go here instead.
  • Yc K.
    Yc KdMai 13, 2012
    Cashier was an incompetent jerk. Got drink wrong because he was too busy trying to hit on women in front of us. Bad experience.
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