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European Parliament

European Parliament


The European parliament is the elected body of the European Union. Its 751 members were elected by the 500 million citizens in 28 EU countries.

Brussels, Belgium
  • 349 conseils
  • 17 236 abonnés
  • 0 abonnements
  • 22 Listes
  • 36 lieux
Listes de European Parliament pour Toutes les villes
  • Brussels
  • Paris
  • Luxembourg
  • Lisbon
  • Warsaw
  • Tallinn
  • Madrid
  • Strasbourg
  • Riga
  • Toutes les villes
Les meilleures villes d'après European Parliament
7 Listes créées · 25 Conseils
6 Listes créées · 8 Conseils
7 Listes créées · 6 Conseils
6 Listes créées · 7 Conseils
3 Listes créées · 9 Conseils
4 Listes créées · 7 Conseils
5 Listes créées · 5 Conseils
3 Listes créées · 6 Conseils
4 Listes créées · 4 Conseils
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European Parliament
28 lieux mis à jour Août 1, 2014
Last year, we tried to spice up your holidays with a list of off-the-beaten-path gems of the EU. This year, we honour the tradition – with another 28 hidden treasures you’ve likely never visited.
European Parliament
28 lieux mis à jour Mars 25, 2014
Selected from 160 nominees in 30 countries, the 2014 Europa Nostra recipients are honoured for achievements in four areas: conservation; research; service; education, training and awareness-raising.
European Parliament
14 lieux mis à jour Mai 21, 2014
From day one, the EU has worked towards bridging borders: within as well as with our allies. Explore the frontiers of our Union to see what’s been achieved and what the EU is still working to achieve.
European Parliament
6 lieux mis à jour Septembre 1, 2015
Congratulations, Barcelona: the first ever EU Capital of innovation! But the five runners-up deserve a mention as well. Save our list and discover what it takes to be shortlisted for the iCapital.
European Parliament
4 lieux mis à jour Novembre 29, 2013
Aiming to raise awareness of sites which play a significant role in the culture and development of the EU, the first 4 were named in 2013. “Save” this list to receive new sites as they are unveiled!
European Parliament
9 lieux mis à jour Février 20, 2014
The most pressing issues in the EU debated in 5 interactive conferences throughout Europe, each preceded by special marketing promotional events. Save this list to keep receiving all updates!
    "Founded in 963 and expanded over the centuries, today the “Gibraltar of the North” is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The population used to hide in the tunnels during sieges. You can still tour them."
    European ParliamentEuropean Parliament · Juillet 22, 2014
    Site historique
    · Luxembourg
    "Love Italy but already been to Rome? Venice? Florence? Give Assisi a chance: basilicas, churches, cathedrals – the birthplace of St Francis, founder of the Franciscan order, does not disappoint."
    European ParliamentEuropean Parliament · Juillet 22, 2014
    · Pérouse, Italie
    "This former production hall of the 100+ years-in-business car manufacturer now houses the Škoda Auto Museum. Cars were manufactured here as late as 1928 and the museum was remodelled in 2012."
    European ParliamentEuropean Parliament · Juillet 22, 2014
    · Mladá Boleslav, République tchèque
    "Located within the Tatra National Park, the Belian Cave boasts calcite waterfalls, pagoda-like stalagmites and lakes. There is also a naturally-formed "music auditorium" in which concerts are held."
    European ParliamentEuropean Parliament · Juillet 22, 2014
    · Vysoké Tatry, Slovaquie
    "Alpine scenery, emerald rivers, good food and wine: Slovenia is ripe to be discovered by Joe Public. Before that, treat yourself to some of most beautiful scenery this hospitable country offers."
    European ParliamentEuropean Parliament · Juillet 22, 2014
    · Bled, Slovénie
    "5,500 hectares coupled with 42 km of bike paths, explore Hoge Veluwe the Dutch way: on two wheels. Don’t forget to visit the museum, housing the largest collection of Van Gogh’s outside Amsterdam."
    European ParliamentEuropean Parliament · Juillet 22, 2014
    Parc naturel
    · Hoenderloo, Pays-Bas