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Erik Rowley

Erik Rowley


I like to explore & share unique destinations, often in the Midwest. Check out my youtube channel: GetMeOuttaHere Erik Live in Chicago, new vlogs on the way!

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Les meilleures villes d'après Erik
31 Listes créées · 41 Conseils
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St Louis
21 Listes créées · 16 Conseils
5 Listes créées · 25 Conseils
Los Angeles
15 Listes créées · 14 Conseils
Las Vegas
15 Listes créées · 7 Conseils
18 Listes créées · 2 Conseils
Des Moines
16 Listes créées · 1 Conseil 
Kansas City
14 Listes créées · 2 Conseils
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Erik Rowley
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Erik Rowley
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    Conseils récents de Erik
    "This is a trendy McDonalds, no drive-thru it’s located in a suburban strip mall. Feels more like a cafe or deli. Also first time i’ve ever done that self order touch screen."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · Il y a 1 semaine
    · Glenview, États-Unis
    "Oh gas station McDonalds, by far the greasiest burger i’ve ever had! The buns were soggy like maple syrup on pancakes and grease drippings all over the bottom of the bag."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · Septembre 4
    · Sturgeon Bay, États-Unis
    "The char dogs are the real deal: drag thru the garden Chi style. Fries are fresh cut each day. Service here is amazing, Jim is one cool dude! One of the best hot dog stops in Chicagoland."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · Mai 21
    · Buffalo Grove, États-Unis
    "Jesters is an awesome restaurant! The chicken fajita pita is my go to, their onion rings are some of the best in the usa! And they have fountain Mountain Dew for the win! Be prepared to wait a little."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · Mai 6
    · Elgin, États-Unis
    "One of my favorite lunch spots, delicious Japanese food! I keep it basic - teriyaki chicken with fried rice, very healthy! Call ahead when ordering as wait can be rather long."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · Mai 6
    · Glendale Heights, États-Unis
    "Watch out for deer! They are everywhere around here, especially evenings and night. I’ve seen them standing in the middle of the road."
    Erik RowleyErik Rowley · Mai 6
    · Elizabeth, États-Unis