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Serhii Lutsko

Serhii Lutsko


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Listes récentes de Serhii
Serhii Lutsko
1 lieux mis à jour Novembre 1, 2020
1 lieu y compris Грибова Хата
Serhii Lutsko
11 lieux mis à jour Juin 19, 2020
11 lieux y compris Рівненський зоопарк / Rivne Zoo, SocioParty, Парк ім. Шевченка, Алея ковальских скульптур
Serhii Lutsko
8 lieux mis à jour Mai 8, 2020
8 lieux y compris Корчма-музей «Деца у Нотаря» / Tavern-museum «Deca u Notaria», Пiд Замком (Снек) / Under the Castle, Костел святого Юрія (Георгія) / Szent György temploma, Набережна Незалежності / Independence Embankment
Serhii Lutsko
17 lieux mis à jour Mai 6, 2020
17 lieux y compris Парк ім. Т. Шевченка / Shevchenko Park, Manufactura, Фабрика Кави, Йогуртерія Milk&Pink
Serhii Lutsko
11 lieux mis à jour Mai 6, 2020
11 lieux y compris Леліва, Пляж "Циганка", Na Nebi, Старий млин
Serhii Lutsko
21 lieux mis à jour Juillet 26, 2019
21 lieux y compris Біла Альтанка / White Rotunda, Комора, Пам'ятник полтавській галушці, Смотровая Площадка
    Conseils récents de Serhii
    "This is probably the only place in Vinnytsya you should consider for cocktails 🍹 🍸 However this is a hookah bar so if you don’t smoke you can sit only at the bar desk."
    Serhii LutskoSerhii Lutsko · Avril 4, 2021
    Bar à chicha
    · Вінниця, Ukraine
    "This is WOW! 🤩 Outside it is pretty ordinary but inside the rock music as well as the wall with the celebrity photos plus delicious food..mmm...It is definitely the place you must visit!"
    Serhii LutskoSerhii Lutsko · Avril 4, 2021
    · Кам'янець-Подільський, Ukraine
    "Probably the best breakfast place in Vinnytsya. Their dishes are pretty ordinary but the range of them makes you to find the one you would like. Definitely recommend it!"
    Serhii LutskoSerhii Lutsko · Avril 4, 2021
    Petit déjeuner
    · Вінниця, Ukraine
    "The place was ok, the food was ok too. I’ve been to many Georgian cousin places incl.Mama Manana. This one is not the best though."
    Serhii LutskoSerhii Lutsko · Avril 4, 2021
    · Вінниця, Ukraine
    "So far the best car wash I experienced in Lviv. I had a case when they failed a bit but their response to that was nice and they basically covered everything. No doubts I return to them!"
    Serhii LutskoSerhii Lutsko · Août 1, 2020
    Stations de lavage automobile
    · Ukraine
    "This place is my favorite. It’s hidden but if you know about it, you can enjoy tasty food for a reasonable price. I personally like to order to go and eat it at work etc. Service is berry nice as well"
    Serhii LutskoSerhii Lutsko · Août 1, 2020
    · Lviv, Ukraine