Sek Yuen Restaurant (適苑酒家)

Restaurant chinois et Restaurant asiatique$$$$
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
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  • Sheng Yang L.
    Sheng Yang LeeOctobre 9, 2013
    The duck is one of the best in KL. Besides that, try the other 2 dishes. Frozen chicken is good but order one day in advance. You may park beside the roadside or behind the shop or take LRT.
  • Kay Yi W.
    Kay Yi WongJanvier 6, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Their crab balls, sweet n sour pork, beef kangkung vege, lettuce wrap with egg, glass noodles and crab meat, 8 treasure duck, spring roll are some of their specialty dishes that are a mist order! ^^
  • Abu 3.
    Abu 3abedOctobre 8, 2016
    Never knew duck would taste soooooo good. This is an authentic Chinese restaurants in town that has been open for more than 70 years, after trying it I can see why. Highly recommended 9/10
  • Lavenne
    LavenneMars 28, 2015
    Super yummy delicious food at an interesting old school setting with the most reasonably price in town. Love the pipa duck, pork ribs, even vegetables is good. Can't wait to go back!
  • Monica K.
    Monica KongNovembre 30, 2015
    The restaurant's does not look enticing, but it serves the best chinese food in town. Must try BBQ duck, shark fin w fried eggs, sweet sour pork with steam rice.
  • Kelvin Lau
    Kelvin LauMars 24, 2015
    Delicious food here, old style cooking. Pricing is reasonable good too. Steam fish head with ginger is nice.
  • Amy C.
    Amy ChuonAvril 16, 2016
    Food is normal here except the roast duck is highly recommended. Price is a bit on the high side as compared to the normal dai chao in other areas..mayb bcos it is more like a tourists' eat-out place
  • Faye C.
    Faye CheangOctobre 25, 2014
    Pei Pa duck is their signature dish. Dip the crispy fragrant duck sliced into plum sauce. Yum yum.
  • CK L.
    CK LeongOctobre 26, 2014
    65yrs old resto! Prawn n yam fritter, chicken skin with fish paste(fried),shark fin egg w glass noodle wrapped in lettuce,roast duck,YUMMYLICIOUS!
  • Eric T.
    Eric TanSeptembre 27, 2014
    Has got that old world charm. The duck here is excellent. Many Hakka dishes. Sit in the non-air conditioned shop for a better experience.
  • Faye C.
    Faye CheangOctobre 25, 2014
    This is their bill. No itemised billing. Is this our bill? It considered cheap. Half of pei pa duck, seng gua tofu, Mun pork knuckle and 9 Choi beef cost RM74.80 included Chinese tea for 3 persons.
  • Mary K.
    Mary KohJuillet 5, 2014
    Crispy duck is a must try! Do call in advance to order as it sell out fast.
  • Lynn T.
    Lynn TengFévrier 22, 2015
    Pei pa duck is awesome! :) Yee sang is the traditional style with the raw fish. There's the old style steam rice and basic dishes. :) my fav!
  • Vincent T.
    Vincent TanMai 21, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Chicken frozen in gelatin is a great starter that needs to be preordered
  • Jason F.
    Jason FongSeptembre 11, 2016
    Believe the hype when it comes to the duck. Other than that, I'd say stick to their specialties (i.e. the dishes that everyone orders) cos some of their other dishes can be hit and miss
  • Skinny P.
    Skinny PeteSeptembre 24, 2016
    Try the pat po duck , cold dishes , shark fin fried egg and jelly chicken . Some say , these are 60s/70s wedding dishes.
  • Ching
    ChingMai 18, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Probably the last wood fire kitchen in KL. Try the jelly chicken and sweet & sour pork. Parking is difficult though.
  • Leonard L.
    Leonard LowJanvier 19, 2015
    Roast duck and cold chicken is very good. Suggest not to order sharks fin and sweet and sour pork. The provided towel end of the meal is quite disgusting.
  • Jannifer 🍴 H.
    Jannifer 🍴 HsiaomayiFévrier 16, 2014
    Best ever Lousang (Lohei) Local Chinese Restaurant in town! Try their 琵琶鴨!
  • Faye C.
    Faye CheangOctobre 25, 2014
    Grandma hand towel served after the meal. Please don't be surprise if you feel the towel is cold. Yes, it's cold towel.
  • Kathlynn
    KathlynnMai 12, 2012
    Great firewood-cooked food. 8 treasure duck & sharkfin eggs worth mentioning, but booking in advanced required. Skip d pig stomach soup.
  • michelle
    michelleJuillet 4, 2015
    Depends on the weather, pick the shop (aircond/ non-ac) you want to go. Both serves same food- superb crispy duck! Yummyyyyy
  • Rob C.
    Rob CooperFévrier 14
    The duck is a specialty and quite nearly the best I've ever tasted.
  • Ray
    RayMars 28
    Their best 3 items, roast duck, crabmeat ball & sharkfin fried egg
  • Alex P.
    Alex P.Novembre 1, 2016
    Remember to order this: Spring roll, Kam cham wan yee chic, guai fa egg ang taufu kang!
  • Joanne K.
    Joanne KhooMai 17, 2015
    It was our first time here and im pretty disappointed with our visit after hearing so much about this old establishment. The roast duck was average. The sweet and sour pork was not crispy
  • Ch Y.
    Ch YenJanvier 28, 2016
    The duck and definitely the cny yee sang there is something about the balanced taste you dont get anywhere else.
  • Allan H.
    Allan HawkMars 24, 2015
    The duck is a must. Generally a good menu across the board. Something for everyone
  • Starling .
    Starling 🌸Novembre 20, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    The dishes here is totally gorgeous. 👍 But need to be abit patiently bcos there's many customers. Better to book for a booking place first.
  • Seng Hoong
    Seng HoongAoût 6
    thumbs up 👍 for roast duck. sweet sour chicken. kangkung belacan . Worth coming here for good food
  • Yee Jin
    Yee JinMai 15, 2011
    Try their 8 treasure duck, but you have to order in advance! Also worth mentioning is antique deco, very 60s..:)
  • Carmen N.
    Carmen NemracOctobre 21, 2015
    The pei pa duck is good!! Must try! This restaurant just remind me of having wedding dinner at my grandma kampung! Hahahha.
  • Vincent T.
    Vincent TanMai 16, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Roast duck is really solid but must be ordered in advance
  • Ooi Min Y.
    Ooi Min YeoAvril 10, 2016
    Amazing 八宝鸭.. a definite must try, together with the marmite pork ribs!
  • ShaolinTiger
    ShaolinTigerJanvier 1, 2016
    Food was so so, service was bad. We asked if they had duck, they said yes.After 35 minutes they told us no duck. 10 minutes later, they said no sweet & sour pork. The 2 things we went there for.
  • Vincent T.
    Vincent TanMai 30, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Pork ribs are chunky and succulent!
  • Qien Qien
    Qien QienOctobre 3, 2014
    This old restaurant has antique furnitures. Food is good, roasted duck is yum.
  • Andy T.
    Andy TehNovembre 22, 2010
    The roast duck is their specialty. The crispy duck skin is done so well, you won't be finding this at other places!
  • Faye C.
    Faye CheangOctobre 25, 2014
    Stir fried 9 choi with beef is not bad. Should give it a try.
  • Daryl D.
    Daryl De RozarioFévrier 21, 2016
    Placed reservations for 10, they told us very rudely we didn't. Turns out they placed our reservation on the wrong day which isn't our fault. Half the dishes came but they want to charge us for all
  • Bubble T.
    Bubble TanAvril 27, 2016
    Eight Treasure Duck, Kwai Fa Chi (mock sharks fin with egg), eight treasure pork knuckle or duck
  • Subhana N.
    Subhana NairFévrier 1, 2012
    The sweet sour pork is good n tried the Chinese New Year yee sang n it is recommended!
  • Peter L.
    Peter LimJuin 15, 2013
    First and foremost, I thought the food they served was average. Cause I've tried better ones. Next, it's very hot here. service here is horrible, they yelled at you when you ask for favor.
  • Jannifer 🍴 H.
    Jannifer 🍴 HsiaomayiFévrier 16, 2014
    Best ever Lousang (Lohei) Local Chinese Restaurant in town!
  • Mecia loh
    Mecia lohFévrier 17, 2015
    Suppose to be the best in town, turn out to be not so gd anymore.
  • WS L.
    WS LimJanvier 14, 2015
    Simple but delicious Chinese food done the old traditional way
  • Richard C.
    Richard ChngMars 19, 2016
    Pipa duck, cold dish platter, pigs trotters with dry oysters mushroom fillings
  • Vincent T.
    Vincent TanMai 19, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Braised stuffed duck is amazing
  • 晓明
    晓明Janvier 21, 2011
    I love de ( Ba Bao Duck ) !!!! Great !! You may need to pre-order 3 days in advance
  • Vincent T.
    Vincent TanMai 21, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Egg sharks fin is an old classic that must be preordered
  • Samuel T.
    Samuel TanJuillet 7, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Not sure what to order? Just ask the captains. Or simply reading the tips left by SY patrons.
  • Peter C.
    Peter CheahJuillet 29
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Duck and fried rice is definitely a must
  • Tino T.
    Tino TangDécembre 25, 2014
    Poor service by Lady boss. Even the staff are more friendly. No quality control. First time we tried was nice. 2nd time totally out. Won't go there anymore even the price is cheap.
  • Kenny W.
    Kenny WongNovembre 17, 2016
    The only dish you can eat is 琵琶鸭. Other dishes are below average. Price is expensive based on the ambience and food quality. Service is bad especially during peak hours.
  • Chris L.
    Chris LeeDécembre 11, 2015
    Shark fin egg is really the bomb here.
  • Faye C.
    Faye CheangOctobre 25, 2014
    Steam rice is definitely nicer! Soft and warm.
  • Joon S.
    Joon SukJanvier 10, 2016
    Very very authentic, roast duck is a must try
  • April Y.
    April YitJanvier 17, 2012
    CNY Yee Sang here taste nice, in general food here taste like I'm eating at hometown~try da cabbage wrap eggs with glass noodle
  • Alice S.
    Alice SuiJuillet 14, 2013
    Bad service! Pls remind me not to come here again. They place the dishes on that table for more than 10mins n none of the staff bother to serve.
  • Cindy L.
    Cindy LeeJuin 14, 2013
    Must try the crispy roasted chicken...
  • Mandy C.
    Mandy ChiaMai 3, 2012
    Vintage restaurant. Tumbs up for all food, price is reasonable.
  • Kah Kar
    Kah KarMars 19, 2015
    Just a old style kinda Chinese restaurant with bunch of ppl that not willing to give good customer service...
  • Johnson L.
    Johnson LimMars 23, 2014
    Classic old chief style. But very slow during peak!!
  • Sweetie_21
    Sweetie_21Septembre 26, 2015
    3rice Chinese tea and these dishes around RM130
  • Peyton T.
    Peyton TNovembre 24, 2013
    Very delicious food they serve here! Thumbs up 😄👍
  • Andrew Y.
    Andrew YapJanvier 14, 2016
    Try their recommendations on old style dishes.
  • Richard P.
    Richard PranataAoût 22, 2014
    My fav - Roast duck and sweet&sour pork
  • James Y.
    James Y.Août 27, 2011
    Sweet and sour pork and Choi Tam is pretty good. The char siew and siew yok is pretty average
  • Joe K.
    Joe KeeJanvier 3, 2013
    <八宝鸭>就是一道至今依然遵循古法烹调的美味佳肴: 剖开八宝鸭的骨架是隻釀入蝦米、蓮子、白果、冬菇等八種材料,热腾腾时咬吃起莲子与鸭肉同时溶合在舌头里,味道65年不变^^
  • Kevin P.
    Kevin P.Juin 17, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 50 fois
    must order in advance, recommend 八宝鸭, 荔蓉虾
  • Zhao Y.
    Zhao YewAvril 25, 2015
    The duck is great!
  • Chris L.
    Chris LeeDécembre 6, 2015
    Chinese pancake aka woh beng a must to try out. Trust me, the lotus paste is not overly sweet nor they mix with other bean paste. This plate cost Rm10. I would say is rather worth it to give it a shot
  • Chong C.
    Chong Cheong YongMai 11, 2014
    My mum say is over 50 years Chinese Restoran...must try...😋😋😋
  • Vincent L.
    Vincent LohJanvier 31, 2013
    The Duck is a must do....
  • Cecelia L.
    Cecelia LeongJuin 22, 2013
    After meal towel with grandma Cologne smell ~
  • Jean Y.
    Jean YongSeptembre 21, 2014
    They still use charcoal to cook in the kitchen. Go to the no aircond room for the vintage furnitures.
  • Ten W.
    Ten WKMai 27, 2015
    Super delicious roast duck
  • samantha
    samanthaDécembre 18, 2012
    A very old restaurant. Wanted to try their "dai chao" so ordered dishes. Apparently the dishes tasted very plain/almost tasteless. Nothing fantastic I would say.
  • Even L.
    Even LeeAvril 10, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Best roast duck n sweet n sour pork!
  • Chin S.
    Chin SaikentJuin 6, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Roast duck is a must try 😋👍
  • Terrence C.
    Terrence ChenMai 19, 2013
    Check your soft drink's can before drink.. So dirty!
  • Siobhan T.
    Siobhan TeeMai 31, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Their 七彩冷盘 is amazing!!
  • ZhiWei L.
    ZhiWei LimMai 2, 2016
    Roast duck is good. Other food just so so
  • Jason F.
    Jason FeirmanMai 27, 2015
    order roast duck in advance
  • mez
    mezMai 10, 2013
    omg! u gotta try this to awe in amaze. wood burned roast duck not even a slightest trace of fats! ladies, what can you ask for? both thumbs up!
  • Samantha W.
    Samantha WongAvril 6, 2014
    Reasonable price for above average food. Don't other their prawns though
  • Jonathan C.
    Jonathan ChongAvril 22, 2011
    Ask for their steamed rice instead of the regular rice, it tastes much better.
  • Chris L.
    Chris LeeOctobre 4, 2015
    Highlight of the dish.. Long bean fried roast pork, enough wok hei and flavorful. Pei pa duck is very crispy, perhaps the best could find in kl
    A voté contre il y a Aug5
  • Lau S.
    Lau Shan ShangJuillet 18, 2015
    Reasonable price and good food too :)
  • Wesley C.
    Wesley CJHOctobre 4, 2014
    The food and price is above average.
  • iyamorange
    iyamorangeJanvier 16, 2014
    Maybe we didn't order the right stuff... But e vegetables were pretty overcooked and the fish could be fresher.
  • N Nie T.
    N Nie TangFévrier 19, 2016
    Yu Shang is yummy not so sweet
  • Ben W.
    Ben WaltonAoût 31, 2012
    Great food - check it out
  • San S.
    San SannFévrier 23, 2016
  • Sam
    SamFévrier 12, 2016
    Food is authentic with 'wok hee'and not salty.
  • David O.
    David OngDécembre 5, 2010
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The best sweet n sour pork in Malaysia!!!!!
  • Yung Lin Y.
    Good value for money
  • Kevin Y.
    Kevin YapNovembre 13, 2010
    Stuffed duck too salty today. Sharks fin is pretty good.
  • C.h.
    C.h.Septembre 3, 2013
    Do not expect the food will be served very fast..
  • Kh W.
    Kh WeeNovembre 18, 2012
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Fried rice is a must!!!
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