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Burma Superstar

Burma Superstar

Restaurant de cuisine birmane$$$$
Inner Richmond, San Francisco
1 295
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  • BuzzFeed
    BuzzFeedAoût 23, 2016
    Burma Superstar draws in plentiful crowds for its famous tea leaf salad, which comes with romaine lettuce, fried yellow beans, fried garlic, sesame seeds, fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, and dried shrimp. En savoir plus
  • Wilson F.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    All sorts of delicious, from the famed to tea leaf salad to the curries to everything else. And with some of the genuinely kindest service in town.
  • Steve P.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Steve PolandNovembre 16, 2016
    Amazing, everything. Tea leaf salad, samosa soup, Burmese shrimp, mint chicken and coconut rice. "I know king fu soju" and the ginger beer for drinks. Get all of that, you wont be disappointed.
  • Mike W.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Mike WinstonJuillet 1, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    This famed Burmese spot really is as great as people say. Don't miss the Tea Leaf Salad or Vegetarian Samusa Soup which both will keep meat-eaters happy. Read all about it on WinstonWanders below!! En savoir plus
  • JK
    JKAoût 5, 2021
    Try rainbow and tea leaf salads or samusa soup, rice noodles with pickled daikon and tofu in a spicy tomato-garlic sauce & pork and kabocha squash stewed in a gingery broth with coconut sticky rice
  • GusIcône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    GusJanvier 17, 2017
    The smells and flavors of this place are fantastic! The chicken casserole has also shrimps and is very tasty! Mango shrimp with coconut rice is a good choice as well! Just one visit is not enough!
  • Jennifer E.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Jennifer ElizabethOctobre 4, 2016
    Out of this world mango shrimp! They melt in your mouth! The tea leaf salad is so different and yummy! Great noodles here too! Sangria felt a little watered down but def did the trick!
  • Eater
    EaterAvril 8, 2014
    We've never not seen a line at this place. Burma Superstar's signature tea-leaf salad and samusa soup continue to be satisfying tastes of an underrated cuisine. [Eater 38 Member] En savoir plus
  • Chefs Feed
    Chefs FeedDécembre 3, 2015
    "This is such a solid beginning to a meal. The soup has lots of spices and bold flavors that wake up your palate. It's great to share with a couple of people." Chef Adam Keough En savoir plus
  • Cyn C.
    Cyn CruzSeptembre 25, 2012
    There's a reason why the Tea Salad is recommended in a majority of these tips because it is simply A M A Z I N G!! Seriously one of the best salads ever and I LOVE salads! Absolutely mandatory!
  • Barbara S.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Barbara StephensonNovembre 30, 2021
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    tea leaf salad, coconut rice, sesame chicken (or tofu) all together on the same plate at the same time is the best. The sweetness of the rice is cut by the salad. Curry beef is good too!
  • Garry T.
    Garry TanJuin 30, 2019
    Fish noodle soup (Mohinga) and samusa soup - though I think I like the coconut chicken noodle soup better!
  • Sandra C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Sandra CifoOctobre 7, 2017
    This is a great place! Worth the wait. But if you come a little bit after they open for lunch you will be fine. Great service. Tea Leaf salad, the steak kebat and coconut rice. Yum!
  • nils j.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    nils jansonAvril 5, 2015
    Leave your name and cell at the counter and walk up the street to have a drink at one of the many bars on Clement. The time flies by and you won't be one of those chumps shivering on the street.
  • Marian E.
    Marian ElbertAvril 12, 2015
    Reserve ahead of time and plan for an hour of walking around or buying apps elsewhere. Things to get for 2 people w/leftovers: Samusa Soup, Tea Leaf Salad, Burmese Style Curry Lamb and Nan Pia Dok.
  • Eric N.
    Eric NotrickOctobre 22, 2014
    The Tea Leaf Salad is one of the most amazing foods I have ever had in my entire life. It was and is a huuuuuge blast! Yumm 😋 come here and get it 🐣
  • Simon T.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Simon TanAvril 2, 2018
    Rainbow salad, pumpkin pork stew, platha with curry, chicken coconut noodle soup, nan pia dok (dry chicken curry noodles)
  • Jason L.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Jason LukAvril 13, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Burmese curry with shrimp is my favorite and the rainbow salad over the tea leaf unless you haven't had it before. Also must recommend the oxtail clay pot over the chicken clay pot. Coconut rice too!
  • Zii H.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Zii HammadAvril 3, 2015
    Motherclucker, this place is good. Wait was short enough, and everything was amazing. Some of the best stuff I've had in my life, right off the appetizer list. Get a coconut!
  • J CrowleyIcône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    J CrowleyFévrier 12, 2019
    This place this legit. Incredible and unique flavors. Tea leaf salad (pictured) as a starter and any of the curries.
  • Andres N.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Andres NovoaJuin 19, 2016
    After you put your name down browse through one of SF's best bookstores just a couple blocks away: Green Apple Books!
  • Allison
    AllisonSeptembre 2, 2012
    Samusa soup & fiery vegetables with tofu are amazing - definitely double up on the coconut rice (incredible). Service was fantastic & table was def worth the wait!
  • I Y.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    I YooJanvier 15, 2018
    My server recommended the nan pia dok dish. It was exactly what I wanted: combined flavours I hadn't tasted before, and a little kick. Well worth the visit.
  • Diego R.
    Diego RomeroMars 24, 2017
    Incredible food and great price! Go for the lamb samosas, samosa soup,Burma Super Star shrimp curry, coconut rice and end it with the coconut fritters.
  • Stephanie C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Stephanie ChengFévrier 15, 2015
    10/10 would do again. Make sure to try the tea leaf salad. The shrimp curry and chicken casserole are also amazing! Well balanced flavours and great service.
  • Vickie Z.
    Vickie ZhaoAoût 14, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Always swarming with people, waited over an hour but seriously so worth it. My favorite: pumpkin pork stew. Both the pumpkin and pork is so soft and melts and in your mouth... Yum
  • Chrissy M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Chrissy MakkasAvril 2, 2014
    So thrilled with everything I tasted. Split the tea leaf salad, samusa soup, and basil chicken with my boyfriend. Perfect lunch.
  • Garrett P.
    Garrett ParzygnotJuillet 31, 2014
    The Lamb Curry is great, and the the Fermented Tea Leaf Salad is a winner. Wait times can be crazy, but an early dinner on a weeknight isn't out of the question. That is, unless you like waiting.
  • KirillIcône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    KirillOctobre 14, 2015
    Delicious food, friendly staff, and lightning-fast service! Very kid-friendly. Great place to eat and relax.
  • ᴡ K.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    ᴡ KillamAoût 7, 2014
    As a white man I am often profiled and not served spicy food even when I request it. I can confirm that the chili lamb is indeed spicy. They don't hold back. Great place 👿
  • Jess H.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Jess HueyMars 31, 2016
    Come with a group so you can order multiple dishes to share! Tea leaf salad, samosa soup, and chili lamb were especially unique. Such interesting flavors!
  • Grace Y.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Grace YoonAoût 9, 2016
    White sangria supreme, sweet and tangy, packed with all sort of fruits including LYCHEE. Entrees are great as well, good to come with a friend or two :)
  • Jacob S.
    Jacob SheaMars 3, 2014
    Tea salad, the braised pork curry, and coconut rice. The Lamb samusas are really good. Then mix everything up, and pour some of the Samusas sauce over the meal.
  • Greg S.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Greg SchwartzAvril 20, 2017
    Mint chicken, tea leaf salad, chili and garlic shrimp, coconut rice, rainbow salad, fiery beef -- all A+
  • Tif C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Tif C.Mai 17, 2015
    Tea leaf salad as mentioned is great. The catfish soup is wonderful and surprisingly light. Chili lamb was great but it's better paired with another entree. Very spicy.
  • Priya S.
    Priya SaiprasadSeptembre 30, 2012
    I know all the tips highly recommend the Tea leaf salad & Samusa soup. But I preferred the Burmese style lamb curry, coconut rice and a glass (or 3) of the lychee sangria the most.
  • Tanya M.
    Tanya MenendezOctobre 15, 2017
    Yes tea leaf salad. the chicken with rice and shrimp is always delicious too. If it’s full go to b star, down the street, same food.
  • ISC C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    ISC ChicagoJuillet 29, 2017
    Chili Lamb (stir fried lamb with dried and fresh chili, onions, and basil) with coconut rice
  • Jason F.
    Jason FeirmanMai 21, 2012
    The Tea Leaf Salad is mixed right in front of you and tastes incredible. Their coconut rice, is the most delcious rice I've ever eaten. And their mint chicken was spicy and flavorful.
  • Akshaya S.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Akshaya SrivatsaSeptembre 24, 2022
    Awesome food samosa soup is the best I have had. Tea leaf salad and fiery cauliflower is delicious. Must try but it’s become so expensive.
  • Shashank M.
    Shashank ManiarJuin 4, 2013
    Absolutely love this place. The food is fantastic, the staff is more than happy to help always. It's a MUST GO place in San Francisco for me. Loved the Tofu Tower
  • ᴡ B.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    ᴡ BOctobre 5, 2016
    Must try their green tea leaf salad, ginger lemon ice tea, chili cury lamb with coconut rice... delicious and so friendly !!!
  • Michael
    MichaelFévrier 25, 2013
    Tara says: don't take reservations, but u can go and look at menu, place your order go to the bar across the street and then go back for dinner. it's rando but AMAZING.
  • Bret C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Bret CoxAoût 27, 2014
    Why is there always a line out the door at this hole in the wall place? Because this is one of the best meals in San Francisco. Super fresh ingredients and food made with love!
  • Karma D.
    Karma DussaultFévrier 9, 2013
    Amahhhzing!!!!! Coconut rice with sesame chicken is outstanding. Rainbow salad is flavor bursting. Chicken coconut soup is outstanding. Try them all. Waiting for desert now!!!
  • Mat
    MatNovembre 12, 2012
    Maybe because I got it to go, but the tea leaf salad was just ok. The coconut rice was amazing (!!), the garlic noodles were tasty and the pumpkin stewed pork was *amazing.*. Totally coming back.
  • H K.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    H KFévrier 25, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Tea leaf salad, soup, chili lamb, chicken and shrimp casserole were all amazing!!
  • Parvathy N.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Parvathy NairAvril 1, 2016
    We tried the Chicken samusas, chicken kebat with coconut rice and the Superstar vegetarian noodle. Everything was delicious. Worth every penny!!
  • ZW L.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    ZW LJuin 5, 2018
    Tofu tower was very good! Silken, a little bit spicy, coconut rice is always fantastic.
  • Cheapism
    CheapismMars 5, 2011
    Featured on the Food Network, this popular spot centers on Burmese, Thai, and various other Asian cuisines. The famous tealeaf salad costs only $8.25 and features real imported Burmese tealeaves. En savoir plus
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