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Natalya Shanty

Natalya Shanty


I'm semi vegetarian.I don't eat meat! I love coffee, desserts,beautiful things, sport, etno & classic music, brand shoes, my dogs and & my vegetarian friends!

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Natalya Shanty
2 lieux mis à jour Octobre 26, 2019
2 lieux y compris Беру выходной, Moscow Republic
Natalya Shanty
4 lieux mis à jour Mars 12, 2019
4 lieux y compris Milky Bay Resort Koh Phangan, Dots Coffee, Amstardam Bar & Stone Hill Resort, Malibu
Natalya Shanty
20 lieux mis à jour Avril 15, 2021
20 lieux y compris Культурный центр при Посольстве Ирана, ArtiLand, Шикари, Чешский центр
Natalya Shanty
3 lieux mis à jour Mars 5, 2021
3 lieux y compris Культурно-деловой центр «Ханой-Москва», Cluny Court, Black Rabbit
Natalya Shanty
97 lieux mis à jour Juillet 28, 2016
97 lieux y compris Fortis Surgical Hospital, MINK, Esplanade - Theatres On The Bay, Lynn's Cakes & Coffee
Natalya Shanty
148 lieux mis à jour
148 lieux y compris Phoenix Park, หอศิลป์ สมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิติ์ พระบรมราชินีนาถ (The Queen's Gallery), Canvas, The White Rabbit
    Conseils récents de Natalya
    "In every way is cool place, just except a constant crowd of people.But it’s understandable - bar is quite popular.Wonderfully, you can taste here the beyondmeat🍔 & beyondmeat🌭. Average bill f2-30$."
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Mars 4
    · Moscou, Russie
    "I like this place first of all because of coffee.I like a Raf Coffee especially the Pineapple Raf Coffee. The desserts in my taste are quite the same but anyway quite good.The average bill for 2-50$"
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Mars 2
    "Nice atmospheric place in the center of Moscow with quite good Mediterranean cuisine&friendly staff.I recommend to try seafood pizza, Mediterranean soup with seafood&burattas. Average bill for2-70$."
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Février 18
    · Moscou, Russie
    "Quiet new place,but already popular.Nice atmosphere.Captivating art on the walls.Interesting menu&good cousin.Cool cocktails.I recommend Laksa,it’s really good like in Singapore.Average bill f 2-70$"
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Février 6
    · Moscou, Russie
    "Wonderful place,must-have to visit.The music is great.The food is quite tasty here.There’s very atmospheric & interesting.The food&alcohol are expensive, but the atmosphere and music are for free."
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Novembre 26, 2020
    Parc des expositions
    · Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie
    "There are smth to see &discuss.There’s a nice restaurant.The -,the staff sleepy&thinks slowly. For better search all info on the gallery website.The 🎫 cost 15$. In general, I recommend to visit 🤘🏻"
    Natalya ShantyNatalya Shanty · Novembre 22, 2020
    Musée d'art
    · Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie