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San Francisco
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San Diego
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New York
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Listes récentes de Jenny
Jenny New
6 lieux mis à jour Juillet 3, 2018
6 lieux y compris Nomad Donuts, Buona Forchetta, Raised By Wolves, Wayfarer
Jenny New
16 lieux mis à jour Mai 30, 2018
16 lieux y compris Winkel 43, Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters, De Laatste Kruimel, Monk Bouldergym Amsterdam
Jenny New
3 lieux mis à jour Avril 22, 2018
3 lieux y compris Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery, Supermoon Bakehouse, Little Alley
Jenny New
3 lieux mis à jour Février 2, 2018
3 lieux y compris a Mano, Jane the Bakery, Hearth Coffee Roasters
Jenny New
10 lieux mis à jour Mai 10, 2017
10 lieux y compris Café Letka, Home Kitchen, U Kroka, La Bohème Café
Jenny New
63 lieux mis à jour Mai 10, 2017
63 lieux y compris Rododendron Art & Design Shop, Lumen Kávézó, Szimpla Kert Ruin Pubs, Konyha
    Conseils récents de Jenny
    "I really wanted to like this! The shop is super cute, especially at night on the patio with the string lights. The gelato is just okay and way too sweet for me."
    Jenny NewJenny New · Il y a 4 heures
    · San Diego, États-Unis
    "An OG ramen shop of SD, and I still think it’s one of the best. A satisfying, solid bowl of ramen. Wait was shorter here than at the Izakaya on Fri night."
    Jenny NewJenny New · Juillet 28
    Nouilles chinoises
    · San Diego, États-Unis
    "Disappointed with the almond croissant. I came a little bit later in the day after lunch, and they were way too dry :("
    Jenny NewJenny New · Juillet 23
    · San Diego, États-Unis
    "Super cute/hip spot that's half coffeeshop/half plantshop. They serve Sightglass (!!) with plenty of seating inside. Peeps were lining up to get their 'grams with the lettering on the wall."
    Jenny NewJenny New · Juillet 4
    Coffee Shop
    · San Diego, États-Unis
    "Really nice space with cute lighting, lots of seating, but $$$ food and drink. That being said, I enjoyed my iced citrus infused matcha with coco milk!"
    Jenny NewJenny New · Juillet 1
    Coffee Shop
    · San Diego, États-Unis
    "Got sun moon and stars (oolong, jasmine, green tea) and added honey. Skip the honey, ice cream is plenty sweet. Puffle cone is fun but heavy. Grab napkins because the cone starts leaking immediately!"
    Jenny NewJenny New · Juin 30
    · San Diego, États-Unis