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Chris Davis

Chris Davis


linktr.ee/chraevis • Runs @ShakeWellRecs • Writes for @DJTimesMag • Product Manager at @OrchTweets (@SonyMusic)

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New York
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Chris Davis
69 lieux mis à jour Mars 6, 2021
69 lieux y compris Rosa Sur 32, Café Choux Choux, Mirai!, Azul Madera
Chris Davis
4 lieux mis à jour Novembre 1, 2019
4 lieux y compris Irish Whiskey Museum, The Hairy Lemon, P. Mac's, P. Mac’s
Chris Davis
2 lieux mis à jour Septembre 3, 2019
2 lieux y compris Marina Koper, Savor
Chris Davis
14 lieux mis à jour Septembre 3, 2019
14 lieux y compris Pizzeria Samantha, InForno, Grill Bar Campo, Danteov Trg
Chris Davis
1 lieux mis à jour Juillet 20, 2019
1 lieu y compris Waltz
Chris Davis
4 lieux mis à jour Août 10, 2019
4 lieux y compris Tatte Bakery & Cafe, Democracy Brewing Company, White Bull Tavern, State Street Provisions
    Conseils récents de Chris
    "The drinks and waitstaff were great but the food was not as good as I would have expected for the prices they were charging."
    Chris DavisChris Davis · Mai 17
    Bar à vins
    · New York, États-Unis
    "For brunch, I've had the lobster hash and the egg sandwich, which were fantastic. I also had their cold brew iced coffee. It tasted acidic both times, as if it had been brewed hot and poured over ice."
    Chris DavisChris Davis · Juillet 5, 2020
    · Chicago, États-Unis
    "Very nice lounge. Great food, bar, a clean, modern design, good layout, spacious with places to sleep, talk, and work, convenient toilets, a shower (although broken while I was visiting), and more."
    Chris DavisChris Davis · Novembre 10, 2019
    Bar lounge
    · Crawley, Royaume-Uni
    "The majority of the cups and silverware I reached for were visibly dirty."
    Chris DavisChris Davis · Novembre 10, 2019
    Bar lounge
    · Dublin, Irlande
    "A few items were missing from the brunch menu but the food was fantastic. We dined early; no one else was there besides us. Music was great–very relaxing–like something you'd hear in a cafe in Ibiza."
    Chris DavisChris Davis · Mars 24, 2019
    · Atlanta, États-Unis
    "Sushi was incredible but service was slow. We had to wait 30 minutes after arriving on time for our reservation, and parties seated after us were served and finished eating before us. Took 3 hours."
    Chris DavisChris Davis · Mars 1, 2019
    · Queens, États-Unis