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BostonU Journalism'14, @BUBand drum major and @BUWPE Bass Drum, 4sq masterchef (aka @4sqoncampus ambassador). Music, interwebz, creeping on people. It's life.

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Dee Hibbard
17 lieux mis à jour Mars 5, 2013
17 lieux y compris Landbäckerei Schaub, Cafe Mann, Stadtcafe, Würzburg
Dee Hibbard
12 lieux mis à jour Août 17, 2012
In honor of a soon-to-be blog collaboration with my lovely friend in Chicago, here's a list of the great coffee places I have or want to try in Boston. Expect a Chicago list (other cities too?) soon!
Dee Hibbard
10 lieux mis à jour Novembre 20, 2012
10 lieux y compris BerryLine, When Pigs Fly, Eastern Standard, Top of the Hub
Dee Hibbard
25 lieux mis à jour Juin 28, 2012
Your days will go by faster than ever. Since I have far too many days, but I want to get it all done in time, here's a short (well, long) list of Boston musts before leaving/graduating.
Dee Hibbard
5 lieux mis à jour
5 lieux y compris Jamaica Plain, Beacon Street Tavern, The Middle East Downstairs, Samuel Adams Brewery
Dee Hibbard
4 lieux mis à jour
4 lieux y compris BU Bands Office, Boston University Band Room, Starbucks, Boston University College of Communication (BU COM)
    Conseils récents de Dee
    "Learn more about BU Bands! Check bu.edu/bands for info on our all-campus ensembles or come visit the office betwen 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays to meet our office workers and bosses."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Avril 16, 2014
    · Boston, États-Unis
    "CMJ's Station of the Year 2012! This station is where it's at for College Radio. Listen to The Fleshy Fresh live on Mondays 10pm-12am, www.wtburadio.org."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Mars 5, 2013
    · Boston, États-Unis
    "This CityCo now serves Peet's coffee and has a new drink bar!"
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Août 18, 2012
    · Boston, États-Unis
    "There's a Dunks and a Starbucks just past the food court by the AA 30s gates that serve Chicago, Dallas and Paris. Both expensive, but they have the normal selections."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Août 8, 2012
    · Boston, États-Unis
    "Quick, while it's warm! If you're sick of Mugar and the BU Beach is crowded, this park is a 5 minute walk from CFA, and a great place to do homework&hang out. Maybe you'll even spot Dean Elmore..."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Août 7, 2012
    · Brookline, États-Unis
    "This venue holds only a few hundred people, but seeing your favorite alternative/indie rock groups here feels like an acoustic set in your backyard thanks to it's size. Plus, most shows are only $15."
    Dee HibbardDee Hibbard · Août 7, 2012
    Discothèque rock
    · Allston, États-Unis