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Brooklyn, NY
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New York
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1 Liste créée · 2 Conseils
Staten Island
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San Francisco
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Fort Lee
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Listes récentes de Scott
Scott Hueston
2 lieux mis à jour Mai 6, 2014
2 lieux y compris Margie's Red Rose Diner, Famous Fish Market
Scott Hueston
2 lieux mis à jour Mars 9, 2014
2 lieux y compris Juan Pelota Café, Wright Bros. Brew & Brew
Scott Hueston
1 lieux mis à jour Novembre 12, 2013
1 lieu y compris Cafetería La Mejor
Scott Hueston
0 lieux mis à jour Novembre 12, 2013
0 lieu
Scott Hueston
0 lieux mis à jour Novembre 12, 2013
0 lieu
Scott Hueston
1 lieux mis à jour Octobre 11, 2013
1 lieu y compris Vinyl Coffee & Wine Bar
    Conseils récents de Scott
    "Don't visit unless you've checked for an exhibit or event ahead of time. Otherwise you won't see more than a couple places to sit and stay dry"
    Scott HuestonScott Hueston · Novembre 29, 2013
    Campagne électorale
    · Berlin, Allemagne
    "Worst post office in NYC. Manager doesn't understand tracking details with stamp, lines are inexplicably backed up (for ex. When nobody has "pre-paid" mail, staff won't aggressively take next customer"
    Scott HuestonScott Hueston · Octobre 1, 2013
    Bureau de poste
    · Brooklyn, États-Unis
    "zipper was amazing. Film captured the story about the politics and money behind the callous changes to Coney Island."
    Scott HuestonScott Hueston · Août 13, 2013
    Films indépendants
    · New York, États-Unis
    "grilled sea bream with kohirabi, fennel & red grapefruit is sensational. quinoa hushpuppies w/ capers & lemon: superb. for dessert, get the apple pie with SOUR CREAM gelato - instantly devoured"
    Scott HuestonScott Hueston · Mars 22, 2013
    · New York, États-Unis
    "Don't take this bus from the airport if you are staying north of downtown. It makes a loop the opposite way, spends over 20 minutes sitting at a JC, plus makes tens of stops not clear on the map. Fail"
    Scott HuestonScott Hueston · Mars 7, 2013
    · Austin, États-Unis
    "Onion disc (traditionally called pletzel) is the BEST item. Perfect chewy texture & the right amount of onion/poppy seeds. Come on SATURDAY NIGHT until about 2:00 am, for everything HOT out of oven"
    Scott HuestonScott Hueston · Janvier 28, 2013
    · New York, États-Unis