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Morten Aastad

Morten Aastad


Norwegian, half Swedish, grown up in Oslo, Norway and Skagen, Denmark. A real Scandinavian. Love finding craftbeers from strange places and oddball brewers.

Oslo, Norge
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Listes récentes de Morten
Morten Aastad
40 lieux mis à jour Mai 18, 2019
I am most likely going to Edingburg in May, thought I'd try and do some BrewDog and other Craft Beer "sightseeing".
Morten Aastad
35 lieux mis à jour Juillet 14, 2021
Mikkellers empire is growing all over the World. Here is a list of what I think is it, so far. Not everything is called Mikkellers, so pardon me if something isn't here.
Morten Aastad
6 lieux mis à jour Février 27, 2018
Aalborg might be 4th in size, but boxes above its size when it comes to beer! With some excellent bars, pubs and shops, it makes a visit to Northern Jutlands capital a must!
Morten Aastad
14 lieux mis à jour Avril 2, 2018
I'm visiting Amsterdam, here's some places to get beer.
Morten Aastad
14 lieux mis à jour Août 11, 2019
This is a list of places I want to go and drink beer, craft or reinheitsgebot kind, in Berlin.
Morten Aastad
8 lieux mis à jour Mars 7, 2020
To me Aarhus used to fall a bit between two chairs, stuck between close-by Aalborg and looked over when I wanted to go to Copenhagen. Now the craft beer scene demands I give Aarhus more attention!
    Conseils récents de Morten
    "Quite swanky, the food menu looks fun, got some good craft beer and nice people working here, but in the middle of Karl Johan Street, cheap it ain't."
    Morten AastadMorten Aastad · Il y a 1 semaine
    · Oslo, Norvège
    "Bar Flag Oslo is the brewery pub of Beer Flag Oslo Brewery. With 22 taplines and + 60 beers on cans and bottles. They have a wide selection of beer. July 2021 check out the Untappd badge drawn by me!"
    Morten AastadMorten Aastad · Il y a 1 semaine
    Bar à bières
    · Oslo, Norvège
    "Status unknown July 2021"
    Morten AastadMorten Aastad · Il y a 1 semaine
    · Oslo, Norvège
    "Brewery restaurant, enjoy your beer with a harbour view in Summer and a cool looking interior in Winter. Try their imperial russian stout with fries. I’m Norwegian and asked for and got mustard!"
    Morten AastadMorten Aastad · Mars 8, 2020
    · Århus Centrum, Danemark
    "I assume this is the old Monks Brewery, which was a really nice place, so I will have to go back next time I'm in Stockholm!"
    Morten AastadMorten Aastad · Février 14, 2020
    · Stockholm, Suède
    "Wonderful adition to the Mikkeller family. Location is in an adorable little fishing hamlet, right on the harbour and with a littke beach. Usual great Mikkeller beers on tap and great burgers!"
    Morten AastadMorten Aastad · Août 27, 2019
    Bar à bières
    · Svaneke, Danemark