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Lani Teshima

San Leandro, CA · Icône de super-utilisateur?Super-utilisateur Niveau 6
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Lake Buena Vista
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New York
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San Francisco
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Frankfurt am Main
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Lani Teshima
1 lieux mis à jour Janvier 10, 2014
1 lieu y compris Parkesdale Farm Market
Lani Teshima
9 lieux mis à jour Décembre 6, 2013
9 lieux y compris Aéroport international de San Francisco, Bristol Hotel, Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände, Winkler Bräu
Lani Teshima
3 lieux mis à jour Septembre 4, 2012
3 lieux y compris vista point
Lani Teshima
10 lieux mis à jour Février 10, 2015
10 lieux y compris California Aquaduct, TravelCenters of America, Interstate 5, Santa Nella
Lani Teshima
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88 lieux y compris Riggs post 71, Place Where I Hole Shot A Slow Asian Driver, Dodge Neon Dance Party, Interstate 5
Lani Teshima
1 lieux mis à jour Septembre 1, 2012
1 lieu y compris Snow White Grotto
    Conseils récents de Lani
    "Food trucks change but there's usually at least 5. Great way to try various dishes!"
    Lani TeshimaLani Teshima · Juillet 11, 2014
    Camion de restauration
    · San Lorenzo, États-Unis
    "Garage is very tight. Be careful about door dings and such."
    Lani TeshimaLani Teshima · Mai 11, 2014
    · San Diego, États-Unis
    "As the name suggests ("pension" in Europe refers to a smaller mom & pop inn), this place feels very European. Small and efficient but very tasteful."
    Lani TeshimaLani Teshima · Mai 11, 2014
    · San Diego, États-Unis
    "Don't just look at the length of the queue here; check how many are waiting for their drinks. If you are OK w/ brewed coffee, order it instead of a fancy one--your cashier will get your coffee for you"
    Lani TeshimaLani Teshima · Mars 1, 2014
    Coffee Shop
    · Anaheim, États-Unis
    "Come with lots of friends and order many different items off the menu. Each is a smaller portion of tapas."
    Lani TeshimaLani Teshima · Janvier 14, 2014
    · Lake Buena Vista, États-Unis
    "Take a moment to decide what you want, then order by menu item number. For example, a strawberry milkshake is not a shake, but "A number 5.""
    Lani TeshimaLani Teshima · Janvier 10, 2014
    Marché fermier
    · Plant City, États-Unis