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San Francisco
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3 lieux y compris The Maker Hotel, The Maker Cafe, The Maker Lounge
@tessa Horehled
2 lieux mis à jour Août 22, 2020
2 lieux y compris The Vinyl Frontier, 4am Coffee Roasters
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    "Gorgeous trail. Don’t skip the rock climbing at the end or you’ll miss an epic view. Separately, go see the falls up close! It’s one road past the trail entrance."
    @tessa Horehled@tessa Horehled · Il y a 3 semaines
    · Valdez, États-Unis
    "Once here, they’ll come out to get your pet, as part of their Covid protocol, and ask you about them. The doctor will then call you to give you an update and answer any questions!"
    @tessa Horehled@tessa Horehled · Mars 18
    · Atlanta, États-Unis
    "It’s a pretty clean place and they do a totally fine job but nothing remarkable."
    @tessa Horehled@tessa Horehled · Décembre 8, 2019
    Salon de manucure
    · Atlanta, États-Unis
    "Just arrived? You’re a 15 minute ride from city center. Find a yellow/red machine outside the station to buy a bus ticket (coins only). The 80 bus will take you straight there. Validate ticket on bus!"
    @tessa Horehled@tessa Horehled · Octobre 5, 2019
    · Bratislava, Slovaquie
    "It appears that ALL tickets to Wien/Vienna are cheaper at time of travel than in advance through ÖBB. Use the ÖBB app to buy your ticket!"
    @tessa Horehled@tessa Horehled · Octobre 5, 2019
    · Bratislava, Slovaquie
    "Multiple seating areas, coffee is fine, takes cards!"
    @tessa Horehled@tessa Horehled · Septembre 10, 2019