Cafe Pushkin is one of Moscow.

1. Cafe Pushkin

(Кафе Пушкинъ)
Тверской бул., 26а (Тверская ул.), Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant russe · Пресненский · 768 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Legendary restaurant of Russian traditional cuisine. Give yourself a chance to plunge into the atmosphere of authenticity. Worth visiting for meat pies, interior and round-the-clock perfect service.

Ruski is one of Moscow.

2. Ruski

1-й Красногвардейский пр., 21, стр. 2, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant russe · Москва-Сити · 97 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: No higher place in Europe. With a traditional old Russian stove and ice bar (they will give you fur coat and valenki footwear, must try). If THAT is not enough, go higher on the roof with a cocktail.

Probka is one of Moscow.

3. Probka

Цветной бул., 2, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant italien · Мещанский · 362 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Feel the warmth of non-stop Italian family celebration with an open kitchen, fresh ingredients and excellent choice of wines. Great place to enjoy a quiet evening in the company of friends and pasta.

Turandot is one of Moscow.

4. Turandot

Тверской бул., 26, стр. 3, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant asiatique · Пресненский · 255 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Simply the best dim sum in the city. Peking duck and sea bass in honey and borsch with cherries, which guests remember years later. Drop by just to witness the luxurious interiors of a palace.

Южане is one of Moscow.

5. Южане

просп. Академика Сахарова, 10, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant-grill · Басманный · 104 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: The concept is simple and honest: everything goes from the ears and tails to the ribs, cheeks and hooves. Quality of meat and service are excellent. Another local attraction is smoked pear distillate.

White Rabbit is one of Moscow.

6. White Rabbit

ТЦ «Смоленский пассаж» (Смоленская пл., 3), Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant russe · Арбат · 746 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Renowned restaurant with a glass roof and panoramic view of the cityscape. Be massively surprised by bold experimentation with Russian cuisine. Ideal place for a romantic dinner or celebration.

Wine & Crab is one of Moscow.

7. Wine & Crab

Никольская ул., 19-21/1 (Третьяковский пр.), Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant de fruits de mer · Китай-город · 131 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Situated in the very heart of Moscow, this place is a haven for seafood gourmet. All types of crabs, fresh and hand-picked by chefs, alongside more than 1000 types of wine at a reasonable price.

El Gaucho is one of Moscow.

8. El Gaucho

Козловский пер., 3/2, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant argentin · Басманный · 36 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: For over 20 years, this is a leading Argentinian restaurant. Meat on the open grill served in iron pots and heated on coals. Don't miss traditional dessert, Siruvella, made from Chef's family recipe.

Мандарин. Лапша и утки is one of Moscow.

9. Мандарин. Лапша и утки

Большой Черкасский пер., 5 (Малый Черкасский пер.), Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant chinois · Китай-город · 149 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: In the occasion of a business dinner, family celebration or friends meeting, drop by Mandarin. A small corner of Shanghai in Moscow. The main specialty is no doubt the more than 30 types of noodles.

Честная кухня is one of Moscow.

10. Честная кухня

Садовая-Черногрязская ул., 10, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant · Басманный · 343 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Everything changes, but simple food lives forever: everything on the menu is collected, fished or shot by the owner & chef, an avid hunter. MUST try homemade tinctures. Ask for a tour of the mansion.

Twins Garden is one of Moscow.

11. Twins Garden

Страстной бул., 8а, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant russe · Тверской · 103 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Two brothers, one story and a successful garden of original ideas on the perfect dinner. Most of the ingredients are from their own farm, including sterlet and herbs. The atmosphere is warm and cozy.

Erwin. РекаМореОкеан is one of Moscow.

12. Erwin. РекаМореОкеан

Кутузовский просп., 2/1, стр. 6, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant de fruits de mer · Дорогомилово · 141 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Find rare seafood from all over Russia and make yourself comfortable at the caviar and oyster bars on the Moscow river embankment. Ideal place for a special occasion, dinner or a glass of wine.

Black Thai is one of Moscow.

13. Black Thai

Большой Путинковский пер., 5, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant thaïlandais · Тверской · 279 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Meat, fish, noodles or coconut cake? They've got it all! Live music, nighttime programs and very exotic, lavish Thailand decor. Good for big celebrations, the effect of which will haunt you after.

Severyane is one of Moscow.

14. Severyane

Большая Никитская ул., 12, стр. 1, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant · Пресненский · 196 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: The chef uses a traditional Russian wood stove. In case you're starving, make a reservation as the unique taste of food will knock you down, in a good way, of course. The service is great as well.

Kazbek is one of Moscow.

15. Kazbek

ул. 1905 года, 2, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant caucasien · Пресненский · 72 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Let's face it: the BEST chefs are our mothers. This place is proof, opened by a Georgian family, which gives us a chance to try khachapuri, lobio or yoghurt panakota. Straight from Georgia with love.

Рыбы нет is one of Moscow.

16. Рыбы нет

Никольская ул., 12, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant-grill · Китай-город · 161 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Dinner alone or with a group of friends, a place near the open kitchen or a cozy table in the depths, you choose. And of course, the sea of ​​meat that you can pick out directly from the shop window.

Fahrenheit is one of Moscow.

17. Fahrenheit

Тверской бул., 26/2, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant · Пресненский · 170 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Good Sunday brunch as well as original cocktails. Don't miss the chef's table: dinner performances on Thursdays where the chef comes up with special sets, serves meals and talks about each of them.

LavkaLavka is one of Moscow.

18. LavkaLavka

ул. Петровка, 21, стр. 2, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant russe · Тверской · 192 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: From local products like spelt or bird-cherry flour, chef's dishes are based on domestic culinary traditions. Portions are generous and good for breakfast. In the bar try the "Russian folk" cocktail.

La Bottega Siciliana is one of Moscow.

19. La Bottega Siciliana

ул. Охотный Ряд, 2, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant italien · Китай-город · 258 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Authentic Sicilian cuisine just a step away from the Red Square. They cook pizza in the wood-burning oven, homemade pasta, Italian desserts and ice cream in the classical form.

Moscow-Delhi is one of Moscow.

20. Moscow-Delhi

Ермолаевский пер., 7, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant indien · Патриаршие пруды · 99 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Real place with real vegetarian food. The owners and their friends cook and serve guests original Indian dishes. No menu as it changes everyday, so be prepared to be surprised. No meat or alcohol.

Ugolek is one of Moscow.

21. Ugolek

Большая Никитская ул., 12 (Газетный пер.), Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant · Пресненский · 771 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Food cooked according to the old technology in antique American wood-burning stoves. Thanks to this method, feel free to feed off retro spirit, from the industrial interior to the softness of dessert.

Beluga is one of Moscow.

22. Beluga

Моховая ул., 15/1, стр. 1, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant russe · Пресненский · 49 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Сaviar (more than 10 species: sturgeon, stellate, beluga) + vodka (more than one can count) + view of Kremlin = consider yourself Russian. Choose from many sets or order anything from the chef's menu.

#СибирьСибирь is one of Moscow.

23. #СибирьСибирь

Смоленская ул., 8, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant russe · Хамовники · 54 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Iconic Siberian products: northern fish, berries from Taiga, white milk mushrooms are all served here. Dumplings, ukha soup cooked right at the table with a traditional Yakut knife. Best for lunch.

Большой is one of Moscow.

24. Большой

ул. Петровка, 3/6, стр. 2 (ул. Кузнецкий Мост), Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant d'Europe de l'Est · Тверской · 135 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Classic Russian and European cuisine. Everyday there is a 5 o`clock tea: unlimited desserts and tea from a samovar for a fixed price. Order a glass of champagne before the Bolshoi Theater show.

5642 высота is one of Moscow.

25. 5642 высота

Большой Черкасский пер., 15-17, стр. 1, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant caucasien · Китай-город · 197 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Seasonal ingredients are brought to the restaurant straight from the foot of Mt. Elbrus. Menu combines Adyghe, Circassian, Kabardian cuisines & has one of the most full Caucasian cuisines in Moscow.

Nobu is one of Moscow.

26. Nobu

ул. Большая Дмитровка, 20, стр. 1 (Столешников пер.), Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant japonais · Тверской · 105 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Good service and great lunch with big portions. High-quality ingredients and the best flavor of seafood. Provides leisure in the middle of a city hustle. Japanese cuisine with elements of Peruvian.

Горыныч is one of Moscow.

27. Горыныч

Рождественский бул., 1, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant · Мещанский · 177 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Recommended dishes cooked in the oven: flatbread, more than six variations of bread on wild sourdough. Any loaf can be taken along at a fixed price. Breakfast menu available from opening to dinner.

Pinch is one of Moscow.

28. Pinch

Большой Палашёвский пер., 2, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant européen gastronomique · Патриаршие пруды · 231 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Need to pre-book a table. Magnificent breakfast, intricate food design and the main attraction: cocktails prepared right in front of your eyes. Best to try as many dishes as possible to feel the idea.

Матрёшка is one of Moscow.

29. Матрёшка

Кутузовский просп., 2/1, стр. 6, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant russe · Дорогомилово · 36 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: There are several offers for breakfast: you can order meat, fish, dairy breakfast or choose a mixed version. Popular themed Moscow dinners, live music and recipes of regional traditional dishes.

Узбекистан is one of Moscow.

30. Узбекистан

Неглинная ул., 29, Moscou, Moscou
Restaurant asiatique · Тверской · 106 conseils et avis

Anna A.Anna Aytkulova: Restaurant famous for plov and kebabs, but there are sections with Arabic, Azerbaijani and Pan-Asian cuisines. Evenings there is belly dancing. The cooks are real Uzbeks, so the samsa here is perfect.