L&B Spumoni Gardens

L&B Spumoni Gardens

Pizzeria, Marchand de glaces et Restaurant italien$$$$
Gravesend, Brooklyn
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  • Good food B.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Good food BXL & coAoût 31, 2015
    Ici, on vous sert la pizza à la sicilienne ! Pizza sur pâte épaisse, mélange entre une pâte à pain et brioche.
  • Elvis R.
    Elvis RodricksOctobre 7, 2017
    Finally got here and it was worth it. Have a spacious outdoor. More importantly the square pizza - the sauce stood out along with the crust (crusty out and soft on the inside). By far the best in nyc.
  • Nicki C.
    Nicki CostanzaSeptembre 3, 2013
    Parking can be a pain, but it's so worth it! Best pizza in New York. I drive over an hour for a slice! Be sure you get some Spumoni on the way out! No matter how full you are, there's always room
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceAvril 9, 2015
    Sprawled out over multiple buildings, Brooklyn's most famous Italian-American dining complex is part ice cream parlor, part pizzeria, with a broader Italian restaurant thrown in for good measure.
    A voté pour il y a Mar 10
  • James K.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    James KiernanJanvier 21, 2017
    I'm typically not a big fan of Sicilian style but it's definitely the way to go here. Also suggest starting with the pear salad which is fresh and perfectly seasoned. Enjoy!
  • Eater
    EaterJuillet 27, 2016
    With a huge collection of picnic tables, some exposed to the elements and others in a tented pavilion, L & B (founded in 1939 in Gravesend) offers three eateries to choose from. En savoir plus
  • Will H.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Will HarahanOctobre 25, 2018
    Not as great as I remembered from the last time I was here, but still pretty damn good, and of course it’s unique. Get the plain squares, no toppings necessary.
  • Soo Y.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Soo YooMars 30, 2023
    Right when you think it’s all about the square slice at the place named after gelato (spumoni), you try their delicious chicken piccata with fresh veggies in garlic oil~ and need to try more!
  • Eater
    EaterMars 17, 2014
    The L & B square slice has a dense, slightly sweet crust that's faintly reminiscent of a biscuit. The dough is first topped with mozzarella then tomato sauce and a thin layer of Pecorino-Romano. En savoir plus
  • Eater
    EaterAoût 1, 2016
    Sure, the namesake spumoni at L&B Spumoni Gardens is top-notch, but devotees of the softer stuff know to ask for the pitch-perfect creamsicle twist, served only in summer. En savoir plus
  • Oliver N.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Oliver NippletwistNovembre 25, 2017
    The pizza is a real-deal. One of the best I’ve ever had. Authentic Brooklyn-style vibe. Get a square from Sicilian classic! A must have
  • Michael F.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Michael FrescottDécembre 4, 2013
    Even when I dine in, I never leave without at least two pies (or a "full tray" as it's properly called) to bring home for family and friends. L&B square is the best pizza you'll ever have. Guaranteed.
  • Tom M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Tom MMars 12, 2018
    Love this square. Dense crust. Somewhat sweet. Nice crunch. Upside down...cheese first, sauce on top....and some pecorino Romano cheese sprinkled over it.
  • Paul M.
    Paul McnameeMai 20, 2014
    We had a great time. The wait was long but we started with a half pizza outside then moved over to dinner. Baked clams and chicken pram were awesome. Don't miss the Spumoni
  • Renz P.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Renz PeeFévrier 2, 2020
    Food is delicious. I ordered potato croquettes, pasta primavera, pasta with eggplant and mushroom, and salad. I enjoyed every bit of it
  • Catherine R.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Catherine RitortoAvril 20, 2013
    I used to sit inside and eat a grape nut salad.. to die for and then i tried the square.. Yummy! Now I'm obsessed owner gave me a card it said chefs table & I hear its a great experience! Can't wait!
  • Serious Eats
    Serious EatsMars 20, 2013
    L&B's Sicilian slice reverses the standard tomato-cheese order, placing the mozzarella directly on the dough and the sweet/tart sauce on top, along with a handful of grated Pecorino.
  • KinoIcône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    KinoAoût 22, 2014
    L&B was founded in 1939 by Ludovico Barbati. $2.50 per Round (regular) or delicioso Square (Sicilian) slice. Toppings for pies only. No cc min. Pistachio Spumoni is good. Yes parking. Outdoor seating.
  • lily m.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    lily meyerDécembre 22, 2015
    The cheese is under the sauce on their famous Sicilian style pizza. That lets the cheese really melt into the bread. It's perfect.
  • Mike L.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Mike LMai 25, 2018
    The square slice is fantastic, but the round is delicious as well. Make sure to save room for some spumoni!
  • Lucia D.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Lucia DiSeptembre 29, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Yes, it may be overrated but still the best!!! Some of us have 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 years of memories coming here. The pizza is very good and the ambiance is one of a kind. It's addictive. ❤❤❤❤
  • Max S.
    Max SklarAoût 19, 2014
    Brooklyn's premier sicilian slice. The dough consistency is perfect! When discussing toppings, the waiter leans in and tells us in perfect Brooklyn, "ya don't wanna spoil it"
  • Eater
    EaterAoût 29, 2017
    Fewer scenarios scream summer like upside-down Sicilian sheet pizza and a spumoni at this Brooklyn legend. En savoir plus
  • Ben K.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Ben K.Juillet 4, 2016
    The best Sicilian pizza anywhere. Order a whole or 1/2 tray and save room for a rainbow spumoni for dessert.
  • 3FLOZ
    3FLOZJuillet 15, 2011
    Family owned for 70 years! Well worth the drive or the train ride out. The sicilian squares are the way to go. Huge squares! Sit out side & order at their counter - every laid back and a perfect summe
  • Joshua B.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Joshua BeckhusenAoût 13, 2014
    They have the best sicilian slices in New York! And their desserts (icecream and ices) are flavorful. Their signature desserts are the creamcicle and spumoni.
  • Gothamist
    GothamistAoût 1, 2014
    L&B isn't exactly a tourist spot so much as a spectacular pizza restaurant, so expect a good mix of locals and out-of-towners when you bring your own family by. En savoir plus
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceAoût 15, 2014
    More like an amusement park than a restaurant, 3 conjoined eateries offer good Sicilian pizza, stupendous spumoni, and uneven southern Italian fare-go for anything featuring eggplant or ricotta. En savoir plus
  • Michael J.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Michael JosephJuin 23, 2014
    Pizza is good and that linguine with lobster and mix of fish plater for 30 bucks cant go wrong feeds 3 people place is still on point dont care what anyone says♡
  • Doris H.
    Doris HuMai 20, 2015
    The sausage & pepper roll is amazing! The spumoni is worth a try too. Also, sitting outdoors is more fun than being inside (also cheaper).
  • Lisa V.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Lisa VignaSeptembre 10, 2019
    Try the rigatoni with sausage and broccoli rabe. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Maria S.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Maria SolnechnajaAoût 31, 2015
    Tried square pizza. Dough is really good. A lot of marinara sauce(tastes good) - won't be back. Huge line. And it's to try once.
  • New York Post
    New York PostAvril 23, 2015
    "If you wanna have a New York pizza, you gotta go out to L&B. I only get the square Sicilian pie — I usually go plain or I go eggplant." - Mario Batali En savoir plus
  • Slice Pizza Blog
    Slice Pizza BlogNovembre 11, 2010
    Chances are you know this already, but if you're a noob to L&B, the square slices (or pies) are a must! Finish it off with pistachio spumoni. En savoir plus
  • Candice R.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Candice RiveraJuillet 24, 2016
    Possibly the best Sicilian slice and the regular slices have that coal oven taste! A great New York slice! Service is exceptional too!
  • Jackie C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Jackie CJuillet 14, 2017
    Everything is great here--food service, and atmosphere. I enjoyed pizza, baked ziti, and a dessert platter. It was all amazing!
  • Remy M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Remy MartinJuillet 29, 2018
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    You can’t get better than their square slices. Than go for the spumoni. You won’t regret it
  • Jesse B.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Jesse BagelsMars 27, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    A Brooklyn staple, when you rate NY pizza you bypass this and DiFara's and then start, this is a whole different echelon of slice
  • Christina B.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Christina BarbosaMars 26, 2015
    The soft dough of the crust is what makes this pizza amazing! Get the squares you wont regret it.
  • Vivienne G.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Vivienne GucwaSeptembre 13, 2014
    Get the square slice. It's the best slice of pizza in NYC. Then, get the spumoni. You are welcome.
  • Scott S.
    Scott SalboMars 18, 2013
    I'm not a fan. The ingredients are good. It's my wife's favorite sheet. Everyone I know loves their sicilian. It tastes too much like desert, like a layer cake. I'd take Armando's in Canarsie.
  • L. T.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    L. T.Juillet 25, 2015
    Get the square pizza! The sauce is just plain perfect. Crispy thick crust. Also, the service is amazing. A really great neighborhood place.
  • Daniel M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Daniel MontalvoSeptembre 30, 2017
    If you want square that literally melts in your mouth Not to mention look at the pic “you can’t turn down the dessert”!
  • Adam A.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Adam AtiaAvril 7, 2016
    Of course, you have to go for the square, followed by some spumoni (rainbow, which is chocolate, pistachio, and creamalotta together, I think).
  • Jack G.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Jack GashiFévrier 9, 2015
    Place is classic Brooklyn - the decor, the staff, the patrons. The pizza is amazing - sweet and saucey. Finish with a Spumoni for desert.
  • aIcône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    aAoût 5, 2016
    Everything is excellent, the vodka sauce with vermicelli is VERY recommended! Square pie is unusual and worth a try too.
  • Rich M.
    Rich MDécembre 1, 2011
    Its sloppy, its quick its Squares L&B style. Dough, cheese then sauce, great taste expect a wait on hot Brooklyn nights then get a spumoni ice cream to cool off. A Bensonhurst tradition
    DANGER TAMOctobre 7, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Don't go to the fancy restaurant part. Just grab a couple of squares and enjoy the picnic tables out front. Save some room for spumonis, duh!
  • Lisa V.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Lisa VignaSeptembre 10, 2019
    Sicilian eggplant over ziti is to die for
  • Noah X.
    Noah XifrJuillet 24, 2013
    Easily the best Sicilian slice I've had in a long time. But still get the 1&1, Round regular & square Sicilian. Finish w the namesake Spumoni icees. Yum & done.
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