Hákarlavogur is one of Iceland.

1. Hákarlavogur

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Hallgrímskirkja is one of Iceland.

2. Hallgrímskirkja

Hallgrímstorg 1, Reykjavik, Région de la capitale
Église · Miðborg · 154 conseils et avis

Jonathan P.Jonathan Percy: Quite a stunning church. Make sure to go up to the top of the tower to see great views of Reykjavik!

Lagon bleu is one of Iceland.

3. Lagon bleu

(Bláa lónið)
Bláalónsvegur, Grindavík, Péninsule méridionale
Source thermale · 377 conseils et avis

ElizabethElizabeth: Bathe in two continents because the American and Euro-Asian tectonic plates meet at the Blue Lagoon!

Þingvellir National Park is one of Iceland.

4. Þingvellir National Park

Þingvallavegur, Selfoss, Sud
Parc naturel · 91 conseils et avis

IcelandIceland: Þingvellir is the place where I am drifting apart. One part of me goes west, and other goes east. (But don't worry, it happens very, very slowly. Much to slowly for humans to notice.)

Kröst is one of Iceland.

5. Kröst

Hlemmur (Laugavegur 105), Reykjavik, Région de la capitale
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Bruarfoss is one of Iceland.

6. Bruarfoss

Cascade · 4 conseils et avis

Beat B.Beat Brunner: Nicht leicht zu finden ;-)

Kirkjufell is one of Iceland.

7. Kirkjufell

Grundarfjörður, Ouest
Montagne · 15 conseils et avis

Mary N.Mary Nadela: game of thrones scene! What a beautiful view

Kirkjufellsfoss is one of Iceland.

8. Kirkjufellsfoss

Grundarfjörður, Ouest
Cascade · 10 conseils et avis

Hadi A.Hadi AlSinan: One of the most photographed mountains in Iceland ! Another GOT filming location as well

Bjarnarfoss is one of Iceland.

9. Bjarnarfoss

Belvédère / Panorama · 1 conseil

MrDodo W.MrDodo Wikanto: Like angel's falls venezuela

Gatklettur is one of Iceland.

10. Gatklettur

Arnarstapi, Ouest
Belvédère / Panorama · 1 conseil

Leonidas M.Leonidas M.: Very nice lava rock formations close to the beach. Parking spots available

Rauðfeldsgjá is one of Iceland.

11. Rauðfeldsgjá

Montagne · 3 conseils et avis

Jesse N.Jesse Newland: Crazy cliffs and canyon, and great views. Definitely worth a stop.

Lóndrangar is one of Iceland.

12. Lóndrangar

Belvédère / Panorama · 3 conseils et avis

Honza R.Honza R.: One of the best places in Iceland! 🙌

Skalasnagi Lighthouse is one of Iceland.

13. Skalasnagi Lighthouse

Snæfellsbær, Western Iceland
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Hellulaug is one of Iceland.

14. Hellulaug

Source thermale · 4 conseils et avis

Myrosia P.Myrosia Pabyrivska: Awesome place to swim with the view of ocean !

Shipwreck Garður is one of Iceland.

15. Shipwreck Garður

Örlygshafnarvegur (near Patreksfjörður), Fjords de l'ouest
Site historique et protégé · 2 conseils et avis

Honza R.Honza R.: In Dec 1981 Garðar was deemed unfit for duty. Instead of sinking it a sea as was the custom in these days when ships went out of service it was and rammed ashore at this place. 🚢

Dynjandi is one of Iceland.

16. Dynjandi

Mosdalsvegur, Ísafjörður, Fjords de l'ouest
Cascade · 7 conseils et avis

Myrosia P.Myrosia Pabyrivska: Epic waterfall ; one of the best in Iceland ;

Hvítserkur is one of Iceland.

17. Hvítserkur

Belvédère / Panorama · 9 conseils et avis

JamesJames: Incredible scenery, amazing black sand. Lots and lots of inquisitive seals!

Kálfshamarsvík Lighthouse is one of Iceland.

18. Kálfshamarsvík Lighthouse

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Grettislaug is one of Iceland.

19. Grettislaug

Piscine · 6 conseils et avis

Briana B.Briana Bailey: Amazing. Two man made hot pots that only had a few people throughout the day with great mountain/sea views. Cost is 1000 ISK (about $10) on an honor system unless someone is there at the cafe.

Reykjafoss is one of Iceland.

20. Reykjafoss

Sveitarfélagið Skagafjörður, Norðurland eystra
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Koluglùfur is one of Iceland.

21. Koluglùfur

Hrappsstaðavegur, Laugarbakki, Nord-ouest
Rivière · 2 conseils et avis

Mark A.Mark A: Nice canyon and a waterfall. Bring lunch and make use of the picnic table.

Berlín is one of Iceland.

22. Berlín

Skipagata 4, Akureyri, Nord-est
Lieu servant des petits déjeuners · 12 conseils et avis

Xavier P.Xavier Piette: Awesome breakfast. Super fresh and great salad.

Nettó is one of Iceland.

23. Nettó

Glerárgata (at Glerártorg), Akureyri, Nord-est
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Dettifoss is one of Iceland.

24. Dettifoss

Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður, Húsavík, Nord-est
Cascade · 23 conseils et avis

Richard Y.Richard Y.: These are the waterfalls seen in the Alien movies' prequel "Prometheus"

The Húsavík Whale Museum is one of Iceland.

25. The Húsavík Whale Museum

Hafnarstétt 1, Húsavík, Nord-est
Musée des sciences · 6 conseils et avis

JustinJustin: A real labour of love for the people involved. The Blue Whale skeleton is a thing of beauty. Highly recommended

Goðafoss is one of Iceland.

26. Goðafoss

Sprengisandur, Laugar, Nord-est
Cascade · 25 conseils et avis

Leonidas M.Leonidas M.: Too cold but worth. Very close to Akureyri. Parking available , nice spots for pics.

Mývatn is one of Iceland.

27. Mývatn

Mývatn, Reykjahlíð, Nord-est
Lac · 15 conseils et avis

Gonzalo A.Gonzalo Arenas: Scenes for upcoming movie Fast and Furious 8 were filmed here. Flashy orange Lambo spinning on ice! Hoozah!

Skútustaðagígar is one of Iceland.

28. Skútustaðagígar

Belvédère / Panorama · 4 conseils et avis

Jay S.Jay S: Sheep roam free

Gentle Giants is one of Iceland.

29. Gentle Giants

Hafnarstétt 7, Húsavík, Nord-est
Tour-opérateur · 8 conseils et avis

C F.C F: Speedboat tour is worth some extra money. You get much faster much closer to the whales.

Selfoss is one of Iceland.

30. Selfoss

Jökulsá á Fjöllum, Reykjahlíð, Nord-est
Cascade · 2 conseils et avis

S P.S P: Beautiful setting and nice "multiple" waterfalls. Worth the walk.

Jarðböðin – Mývatn Nature Baths is one of Iceland.

31. Jarðböðin – Mývatn Nature Baths

Jarðbaðshólar, Reykjahlíð, Nord-est
Source thermale · 55 conseils et avis

Ilona V.Ilona Vandersmissen: Half the price of the Blue Lagoon and less pretentious. Less crowdy between 10 PM and midnight.

Aldeyjarfoss is one of Iceland.

32. Aldeyjarfoss

Cascade · 4 conseils et avis

Fel C.Fel Chia: Be warned; it is a little dangerous to get to, esp in winter. Steep, slippery, narrow slopes. Don’t even think about attempting without 4WD. But once there, the reward is truly spectacular.

Askja is one of Iceland.

33. Askja

Austurleið, Est
Volcan · 7 conseils et avis

TansuTansu: Askja is a stratovolcano situated in a remote part of the central highlands of Iceland.

Hraunhafnartangaviti is one of Iceland.

34. Hraunhafnartangaviti

Sléttuvegur (Hraunhafnartangi), Raufarhöfn, Nord-est
Phare · 2 conseils et avis

MagalyMagaly: Beautiful loneliness!! If you manage to get to the lighthouse, go to Hotel Nordurljos and get a certificate!!

Bónus | Akureyri is one of Iceland.

35. Bónus | Akureyri

Langholti 1, Akureyri, Nord-est
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Bónus is one of Iceland.

36. Bónus

Kjarnagata 2, Akureyri, Nord-est
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Nettó is one of Iceland.

37. Nettó

Borgarbraut 58, Borganes, Ouest
Épicerie · 3 conseils et avis
Bónus | Borgarnes is one of Iceland.

38. Bónus | Borgarnes

Digranesgötu 6, Borganes, Ouest
Épicerie · 2 conseils et avis
Bónus | Stykkishólmi is one of Iceland.

39. Bónus | Stykkishólmi

Borgarbraut 1, Stykkishólmur, Snæfellsnes
Épicerie · Ni conseil ni avis
Nettó is one of Iceland.

40. Nettó

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Rauðasandur is one of Iceland.

41. Rauðasandur

Plage · 3 conseils et avis
Fjaðrárgljúfur is one of Iceland.

42. Fjaðrárgljúfur

Holtsvegur, Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Sud
Belvédère / Panorama · 15 conseils et avis