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Seoul, South Korea
Korea House is one of Seoul, South Korea.

1. Korea House

중구 퇴계로36길 10, 서울특별시
Restaurant coréen · 필동 · 21 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: For those unfamiliar with local tastes, this place is a great introduction to Korean cuisine.

Gogung is one of Seoul, South Korea.

2. Gogung

중구 관훈동, Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant coréen · 인사동 · 22 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: The specialty here is Jeonju bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables).

사리원 is one of Seoul, South Korea.

3. 사리원

서초구 서운로 136 (서초점), Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant coréen · 서초2동 · 22 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: Galbi (marinated beef ribs) is a local favorite, but this restaurant is known for its bulgogi made from filet mignon. The beef is served with naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodles). Pretty good wine list

Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken Soup is one of Seoul, South Korea.

4. Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken Soup

종로구 자하문로5길 5, Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant servant du samgyetang · 사직동 · 248 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: A favorite soup shop. Try the specialty samgyetang, Korean-style chicken soup with ginseng.

Dal (달) Taste of India is one of Seoul, South Korea.

5. Dal (달) Taste of India

Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant indien · 삼청동 · 9 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: If your taste buds can't quite handle the heat of most Indian dishes, come here for milder curries.

6. New Delhi Curry

Restaurant indien · 1 conseil

travel42travel42: The chicken tikka masala is arguably the best item on the buffet.

Thai Orchid is one of Seoul, South Korea.

7. Thai Orchid

용산구 이태원로 223, Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant thaïlandais · 한남동 · 21 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: This place serves excellent curries and tom yum soup.

Atelier du Saint-Ex is one of Seoul, South Korea.

8. Atelier du Saint-Ex

용산구 이태원로27가길 49, Séoul
Restaurant français · 이태원1동 · 23 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: This authentic modern bistro serves seafood and meat specials that change with the season, along with excellent desserts.

The Paris Grill is one of Seoul, South Korea.

9. The Paris Grill

용산구 소월로 322, Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant français · 한남동 · 17 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: Brunch hot spot. The restaurant offers a wonderful view of the city.

Ahndamiro Italian Restaurant is one of Seoul, South Korea.

10. Ahndamiro Italian Restaurant

Restaurant italien · 인사동 · 1 conseil

travel42travel42: Tucked away in a small alley, this pretty restaurant boasts a lovely terrace and is one of the most authentic-looking Italian places in town. Serves Tuscan-inspired pasta, meat and fish.

La Tavola Felice is one of Seoul, South Korea.

11. La Tavola Felice

Restaurant italien · 반포4동 · 1 conseil

travel42travel42: Try the porcini-mushroom pasta.

Villa Sortino Ristorante is one of Seoul, South Korea.

12. Villa Sortino Ristorante

용산구 이태원로 208, Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant italien · 한남동 · 42 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: Extensive wine list at this authentic Italian eatery.

13. Casa Loca

영등포구 여의도동 25 대한빌딩 1층 (여의도점), Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant mexicain · 여의도동 · 4 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: The Chilean sea bass is a must, and the fajitas are superb.

MARRAKECH NIGHTS III is one of Seoul, South Korea.


용산구 이태원동 131-3 2층, Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant marocain · 이태원1동 · 8 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: The chicken couscous is a favorite.

Sanchon Temple Cooking is one of Seoul, South Korea.

15. Sanchon Temple Cooking

종로구 인사동길 30-13, Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant coréen · 인사동 · 21 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: This is a favorite vegetarian restaurant, popular for their 16-course lunches and dinners.

Gecko's Avenue is one of Seoul, South Korea.

16. Gecko's Avenue

용산구 이태원로23길 16-5, Séoul, 서울특별시
Restaurant de cuisine américaine moderne · 이태원1동 · 33 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: Great tapas bar with an excellent wine, beer and cocktail menu

Nashville Pub is one of Seoul, South Korea.

17. Nashville Pub

Pub · 이태원1동 · 2 conseils et avis

travel42travel42: Expect excellent steaks and burgers, as well as shishkebabs and chicken dishes.

National Museum of Korea is one of Seoul, South Korea.

18. National Museum of Korea

용산구 서빙고로 137, Séoul, 서울특별시
Musée · 서빙고동 · 142 conseils et avis
The War Memorial of Korea is one of Seoul, South Korea.

19. The War Memorial of Korea

용산구 이태원로 29, Séoul, 서울특별시
Musée · 남영동 · 97 conseils et avis
Seoul Museum of History is one of Seoul, South Korea.

20. Seoul Museum of History

종로구 새문안로 55, Séoul, 서울특별시
Musée d'histoire · 사직동 · 43 conseils et avis