Restaurant de cuisine moléculaire et Bar à cocktail$$$$
Lower East Side, New York
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  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceAoût 4, 2014
    Everything is presented with minimalist flare: a ring of soft foie gras on a bed of Chinese celery, a miniature everything bagel (actually made of ice cream) set over bright orange salmon threads. En savoir plus
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceAoût 4, 2014
    Wylie Dufresne's Lower East Side gem still has what it takes to surprise and delight us. Go for the longer tasting which shows off avant-garde style and technique, without compromising flavor. En savoir plus
  • Mike W.
    Mike WinstonDécembre 6, 2013
    It's quite an experience here. Everything feels like a mixture of magic and science. Don't miss the Matte Black cocktail or the Pork Belly. Read all about my visit below!! En savoir plus
  • Vanessa V.
    Vanessa VergaraJuin 22, 2014
    You may think you are going to leave the restaurant with an empty stomach, but you're NOT! The food is delicious and the service is great! Get a reservation before they close by the end of the year!!
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceAoût 4, 2014
    If you'€™re short on time (or cash), sit at the bar and choose any two plates for $25. We suggest the pho gras, followed by the refreshing dessert of cucumber ice, chartreuse foam, and jasmine cream. En savoir plus
  • Daniel B.
    Daniel BouludJuillet 30, 2014
    Wylie Dufresne is an amazing, inventive chef. His menu changes constantly but if any of his classics are available; cold fried chicken with caviar, scrambled egg ravioli or shrimp noodles, get them!
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceAoût 4, 2014
    Your best bet is the tasting menu, which features a parade of deconstructed dishes that will leave you both scratching your head and rubbing your belly. En savoir plus
  • Jerry R.
    Jerry RaymondJuin 17, 2013
    The best dishes are those that delight and surprise here. And there are many. I do wish that some of the all time classics were always in the menu, such as their rendition of the everything bagel.
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceNovembre 26, 2012
    Experimental, technical dishes.Try the hot pink noodles made from lobster roe, or sticky nigiri of mackerel and salsify, beaded with trout roe and seaweed. Critics' choice for best Manhattan splurge.
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    SEA SCALLOP, COFFEE, CAULIFLOWER, ORANGE: scallop was perfectly cooked and the cauliflower was good, but this dish was overall not an amazing pairing.
  • Jon S.
    Jon StewartJanvier 12, 2014
    Amazing, most memorable meal I've had. Only knock is some wine parings -- the food is so refined and delicate that some of the reds were too much. The food is incredible.
  • Food Network
    Food NetworkAoût 17, 2011
    On Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Ted Allen raves about Eggs Benedict, a fresh twist on a classic dish, at WD~50 in New York, NY. Find more tips at Food Network Local. En savoir plus
  • Marcio C.
    Marcio CantelliMars 23, 2013
    Awesome restaurant! A completely different experience for dinner. Don't leave the restaurant before trying Que Pasa Calabaza, a drink made by tequila, squash, yuzu and black salt.
  • Kat
    KatSeptembre 4, 2013
    Eat at the bar to order à la carte! Love the pig tail terrine, sweetbreads, foie gras, and arctic char; skip the wagyu beef and pork belly.
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    CHARRED CHICKEN LIVER, SZECHUAN, INJERA, MELON: while this dish was probably one of the more difficult to eat, flavor was great. presentation could be improved.
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    MILK BRAISED PORK COLLAR, SUNCHOKE, BLACK SESAME, KAFFIR: delicious, but i don't understand how this is considered "molecular gastronomy."
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    WINE PAIRINGS: not necessary. although, the kimoto ginjo 'time machine' tamagawa was paired perfectly with the bloodless sausage, smoked marcona, lily bulb and mushroom dish.
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    OYSTER IN ITS "SHELL," PRESERVED LEMON, SNOW PEA, HAZELNUT: delicious. loved the contrasting textures.
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    CURED DUCK BREAST, CURDS-N-WHEY, SWEET POTATO, RICE NOODLES: you can never go wrong with duck.
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM: this dish was not my favorite, but definitely the closest to what i imagined molecular gastronomy food to look like. very creative and not bad.
  • Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
    Both prix-fixe menus highlight innovation in technique + ingredients. Diners are encouraged to visit the kitchen. – Green Guide Editor
  • Seth G.
    Seth GordonMars 11, 2011
    Current standouts: eggs, peekytoe, foie, scallops, cod, pork, lamb, wagyu. Misses: shrimp spaghetti, cuttlefish & cashew. Plus: don't miss the cocktails! Some of the most creative in the city.
  • Paul S.
    Paul SmithOctobre 4, 2014
    Best meal ever!!! Great wine pairings, amazing flavors! Definitely worth every penny!
  • Olivier N.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Olivier Nguyen Van TanJuillet 31, 2012
    Don't hesitate to mix everything in your plate (incl. the side sauces beautifully covering the plates) to enjoy the full flavors. Fantastic tasting experience.
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    SQUASH-ROASTED PEANUT SOUP, COCKSCOMB, FIG TOBACCO: interesting pairing. pretty good. a little too sweet.
  • Diana M.
    Diana MJanvier 28, 2011
    Eggs benedict is so creative and weird. Try the corned duck appetizer -- it's inspired by Katz's deli around the corner and is delicious. warning though -- the artic char looked and tasted raw.
  • abby
    abbyAvril 3, 2011
    fun and curious yet polarizing dining experience. great service! this is the only place that has forced me to examine each dish for its technique. lots of head-scratching. wylie's a genius.
  • Men's Health Mag
    Men's Health MagJuillet 10, 2012
    Ingredients you've tasted countless times before are reinvented at wd~50. Take eggs, for example. They cure the yolks for six hours so there isn't a deluge of runny proteins or crumbling, chalky yolk.
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    BARTLETT PEAR SORBET, HONEY-MILK CRISP, TARRAGON: delicious, but needs more imagination.
  • Bravo
    BravoDécembre 2, 2010
    The creativity of the presentation and flavor combinations of the food will make you wonder in delight. Bring a camera for sure. -Maria Hines, Top Chef
  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupNovembre 17, 2011
    Famous for molecular gastronomy and their eclectic menu, but you shouldn’t overlook their cocktails - especially the Snow Globe!
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    APPLE TART, POMEGRANATE, SWISS CHARD, PISTACHIO: was not too keen on the combination of flavors on this palette.
  • Mary Elise Chavez
    Mary Elise ChavezAvril 7, 2012
    5stars across the board (1) informed and friendly staff, (2) inventive cocktails and wine list, (3) menu cover, (4) dishes are unlike anything you've had, (5) desserts will seduce you.
  • Rachel L.
    Rachel LovingerJanvier 8, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    The menus change pretty regularly, but everything here is unusual and inventive, and something is certain to delight adventurous eaters!
  • New York Habitat
    New York HabitatNovembre 7, 2011
    This Michelin star restaurant is for the true foodies, especially egg lovers. We recommend the tasting menu to get the full experience.
  • Annuh S.
    Annuh StrangeJuin 15, 2014
    Go all out with the wine pairings. Be nice to the staff and the manger on duty will you a your of their kitchen. Go now before they permanently close in Nov. 2014
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    BLACK BASS, PARSNIP, PICKLED GINGER, NORI MUSTARD: too much going on in this dish.
  • Ali B.
    Ali BanksJuin 13, 2012
    Egg "ravioli" are the best thing on the menu. Ask for a tour of the kitchen, how things are made are better than the actual dishes.
  • Toad M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Toad MushroomJuin 4, 2014
    SHRIMP GRITS, PICKLED JALAPENO: loved this dish, great flavor.
  • Marion-Isabelle M.
    Marion-Isabelle M.Décembre 20, 2010
    Happy to salute an allergy-ok restaurant. I'm allergic to eggs, the waiter double checked all the menu for me. Scallops are really good, an venison meat is crazy. Enjoy!
  • Frani L.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Frani LiebermanJuin 8, 2012
    If they have the French toast dessert with brown butter ice cream, get it! It will make your mouth so happy.
  • @JaumePrimero
    @JaumePrimeroOctobre 22, 2011
    Don't be afraid! The food here is incredible, and the experience will change the way you look at dining! Open your mind :)
  • Adrienne S.
    Adrienne SJuin 10, 2012
    Pro tip: grab a seat at the bar, get 2 courses for $25 and let Kevin make you a fantastic cocktail.
  • Compass
    CompassJuillet 23, 2013
    Wylie Dufresne’s flagship for molecular gastronomy is known for its wacky combos and prix-fixe menus.
  • M M.
    M MNovembre 26, 2012
    Go for the larger of the two tasting menus. It is worth it for the dessert courses alone!
  • Jessica M.
    Jessica MeyerJanvier 19, 2012
    Oh, man. The chocolate ganache with beet dessert blew. me. away. And that is after the benedict and three other awesome dishes.
  • The Daily Meal
    The Daily MealMars 4, 2011
    At the helm is Wylie Dufresne, one of the modern food world'sfounding culinary wizards. To dine at wd-50 is a promise of the unexpected, which is no small feat in this hard-to-impress town. En savoir plus
  • Constantin K.
    Constantin KJuin 30, 2012
    One of my favorite meals of all time. Get the tasting menu, don't think about it, just do it.
  • C. Spencer B.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    C. Spencer BeggsJuillet 9, 2013
    Went on a Monday night on a whim and got a table for two at 8:30 without a problem except for the host talking down to me. Probably shouldn't rock a t-shirt and bike helmet ;) Food was A++.
  • Jennifer
    JenniferMars 11, 2012
    An absolute must! Every bite was amazing. I'm just sad that I couldn't start from the beginning and eat it again!
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