Mighty Quinn's BBQ

Mighty Quinn's BBQ

Restaurant de cuisine au barbecue$$$$
East Village, New York
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  • The Corcoran Group
    The Corcoran GroupJuillet 17, 2013
    New to the BBQ scene, this spot has slowly climbed to the top of our list. We usually devour the brisket, the pulled pork, and the beef ribs. Everything is amazingly juicy and delicious (and messy).
  • Eater
    EaterJuillet 27, 2016
    The spicy chili-lime wings taste quite different from Hometown BBQ and we are sure that the similarity is just the case of great minds thinking alike. Six to seven wings (depending on size) for $7.25. En savoir plus
  • Thrillist
    ThrillistMai 13, 2014
    This Texas/Carolina hybrid spot offers a no-frills counter service environment flush with hardwood-smoked, bigger-than-your-head beef ribs, just-as-delicious spare ribs, and excellent brisket. En savoir plus
  • Clara E.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Clara EloyJuillet 22, 2022
    Super nice bbq place. I recommend the rice bowl as you get two sides with the meat. The brisket and the burnt ends are excellent. the brocoli salad and brussels sprouts too, pass the sweet potato
  • Peter C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Peter CucèOctobre 3, 2017
    A visité ce lieu plus de 25 fois
    Consistently some of the best BBQ in New York City, along with underrated chicken wings. I love the pickled vegetables they give for free, and the burnt end baked beans are good albeit a bit oversweet
  • Giannis L.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Giannis LybousakhsFévrier 7, 2018
    The most amazing food in the neighborhood. Extremely friendly environment and customer service. I came from Greece and it’s a 10/10 from me! You don’t have to miss it!
  • Monika M.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Monika McMahonJuin 19, 2016
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Best BBQ place in downtown Manhattan - just don't go as they're closing because the pickings are slim and the staff is half checked out. Be prepared to wait in line, but it's worth it!
  • Alex T.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Alex TsuMai 26, 2017
    Most amazing BBQ I've had in NYC; Burnt ends will be blow you away; Don't forget to add on the cucumber pickles, which are so fresh and crunchy. I'm practically drooling as I write this review.
  • Alex P.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Alex PyatetskyNovembre 22, 2014
    My fav BBQ in NYC. Expensive but worth it. Brisket. Brontosaurus rib. Regular ribs. Whatever you get it'll be delicious, just leave time to wait in line or come for lunch.
  • Noah W.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Noah WeissMai 10, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Get the naked brisket with all of the free sides, and the baked beans stuffed to the brim with burnt ends. Eat happy for cheap: $10 person. Best BBQ in Manhattan.
  • PureWow
    PureWowMai 9, 2017
    Simply put, the pulled pork sandwich is perfection on a brioche bun. We’re also a fan of “brontosaurus rib” (aka beef rib) when we want to channel our inner Fred Flintstone. En savoir plus
  • G D.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    G DaniellAvril 10, 2016
    1st and only time going here,DEFF coming back, I had the brisket sandwich with pomme fries and a tap beer,hands down the best $10 I've spent on brisket,the fries weren't anything special though
  • Sarah L.
    Sarah LewitinnJuin 30, 2013
    I've been to bbq joints all over the United States and this one takes the cake by far. The brisket is on the level of a minetta tavern black label burger... Stupidly good. Imho, get the creamy slaw.
  • amNewYork
    amNewYorkAoût 4, 2014
    They have a beef rib, called the Brontosaurus Rib on the menu, and if that's not enough to get you there, well...how about an edamame and sweet pea salad? Yes, this is Brooklyn through and through. En savoir plus
  • Nicholas V.
    Nicholas VanderBorghAvril 24, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    I LOVE this place. Brisket and potatoes !!But they have to learn from chipotle how to handle lines. Two people relaxing while one person cuts and another scoops. This place is going to get popular
  • Gothamist
    GothamistAoût 1, 2014
    They've got basics like pulled pork and Berkshire brisket, and sides like sweet potato casserole, baked beans and slaw. The joint's laid-back, funky atmosphere just adds to the experience. En savoir plus
  • Andrei A.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Andrei AntonenkoSeptembre 23, 2016
    We didn't try everything on the menu, but the brisket was fantastic and tender (and not just by NY standards), while the fries loaded with burnt ends were a great side! Bread pudding is a must have!
  • CassidyIcône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    CassidyMars 28, 2013
    Don't know why everyone is freaking out about the brisket because the beef rib is where it's at. In fact, skip everything except the ribs (spare and beef) and finish it off with all things pickled.
  • Casey S.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Casey SchoonoverSeptembre 12, 2014
    Everyone raves about the pulled pork and brisket but if the pork cheeks are on special, get um!! Shit is on point. Edamame salad is killer, as is all of their pickles.
  • Alex P.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Alex PyatetskyJuillet 31, 2017
    I went back here to confirm that it's the best BBQ in ny. Had hometown and hill country in past 2 weeks. Might Quinn is hands down winner. Brontosaurus rib probably best BBQ meat in NYC.
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceAoût 4, 2014
    Look to the beef rib for a real barbecue oddity: a full foot in length, and accompanied by a bone that can double as a weapon once you've finished the blackened, wiggly hunk of meat. En savoir plus
  • Kenneth K.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Kenneth KaasteskaftOctobre 19, 2015
    The ribs here are amongst the Best i have ever had. Goes well with the growler, but then again - everything goes well with a growler
  • M. R.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    M. R.Décembre 10, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Best BBQ in the city. (Sorry, Dinosaur). Brisket, pulled pork, ribs --- it's all good. Baked beans, too. If it's crowded, take it to go so you can just pass out on your couch afterward.
  • 7th.List
    7th.ListJanvier 6, 2013
    New. BBQ butchered on premises and smoked in-house (like their brisket and beef ribs, you can get them naked or sandwich), and pouring 16 craft (http://goo.gl/YpkVu) beers En savoir plus
  • Jeffrey
    JeffreyAoût 31, 2014
    The ordeal is part of the commitment. And all is right with the world when they fork over your pulled-pork sandwich, a stack of sliced brisket, and especially the titanic, much-talked-about beef rib.
  • Lou C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Lou CarulliDécembre 8, 2014
    GET THE BRONTOSAURUS RIB! Ya its the priciest thing on the menu, but when you taste it you will thank me. Second its the brisket, incredibly good & ribs are great. The sauce is drinkable!!!
  • Flower P.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Flower PFévrier 18, 2015
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    You can't go wrong with whatever you choose. As soon as you open the door, you're smacked worth the wonderful smell of authentic wood smoked bbq mmmmm
  • Allie C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Allie CaldwellOctobre 25, 2017
    Fast casual, tasty BBQ, included sides = pickles, and coleslaw (mayo or vinegar based), other sides include a delicious decadent sweet potato casserole. This place is always a safe bet.
  • rebecca s.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    rebecca sloatJuillet 27, 2013
    This place is phenomenal -- and not just by New York City standards. Get the pulled pork with burnt ends or the brisket. The sweet potato casserole with maple sugar & pecans is Thanksgiving in a cup.
  • Ariana A.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Ariana AmesFévrier 28, 2014
    Awesome place to chill out in the summer. Food is affordable and AMAZING. you get so much and all the sides are to die for as well. I've gone here multiple times and love it every time.
  • Carl F.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Carl FigueiredoJuin 6, 2013
    The brisket is rather off-the-hook. You should have this....trust me. The single portions are kind of small. Best bet if you are with some friends is to buy by the pound and do some BBQ sharing.
  • Time Out New York
    Time Out New YorkJuin 19, 2013
    Barbecue is a cornerstone of cheap eatin’, and there’s no better spot for carnivorous feasting on a budget than Hugh Mangum’s packed East Village smokehouse (TONY’s pick for best new 2013 BBQ joint). En savoir plus
  • Colleen M.
    Colleen MeganNovembre 15, 2014
    The line is long, the seating is a bit cramped but it's 100% WORTH IT. Enjoyed the brisket and sweet potato casserole, excellent dinner choice. :)
  • Guilherme 梅.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Guilherme 梅田Décembre 2, 2014
    Eu descobri esse lugar pelo TripAdvisor... Ambiente legal, staff atencioso e comida muito boa! O pedido é o brisket com caçarola de batata doce e salada de beterraba!
  • Wylie C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Wylie ConlonMai 9, 2014
    A visité ce lieu plus de 10 fois
    Almost definitely the best barbecue in Manhattan. All those Dinosaur BBQ fans are clearly mistaken. Delicious brisket and ribs- but don't add sauce, they're meant to be dry rub.
  • Village Voice
    Village VoiceJanvier 18, 2013
    We’ve reviewed all sorts of Barbeque, but none that can so elequently combine the grit of Texas Brisket and Sweet Tang of Carolina pulled pork. Enjoy, and hold onto your napkins.
  • Lou C.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Lou CarulliAoût 13, 2014
    Im a HUGE fan of this place. In fact my office has ordered this twice for lunch and we basically order everything on the menu and everything is great! GET THE BRONTOSAURUS RIB!
  • Ben B.
    Ben BearnotMars 29, 2013
    Walk in the front door and take a big whiff even if you're not planning to stay for dinner. If you are staying: bring friends, and get the brisket, pulled pork, and a rack of ribs.
  • Tim R.
    Tim RecchionMars 6, 2014
    Still some of the best BBQ I've ever had (and I've lived in Texas and North Carolina)!! Ask for a sample of the different cuts of meat, and then order the brisket!
  • Raphael L.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Still absolutely killing it. The line is a bit over the top at major food hours, but the brisket and the burnt ends are worth it. The chicken is the best deal overall.
  • Danny C.
    Danny ChongJuin 7, 2013
    A visité ce lieu plus de 5 fois
    Everything here is amazing! My favorite is the brisket! Super tender and juicy. It's amazing. The beans are amazingly flavorful. The sweet potato casserole is very good if you want sweet!
  • Jorge A.
    Jorge AldayAvril 4, 2013
    Brisket was slightly overlooked but delicious smoky flavor. Great on a bun with the picked onions. No need for sauce. The ribs are extremely well cooked, and the rub is delicious albeit a bit salty.
  • Wilson Z.
    Wilson ZhouAvril 28, 2014
    Mighty Quinn bills its food as Texalina barbecue, smoked with oak, apple, and cherry wood, the meat is pink, juicy, and practically melting, with perfectly charred, salty-sweet burnt edges.
  • Alex B.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Alex BravoAoût 14, 2022
    The rice bowl with pulled pork was a great deal. Will definitely be coming back here. Some of the best food I’ve had in awhile.
  • Alex E.
    Alex EngelAoût 25, 2014
    All the BBQ is great. Can't go wrong with anything on the menu. The sides are great too. The line is always really long so try to go at off-peak hours.
  • Kris N.
    Kris NikiMars 30, 2013
    A joint where a full rack of ribs is actually a full rack of ribs. Reasonable pricing. Be prepared to wait for a table, or just do what I did: order takeaway and enjoy your feast elsewhere.
  • Brad P.
    Brad ParkJanvier 7, 2014
    Texas meets Carolina meets East Village smoked meats. The pulled pork and brisket are both excellent, but it’s the real show-stopper is the massive beef brontosaurus rib.
  • Abby
    AbbyJuillet 15, 2013
    Pulled pork is better than the brisket. The creamy slaw is perfectly creamy. They have fountain soda. On Sunday if you want a normal wait in line come before 7 to avoid the rush.
  • Chris E.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Chris EvansAoût 10, 2014
    Everything is delicious, although if your choosing one go for the burnt ends. For a side, both the sweet potato casserole and the baked beans are the bomb dot com.
  • Jon R.Icône de cœur sur l'image de l'utilisateur
    Jon RiceSeptembre 8, 2014
    Get the brisket, it comes with slaw included. Also, baked beans have HUGE pieces of burnt ends mixed in, so worth it.
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